Doctor T'Vol

BIRTHDATE October 24, 2344
BIRTHPLACE ShariKahr, Vulcan
HEIGHT 5' 3"
WEIGHT 119 #
HAIR Dark brown
EYES Brown
LANGUAGES Vulcan, English, Spanish, Andorian
HOBBIES Pets and small animals. Cooking. Swimming. Tennis. Terran "soft rock" and "new age" music. archaeology. History. Linguistics.

2362-2366: Medical training on Denobula
2366-2370: Starfleet Academy (advanced medical training, and general cadet courses including command and bridge officer procedures)

2370-2376: Medical residency, Starfleet Command Hospital, London England [Ensign]
2376-2382: USS Remora, Medical Officer [Ensign]
2382-2384: USS Remora, Medical Officer [Lieutenant, jg.]
2384-2388.: USS Pioneer, Emergency/Triage medic [Lieutenant, jg]
2388-pres.: Starbase Magellan, Emergency / Triage medic [Lieutenant]



Born in the capital city on Vulcan, T'Vol is the only child of two of Vulcan's most respected academians. Her father, a respected archaeologist who has taught at the Vulcan Science Academy for years, and her mother, a well known liguistics instructor, met on a vacation to Risa. T'Vol's mother was virtually ordered to take the trip in order to relax by her sister, T'V'lira, who was also her physician. Her father was there for a meeting of a prestigious archaeological society.

The couple married a year later, and T'Vol was born shortly after her father's next Pon Farr, which took place three months after her parents were married.


Almost from the beginning, T'Vol was an active and outgoing child. She was always curious, and it got her into her share of trouble in her youth. T'Vol was older than most Vulcan children before she accepted the teachings of the Kohlinar, and as a result of her emotional behavior in her youth, she was rejected to be bonded for mating to anyone within her parents social class. As a result, T'Vol has was never bonded, and after a time this was accepted by her parents as the logical course of life for thei child as they were not bonded either.

By the time T'Vol was a teenager she had developed a strong ambition to become a doctor, like her aunt T'V'lira, with whom she was very close. To this end, when she was old enough, she submitted her application to several medical schools. On T'V'lira's reccomendation, T'Vol was accepted by a Denobulan medical academy that had been the elder Vulcan's alma mater where she had taken her own medical training.

The Denobulan medical courses lasted four years, and by the ed of her third year, T'Vol had already developed a desire to join Starfleet as soon as she graduated from her medical studies. It was a result not only of her contact with several Denobulans who had served in Starfleet, or aboard Starfleet vessels; but also because of Dr. Edward LaForge, a Starfleet scientist and close friend of her aunt. And when T'Vol graduated she made good on her ambition, submitting an application to Starfleet Academy's medical school. Given her credits from her Denobulan training, she was easily accepted.

The next four years of T'Vol's life were spent studying not only approved Federation medical procedure, but also starship protocol, command procedures, and all the other required training for a Starfleet officer. After her graduation from Starfleet Academy, T'Vol was assigned to the Command Hospital in London, England, for her residency. Graduated at the rank of Ensign, T'Vol would not receive a promotion for another twelve years. And this was primarily due to her restricted duties as a resident for the first six years of her career.

When she was finally transferred to active duty from her residency, it was as if she had received her first real assignment. And it was an assignment she would hold for the next eight years. From 2376 to 2384, T'Vol served as a medical officer aboard the USS Remora, commanded by Captain Erik Daelemans. In 2382 T'Vol was finally promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade by the ship's new Chief Medical Officer, Doctor Jorela Tex. It was a promotion long overdue as T'Vol had always been a good officer, and a skilled physician; doing her duty devotedly and tending to her patients, often going beyond the call of duty or working beyond her duty shift.

Rapidly proving herself to be not only a valuable officer, but a skilled physician and even an excelent triage surgeon; and after two years of service aboard the Remora this reputation earned her a transfer to a much less relaxed posting.

In late 2384, T'Vol was reassigned to serve aboard the Saber class USS Pioneer, a Federation warship and an upgrade of the Defiant class. Her position was listed as Emergency Triage Medic. A position that could prove very important aboard a warship. After four years of service aboard the Pioneer, T'Vol was transferred again - but it wasn't very far away from her old posting. On the request of Dr. Brayton McLeod, T'Vol was transferred to the Pioneer's base HQ, Starbase Magellan. Again, she was posted in the position of an emergency medic.

T'Vol is a Vulcan- and of course that means that she buries her emotions deep inside herself. Contrary to what many believe, Vulcans do actually have emotions, and in many ways they are more emotional, or at least more passionate than humans. But they keep these feelings under tight control, and it is considered unacceptible by most Vulcans to allow one's emotions to suface, even in the most extreme of circumstances. T'Vol is no exception in this discipline, and she keeps her feelings tightly fettered.

But, among her closest friends, she will allow her emotions to surface briefly, and it is at such times that people get to know the woman T'Vol really is; kind, innocent, and somewhat flirtatious.

Her devotion to her career has cost T'Vol the chance for much of a social life; and although she has dated two or three times, she has never been involved in a serious relationship. This is not to say that she is not interested, only that she has spent most of her time either working towards a career in both medicine and Starfleet, or working hard to maintain her position in her chosen field.

For her friends, T'Vol is somewhat choosy; and usualy cultivates friendships with other women or with men who are not rugged, "tough", or overly masculine. During her Academy years both of T'Vol's closest friends were homosexual men. And she has also been attracted to members of her own gender; but like most Vulcans, T'Vol is very private about her attractions, and anything having to do with the subject of mating.

Considered an excellent physician, she has commendations in her permanent record from both Doctor Tex, of the Remora, and Doctor Cole of the Legacy. She is fully rated in most standard emergency medical procedures, as well as some surgery techniques. T'Vol is devoted to her work, and her duty, and is a tireless perfectionist who will not leave her station until she knows she has done everything she can for a patient.

A pacifist, T'Vol abhors violence; but she is capable of handling herself if the situation calls for it. As a matter of fact, T'Vol is an expert in Vulcan martial arts, and can aslo handle a Katana, and a Bat'leth. But, she will only resort to these methods in dire matters of defense.

She does have a spirit for adventure, however; and is always anctious to go on missions where there is some element of adventure or excitement to be had. T'Vol has inherited her parents' passions for history and archaeology, and will never miss an opertunity for discovery if she can help it.


T'Vol is small for a Vulcan female; and has a trim, waifish figure. Her dark hair is worn long and straight, framing her girlish face and making her seem even more youthful and innocent. Although she is in her mid thirties, her Vulcan physiology causes her to appear somewhat younger. Her skin is tanned. Her facial features are sharp; with the arched eyebrows, pointed ears, and strong bone structure of a Vulcan.

She speaks in a soft, small voice; and usualy speaks with an unemotional monotone.

Unlike most Vulcans, T'Vol prefers her food spicy and full of flavor. And she is fond of meat and poultry dishes.

An athletic woman, T'Vol enjoys sports- especially swimming, and tennis. And her quarters are always filled with the sounds of Earth music of the pop, rock, and jazz variety. She is especially fond of the musical style known as "new age", popular in the late 20th century. She will listen to this style of music while meditating and claims it gives her better focus than a meditation lamp, which she also uses.

When meditating, T'Vol often burns a type of incense from Earth that leaves her quarters smelling of vanilla and cinnamon spices.

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