Valley Sue Harper

Name: Valley Sue Harper
Nickname: Sue
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Birthdate: March 23, 2354
Birthplace: Lunar Colonies (Moon, Near Earth)
Height: 5 ft 4in
Weight: 120
Hair: Brown/Blond
Eyes: Blue
Federation Standard, (Some) Klingon, (Some) Romulan, (Earth languages) Greek, Italian, Spanish.
Hobbies: Dancing, Earth music Jazz and classical, loves reading old earth English noels IE
Jane Austin. Swimming, Jogging, Shopping, antiquing, and card games.

Father: Unknown
Mother: Hope Harper (Lunar Colonies with her boyfriend, Major Vero)

2372-2375, Starfleet Academy, San Francisco (Earth)

2376 – 2377, Ensign, Engineering Officer, USS Tigris
2378-2379 , Ensign, Engineering Officer, USS Tigris
2380-2381, Ensign, Operations Officer, USS Tigris
2382-2383, Ensign , Operations Officer, USS Raglan
2384- Present, Lt. JG, Operations Officer, Star-base Magellan

2377- Nebula Star
2381- Conspicuous Gallantry
2383 -Starfleet Commendation



Valley Sue Harper and her mother lived on the moon. The Lunar Colonies. Hope and Sue lived with Hope's boyfriend, one of the Colonist was a Major Ryan Vero. Sue Considered Ryan like a father since him and her mother had been dating for so long. The officers saw how smart and quick that Sue was and would let her follow them around. Sue learned allot and one of her officer friends an old Caitian named Mrarr told she should go to the academy. She applied and got in.
Life was simple and uneventful for Sue during the academy. She couldn't wait to graduate and get an assignment.


2376-2381 – Valley would serve on the USS Tigris. There she meet Captain Ress Ch'oveqes. The two connected and fell madly in love. They both loved music, old books, and antiquing. The Captain made called in a few favors and managed to keep her on a few more assignments. Valley found out she was with his child, (Valley was worried about the birth since her mother had a difficult time with herself.) When the Borg attacked their ship unexpectedly boarding their ship, and assimilating. The crew that survived escaped to a nearby planet. Valley being one of them but Captain Ress wasn't. The shocked news made Valley have a miscarriage.
2382-2383, Valley was didn't accept the time off she was offered by starfleet medical. She instead asked for another transfer this time to the USS Raglan. Valley tried hard to heal her wounds and her loss of the Borg attack and the loss of her soul-mate. Valley became friends with a science officer named, Dafe Bromm he was half Romulan and half human. They would play lots and lots of card games. The Raglan responded to an emergency call, that Deep Space nine was being attacked. They helped evacuate tons of people to Bajor.
2384 – Valley was transferred to a position on the Magellan. A new stable wormhole found, the station was built to protect it. She was promoted to Lt. JG an operations officer.

Valley Sue Harper is a small slender women with curly blond locks and bright blue eyes. She has a look of sadness about her with the loss of her Fiance (Captain Ress Ch'oveqes) and her child (Whom she named, Sunrise Ch'oveqes).
Valley is a sweet, kind, loveable person. She never seems to be angry at anyone or anything, she's just sad. She loves her work and it shows she loves it. Off duty Valley can be in the warbird's roost playing a card game or perhaps reading a book on the beach. She loves the beach and goes whenever she can. Just recently Valley started taking one of Denji's martial art's class and she finds it puts her in a better mood and she cries less at night. She's even become close to the Bajorin security officer.

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