Name: Vor
Nickname: Vieil oiseau (In English it means Old Bird)
Age: 58
Height: 6ft 2in
Weight: 165
Eyes: Dark
Hair: Blond
Species: Romulan
Place of Birth: Romulas
Date of Birth: 2326
Languages: Federation Standard, French (Earth), Romulan, and Vulcan.
Hobbies: Cooking, Pool, Cards, Reading The Federation Times, and Meditation.

Father: Ronan (D)
Mother: Livara (D)
Siblings: None

2340-2348. Romulas Standard Education

Service Record:
2349-2375, Tal Shiar Romulan Intelligence Agency

2350- Romulas Highest honor


Vor grew up on Romulas and always dreaming of a better tomorrow. He grew up as an only child often getting into trouble with the law. His parents where very poor and often they went with out anything like food for days. Vor would often steal for his parents so they all could eat, he’d often steal food for others and kind of became known as the Romulan Robin Hood, steal from the rich and give to the poor.

He was eventually caught and given over to the Tal Shiar. Sub-Commander Rorik the commanding officer at the time saw something in Vor and instead of sending him to prison instead offered for him to join the Tal Shiar after he completed school.

Vor was surprised in the least and took the Commander up on his offer; he graduated quickly and at the top of his class. Many Romulan’s wouldn’t get this opportunity. Vor became popular among the Tal Shiar, a great spy.

One day Vor grew tired of the Tal Shiar and decided to leave but he had to kill his commanding officer, Rorik to do so. It was the only way Vor would be able to leave he made the Sub-Commanders death look accidental after all he was taught by the best.

His parents had been killed in order to bribe Vor to stay with the Tal Shiar Vor wanted nothing to do with Romulus after that; he left for earth blending in with the French culture and learning the business trade of selling/cooking.

Eventually Vor would make his way to the Federation Star base the Magellan where people wouldn’t know who he was; just the friendly/outgoing owner of the Warbird’s Roost.

Personality Profile:


Vor isn’t your typical Romulan he’s much more trusting of others; a bit more laid back. He gets along well with others. When you first meet Vor you honestly don’t think of him as a Romulan Solder or a Romulan for that matter he reminds you more of a Courtier of the French Court maybe in the late 1700’s he dresses the part too making him seem a little crazy. He’s tall standing well over 6ft for an older Romulan he is very handsome with his dark piercing eyes, long wild blond hair. (He must use allot of hairspray!)

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