Vorel Dia

Species: Bajoran
Height: 5' 6" - Weight: 131#
Age: 37
Birthplace: Shar Rapha, Bajor

Like several of Jack Withers' crew, Vorel Dia once served in Starfleet. But, Dia resigned her commission before Starfleet had cause to kick her out.

Born on Bajor during the Cardassian occupation of the planet, Vorel Dia was born into the Bajoran resistance and took up arms against the Cardassians when she was 10 years old. For her it was a necessity, as her parents had both been killed and she felt she needed to prove her worth, or no one would have the time for her and she would be dumped by the side of the road when her resistance cell were forced to move from place to place.

When Dia was 17 she was spirited off of Bajor by members of her cell, along with several other young Bajorans who were to go and get the word out about the atrocities the Cardassians were comitting on the Bajoran people. Within a year, she made it to Earth, and in another years time and through a series of unexpected circumstances, Dia was enrolled at Starfleet Academy. She graduated with honors, and was posted aboard the USS Sutherland as an operations officer on her first assignment. She would serve 9 years and earn the rank of full Lieuenant before resigning her comission. The turning point in Dia's career came when she was posted to the Epsilon 5 station, located near the Giles Asteroid Belt along the Qualorian shipping route out of Klingon space.

Not only did Dia find herself in conflict as she was a Starfleet officer, and yet she felt the Starfleet commanders on Epsilon 5 were violating Federation law with their bullying, sexist treatment of herself as well as other female, and non-Human officers. But as an Operations Lieutenant she found herself serving under the command of a Petty Officer who seemed to ignore not only her rank, but her very presence, often going as far as to delegate her duties to civilian friends he had living on the station. She was also aware of the commanding officer, ignoring the direct threat of the Dominion, or the pirates operating in and around the Giles Belt to drill his enlisted crewmen as if he were preparing to launch his own military offensive.

After a short tour of duty where Dia felt "belittled and threatened", she resigned her comission rather than serve under Richard Lashmore any longer. And it did not take long for her to find work in the merchant service.

Dia didn't become a part of the Goald Coast crew until after their return to the Alpha Quadrant, however; as she was serving on a civilian survey ship when the freighter dissapeared. But when the 'Coast returned she immediately put in for a position aboard her, as she had been close with the ship's weapons officer, Alita Duran, during Dia's Starfleet service. Jack Withers was glad to have her on board as a Quartermaster and engineer. And the beautiful Bajoran woman felt immediately at home among the renegades and misfits of Withers' crew.

It was Vorel Dia's posting aboard the Gold Coast that was instrumental in the ship receiving a commision in the Federation Merchant Service. Dia held a ticket with the Merchant Service when she came aboard the freighter as a Quartermaster. And her history of Starfleet service has sevred to make it even easier for Withers to insue the ship's reauthorization of it's ticket with the Merchant Marines.

Her duties aboard the Gold Coast during a combat situation, or on a mission authorized by the Merchant command are essentially the same as the duties of an operations manager on a Starfleet vessel, though her training also allows her to work in the ship's engine room.

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