Rank: Commander
Species: Vulcan
Height: 6' 2" - Weight: 174#
Birthdate: February 18, 2162
Birthplace: Vulcan

A doctor long before he was a Starfleet officer, Voltak learned his medical trade on his homeworld of Vulcan, where he sutdied at the prestigious Vulcan Academy along with his lifelong friend, Sarek- now a Federation Ambassador.

Voltak practiced medicine on Vulcan until he accepted a civilian comission to serve as a doctor aboard Federation starship. Seeing Starfleet as the most logical choice for where he should ply his trade, he enrolled at Starfleet Academy. Already having a medical degree, Voltak took some rudimentary courses to familiarize himself with pan-galactic medical procedure necessary for Starship service. He also took courses in command and in helmsmanship.

Graduating, with honors, the Vulcan received his first assignment- as a medical officer aboard the USS Hermes.

Voltak' career has been an exemplary one, and he is one of the most respected officers in Starfleet. His medical skills are legendary, and it is rumored he has never lost a patient.

On the surface,Voltak is like any other Vulcan; cold, emotionless… almost mechanical. But, he is also deeply compassionate, and he does care for his patients on an individual basis. He will never deny treament to anyone, nor will he leave a patient behind, or unattended, even if it means great personal risk to himself.

He has, on three separate occasions, actually earned a reprimand on his record for refusing to follow the orders of a superior officer because it would have meant leaving a patient Voltak felt responsible for in harms way.

A good man, and a good friend to his crewmates once they get to know him and to understand Vulcan ways. Voltak has developed a close friendship and working relationship with the Expedition's First Officer, Commander Cotilard.

He is also becoming closer to the Captain, and she relies on his logical insight for advice; even on matters that do not pretain to medicine. He is widowed, his wife having died some 15 years ago. Voltak shows no interest in remarrying.

Voltak is a reliable and competent officer, a skilled commander who runs his department as a tight ship, and an excellent physician. Even if his bedside manner could use a little work.

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