Val'aqris Qo'tar

NICKNAME: Val, Qris (pronouced "Kris")
SPECIES: Klingon
SEX: Female
AGE: 52
BIRTHDATE: October 21, 2335
BIRTHPLACE: Tolar'tu, Qo'noS
HEIGHT: 6'4"
WEIGHT: 157#
HAIR: Black
EYES: Dark brown
LANGUAGES: Klingon. Federation Standard. Cardassian. Ferengi. Bolian. Dopterian. Mizarian.
HOBBIES: Horseback riding. Boating. Flying ancient terran air vehicles such as small planes and helicopters. Practicing Klingon Mok'bara and other Martial Arts. Sunbathing nude. Playing billiards.

Father: Kur'pak (deceased).
Mother: Valeda (deceased).
Mate: K'mtek (deceased).
Son: Maqless (b. 2367- now serving with the Klingon IDF).

2339-2351: Klingon public education system
2351-2355: Klingon IDF Academy

2355-2359: IDF Cruiser Heg'ta
2359-2361: IDF Outpost Station Qo'lag Dukor
2361-2368: IDF Cruiser Moq've
2368-2373: IDF Cruiser Qor'van
2373: Resigned her comission with the Klingon IDF
2373-2375: Mercenary work
2375-2377: Owner and manager of the qul tuc Restaurant on Galon II
2377-2378: Owner/manager of the qul tuc Restaurant on Argellius III
2378-2380: Manager of the Avalon Lounge, aboard the USS Legacy
2380-pres.: Manager of the Officer's Club, aboard the USS Legacy-A

Received the Klingon Medal of Honor for distinguished service aboard the Moq've

Only child, Maqless, removed from her custody after the Klingon High Counsel decreed he was not being raised in proper Klingon fashion.


Val'aqris Qo'tar was born on October 21, 2335, or the Klingon equivalent, on Qo'noS. Her father was a craftsman, specializing in intricate and ornate design work for temples and such revered buildings as the headquarters of the famed Honor Guard.

As a young girl Qris, as she was often called, would acompany her father and his team to their work sites. This was a necessity as her mother, Valeda, had been killed only a year after her birth. Valeda had been a member of the Honor Guard and was assassinated in an attempt to the head of the High Counsel at the time, K'empec.

Val'aqris was raised by her father and his rugged, carrousing friends and coworkers.

Qris grew up in a male world and developed a tough outward demeanor, often besting her father's friends at drinking games and wrestling once she entered her teenage years. When she was fourteen, however, she began to explore her feminine side. And this included a sexual Liaison with one of her father's workers.

Of course, her father was outraged. And in defending the honor of the house of Qo'tar, he killed the man in single combat. But, much to his surprise, his daughter turned soundly against him. While her father had felt he was defending her honor, Val'aqris felt that she had been dishonored. Blood had been spilt needlessly, and an honorable man killed, simply for taking a mate.

The fifteen year old Val'aqris challenged her father to combat with the Bat'leth to avenge her lover. Reluctantly, the senior Qo'tar accepted only to be soundly beaten by his own daughter. In the rules set forth before the match Qo'tar was to make a public apology to his daughter for robbing her of her honor and killing her mate; who was a valiant warrior of a good house.

After Val'aqris' father's defeat, and subsequent public display he was dishonored, and his business began to decline. He began to drink and was dead of alchohol consumption and other vices within the year.

Val'aqris, in the meanwhile, had earned a reputation for being spunky and even a bit dangerous. She was invited by an older male friend to enlist in the IDF. And she did so gleefully. As a cadet she excelled, especially in the areas of tactical and security procedure. And upon her graduation she was posted to a warship called the Heg'ta, commanded by Captain Kolath of the House of Magh.

Qris served on the Heg'ta for four years, until she was transfered to a Klingon starbase designated Qo'lag Du'kor. Here she was given the position of head of security and served an equally successful tour of duty.


Her life in the IDF was, at this point, uneventful. She was young, attractive, and without a mate; so she found herself the recipient of many a male's attentions. Something she welcomed, and returned eagerly. Popular among her crewmates, her career in the IDF went smoothly. She served in her next posting, as tactical and weapons officer aboard the Moq've, for seven years. As long as many a posting on a Starfleet ship.

During her time on the Moq've she was decorated twice. She even received the Klingon Medal of Honor, the Deg'batlh, for her distinguished service. She also took a mate; K'mtek. They were married by the ship's commanding officer in 2365. Two years later she gave birth to their son, Maqless.

But in 2368, K'mtek died in a routine skirmish with the Breen. Val'aqris went into mourning and was subsequently transfered to the explorer ship Qor'van. Her son was taken to live with his father's house on Qo'noS. Val'aqris was heartsick. Not only over the death of her husband, but at losing her son at such a time. After she recovered, some, from her grief she was able to convince the commander of the Qor'van to allow Maqless to live aboard with her.

She served aboard the ship for another four years, with her son growing into a fine young Klingon by her side.

But the death of K'mtek was too much for her to bear in the long run. The fire behind her eyes was extinguished. She left the IDF in 2373, and decided to ply her trade in civilian life. First she worked as a mercenary and bodyguard for one or two dignitaries off the homeworld. She even spent some time in the guard of the training fascility on Praxis. But, she had a son to care for and needed a more sedintary invironment in which to raise him.

So, she took to a skill she had always had, but had never had a chance to make much use of. Cooking. She opened a restaurant on Galon II called qul tuc after a favorite opera. And the family of her deceased mate became outraged. They felt Maqless was not being raised as a true Klingon in this atmosphere, and they demanded he be removed from Qris' custody and returned to live with them on Qo'noS.

Unfortunately for Val'aqris, the High Counsel agreed, and Maqless was sent to live with K'mtek's people. Val'aqris went on alone.

In 2377, Val'aqris' restaurant fell on hard times, and was shut down. She moved her business to the Federation resort planet of Argellius III, and soon entered into a partnership there with a friendly Bolian who worked for her as a cook and bartender for a while.

It was in the summer of 2378, that she and her partner, along with a trustworthy Changeling called Udo made the aquaintence of Starfleet Captain John Northcote. Northcote was taking shoreleave on Argellius before assuming his new post in command of the Federation flagship, the USS Legacy. The Captain knew his crew would need a place to relax, and a good, well-run lounge fascility meant good crew morale.

Northcote asked Val'aqris to move her business to the Legacy's crew lounge, traditionaly referred to as the Avalon Lounge. After talking it over with Udo, Val'aqris agreed. And Northcote agreed to do her a favor- he had some friends on Qo'noS. Maybe he could arrange for her son to come live on the Legacy.

In 2380, the Avalon class Legacy was all but destroyed by a Starfleet renegade. But, soon after, John Northcote received another command- the USS Legacy-A. An Expedition class ship. Val'aqris moved her business there, changing the name of her club from The Avalon Lounge, which was no longer apropriate, to The Officer's Club.

But… she never restricted the club to officers only.


Val'aqris Qo'tar is a proud woman, sometimes almost haughty in her outward demeanor. She is strongwilled, and sometimes overconfident. She still holds to her Klingon ways, though she has given up many earmarks of the culture for a more relaxed, human style.

But, inside she is lonely. She has not taken another mate, and has not known love since K'mtek's death. And she misses her son terribly.

She deals with her inner demons by throwing herself into her work. The crew lounge, under her management is a popular spot aboard ship, and she does her part to keep crew morale at a peak. She serves a variety of dishes, usualy prepared by Val'aqris, or her Bolian chef. Most of the senior staff eat their meals, regularly, in the lounge. And she has even managed to pick up a few new dishes from the crew including "Fire House Chili" from Tactical Chief Painter, a variety of Mexican-style dishes and a few staple Texas delicacies favored by Chief Engineer McBride, and a boiled seaweed dish that is high on Security Chief Kha'Tarr's list of favorites.

Val'aqris still keeps herself in training. She is muscularly built, with a firm and well endowed physique. She still turns many a head and is willing to go farther than turning heads, but will avoid any emotional attachment. A simple night of pleasure. No more. Her heart belongs to K'mtek and it could be dangerous for another to try and change that.

Qris lives in small, private quarters located on the same deck with the Avalon Lounge. She decorates the room with weapons and momentos of her days with the IDF. Her medals are displayed proudly in a case decorated with the traditional Klingon symbol. Her Dak'tagh and her two Bat'leth hang on wall hangers in her bedroom. Her rooms always smell of incense and anyone who happens to wander in might think they had stumbled in in the middle of some warrior's ritual. Especially with some of the odd Terran music she listens to.

Val'aqris is someone fiercely loyal to her friends, and a terror to her enemies. She is not one to forgive easily, especially if someone she cares for has been hurt or wronged. She takes less offense at things directed at her than at those she cares for. And she is quick to react with a fist or a Bat'leth if a loved one is harmed.


Her hatred of the Breen runs deep, as they took her mate, K'mtek from her. And she is likely to pummel any Breen who wanders within her grasp within an inch of his life.


Usually dressing in exotic, or contrastingly sloppy Terran clothing; Qris can be seen in sheer, revealing silk just as often as she can a pair of worn denim
jeans. She often goes barefoot. And she enjoys sunbathing, even if it is only the artificial sun of the holodeck. She does her sunbathing in the nude. She also likes to ride horseback. She is an accomplished equestrian, and has even devised a holodeck program featuring a stable of three arabian horses, a dewback, and two tauntauns.

At least once a year, Val'aqris will visit her son on Qo'noS. He was raised by an honorable family with a proud history. Qris is honestly happy he had such an upbringing, but that does not stop her from regretting the time they missed sharing together. Qris is never happy, for long, on the Klingon homeworld, however. The death of the man she still considers her first mate, and her duel with her father make going home a hard thing to do.

But, despite this, she is a Klingon and a proud member of her house. Val'aqris is the senior member of her house and has been since her father's death. But she only returns to Qo'noS to see her son, who will rule House Qo'tar when he is old enough.

Val'aqris has found a home, for herself, aboard the USS Legacy. And Northcote made several efforts to keep his promise to her. But, the rulers of K'mtek's house were not willing to let the boy go, and live on a Federation starship.

In the meantime, Val'aqris keeps a well stocked larder, and a good cellar; and her replicators always work. She runs the Officer's Club like an old fashioned nightclub. And while their Klingon hostess wrestles with her problems, the rest of the Legacy's crew has a place to forget about their's for a while.

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