Vernon P. Kilpatrick

Species: Human (former Borg)
Height: 5' 9" - Weight: 167#
Birthdate: July 23, 2338
Birthplace: Provo, Utah (Earth)

Having grown up on a farm in Utah, in the region of Earth called the United States, Vernon Kilpatrick has always had a bit of a rural flavor to him. The third of three children in a large family, Vernon always looked up to his older brother, Greg. And when Greg joined Starfleet when Vernon was nine years old, the younger Kilpatrick swore he was going to follow his brother into the Final Frontier someday.

To this end, Vern, as he was often called; spent a lot of his time at the local library, boning up on whatever he felt he would need to get into the Academy, and become a Starfleet officer.

As boy, he could often be found in his room. pouring over everything from star charts to medical guides. At one point, when he was sixteen, Vern actually thought of becoming a doctor rather that a Starfleet officer. And he set his sights on a career in Starfleet Medical. His initial scores on his entry exam at the Academy were not high enough to be made a medical cadet, however. And on his second attempt, Vernon changed his listing for his major to security and tactical. And he was accepted.

"I guess I'm dumb enough to bust some guy's head, but not smart enough to patch him back up again." Vernon wrote in a letter home to his father.

Vernon graduated from the Academy in 2368, a year before the Battle of Wolf 359. Vernon's older brother, Greg died in that battle. And Vernon swore to avenge his brother's death. He devoted himself to his tactical studies, hoping for the chance, someday, to try out what he had learned against a Borg ship.

That chance came when Vernon was serving as a tactical officer aboard the USS Cortez. The ship came under attack by a Borg Sphere. However, several personnel from the Cortez were abducted and assimilated during the attack. Including Vernon Kilpatrick.

After his assimilation, Vernon, was now referred to as One Of Six, Secondary Adjunct Of Unimatrix 81. He was placed aboard a Borg Diamond in the Beta Quadrant. There he carried out various duties common on a day-to-day basis on a Borg ship.

Vernon spent the next eleven years as One of Six.

Then, as chance would have it, One of Six was placed aboard a Borg scout vessel assigned to explore an uninhabited planet in Romulan space as a possible base of operations for the Collective in that quadrant. Something went wrong with the guidance system on the scout, however. And it crashed. Assumably with all hands lost. But, One of Six survived. His connection to the collective had been severed in the crash. And his own humanity slowly began to reemerge.

Using skills garnered from other members of the Collective, Vernon survived on his own for seven months. Until he was picked up by a Romulan patrol ship. He was later taken back to Earth aboard the USS Titan.

Aboard the Titan, a medical team did all they could to restore Vernon's human anatomy. But, there were still many Borg implants that could not be removed safely. Vernon would require Borg regeneration for the rest of his life. But, he would be able to function in Federation society. The Titan transported Vernon safely to Starbase 1, and from there he was moved to a recovery center for victims of Borg assimilation on Arcturus.

Vernon lived at the recovery center for seven months. the same length of time he lived, by himself, in Romulan space. Here, was visited several times by the El-Aurian known as Quitzal. He had met her, and even dated her briefly while he was at the Academy. And Vernon began to turn to her as his only friend. Even his family turned their back on him, feeling as if they could not trust him after his assimilation. But, Quitzal continued to support him, and encourage him to find a new life for himself in spite of what the Borg had done to him.

He left the Arcturian facility five months early. Before he was really ready. But felt he was ready to face the galaxy again. And he wanted to make a new life for himself, by himself.

After drifting from job to job, Vernon became a sort of bodyguard for a Romulan explorer. And after that, he began hiring himself out as a mercenary.

With the money he earned as a soldier-for-hire, Vernon bought a ship. A small class-3 tanker that Vernon had retrofitted with one new accoutrement. A Borg regeneration chamber built into the cargo hold.

With the new ship, which was actually a rather old ship; new opportunities opened up for Vernon. He could go anywhere his rickety old freighter could take him. Vernon hired himself out as a mercenary or bounty hunter to anyone who could meet his asking price. Which could be considerable. With his training as a Starfleet officer, and his experience gained as a member of the Borg Collective, Vernon could be quite formidable as a soldier, a troop commander, or even a medic.

And then Vernon turned in his first bounty. He tracked down a Klingon criminal, and turned him over to Federation authorities at Deep Space Nine.

Vernon showed unprecedented skill in tracking a bounty, due his Borg implants. And he began taking full advantage of what the Borg had given him, unasked for. Still listed as a mercenary in Starfleet security records; Vernon started working more and more as a bounty hunter. In the wake of the Dominion War and it's aftermath there was a virtual lawlessness within the Federation. Everyone from the Orion Syndicate to the Vakluran Coalition were poised to take advantage of the situation.

Even Starfleet commanders and regional governors were willing to turn to mercenaries and the like to help were needed.

Vernon became well-known as a fair-minded man who prefered dealing with Starfleet, or other legitimate sources of income rather than rogues, slavers, and criminals. He settled on Starbase Magellan, to be close to his friend, Quitzal. And also because he was hunting a bounty. He was looking to catch a renegade Starfleet captain named Lashmore. Lashmore was wanted by the Klingon and Romulan governments for murder and attempted murder, respectively.

Of course, going against Lashmore made Vernon a marked man. But he did not scare easily.

That's the kind of man he is. Although something of an anarchist with respect to government authority, and bureaucracy; Vernon went into most everything he did with the best of intentions. Sometimes things did not go in his favor. But, he will muddle through, somehow.

Still close to Quitzal, Vernon is still in love with her. That was one thing even the Borg could not take away with their assimilation of him. He still hides his feelings for her. Especially from her. Before, because he was a Starfleet officer and he felt a need to be detached to perform his duties. Now, it is because of his experience with the Borg.

Quitzal is an El-Aurian.

The Borg destroyed the El-Aurian homeworld.

As a Borg drone, Vernon had access to many memories of that time and what the El-Aurian people went through.

Vernon feels that a relationship with Quitzal would not be a good idea. He feels she would reject him due to his time as a Borg. Even though that would not be in her nature. He does care deeply for her, and she knows she can count on Vernon whenever she needs someone with his peculiar talents. One of the reasons he actually took up residence at the Starbase is because he has had scuttlebutt that one of Lashmore's closest associates may be a threat to Quitzal and her sister. And if so, that threat has been dogging Quitzal for well over 400 years.

Vernon is actually a very smart, astute man. But, he cloaks this in a facade of roughness due to his profession. He still has his medical skills, which he has enhanced do to the knowledge he gained from the Collective. And he is very capable of taking care of himself. He is an expert tactician, as well as a pretty good boxer. But, he is not an inherently violent man. He prefers sitting at his favorite table in Quitzal's casino reading a book.

He has several friends in Starfleet. Even one admiral; Richard Albright, who was a Starfleet captain at the time of 359.

His body is riddled with Borg attachments. But, his mind, and his spirit is very human.

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