Courtney Truax

FULL NAME: Courtney Elaine Truax
NICKNAME: The Ice Queen
GENDER: Female
BIRTHDATE: November 26, 2342
BIRTHPLACE: Federation Starbase 209
HEIGHT: 5' 4"
WEIGHT: 131#
HAIR: Blonde
EYES: Blue
LANGUAGES: English, Spanish, Klingon, Vulcan.
HOBBIES: Poker, and 3-D chess. British "punk" and hard rock music. Mexican "salsa", and meringue music. Studying Starfleet's military history. Dogs. Horses. Tennis.

Father: Captain Reginald Truax (died in the line of duty- 2376)
Mother: Lieutenant Jessica Truax (died in the line of duty- 2344)
Adopted daughter: Lawan Mima (Bajoran. Born in 2372)

Oxford University, England [2359-2363]
Federation Starfleet Academy [2363-2367]

2367-68 Operation Officer. USS Pembroke [Ensign]
2368-68 Operations Officer. USS Pembroke [Lieutenant, jg.]
2368-69 Security Officer, USS Robert F. Kennedy [Lieutenant, jg.]
2369-70 Security Officer, USS Robert F. Kennedy [Lieutenant]
2370-70 Chief Security Officer, USS Robert F. Kennedy [Lieutenant]
2370-71 Chief Security Officer, USS Harbinger [Lieutenant Commander]
2371-71 Executive Officer, USS Harbinger [Lieutenant Commander]
2371-72 Executive Officer, USS Harbinger [Commander]
2372-74 Commanding Officer, USS Harbinger [Commander]
2374-78 Commanding Officer, USS Harbinger [Acting Captain]
2378-80 Executive Officer, USS Legacy [Commander]
2380-pres. Executive Officer, USS Legacy-A [Commander]

2369 Starfleet Legion of Merit
2370 Grankite Order of Honor
2372 Starfleet Commendation
2373 Purple Heart
2373 Starfleet Cross
2374 Purple Heart
2375 Starfleet Commendation
2376 Outstanding Unit Command Medal
2377 Federation Valor Cross
2378 President's Medal


Courtney Truax was born on November 6, 2342; aboard the Federation Starbase 209. Both of her parents were officers in Starfleet, as was her grandfather, on her mother's side. So, she had a family history of service to the Federation that stretched back to the days of James T. Kirk, whom her grandfather had served with.

When Courtney was only two years old, her mother, an Engineering officer, was killed in a plasma explosion aboard the Starbase. In the aftermath, her father was reassigned to the USS Excalibur, and Courtney was sent to live with her paternal grandfather on Earth. She grew up in a middle-class neighborhood in London, and later on a horse farm in Wales with her grandfather, uncle, and 9 cousins.


At seventeen Courtney went to Oxford University, intent on studying classic lituarture with aspirations to become a novelist. While there she became fascinated with anthropology, and xenobiology. She also studied fencing, boxing, and some martial arts. After four years at Oxford she graduated with credentials better befitting a professional biologist than a writer. And with a father now commanding a starship, and qualifications she was told would make an excellent science officer, Courtney decided to put herself into Starfleet.

Despite her scientific credentials, however, she found herself majoring in Engineering and Operations (her mother's forteƩ) at the Academy; fascinated by Starship engines and warp technology. She wasn't surprised when, after her graduation, she was posted as an Operations officer.

Her first assignment was aboard the Saber-class USS Pembroke, a ship assigned to provide an armed escort to representatives of the Federation Council travelling in and out of Federation space. Courtney served a year, and a little over, in the position; occasionaly pulling away team duty with the security team due to her hand-to-hand training. She held two Martial Arts tournament trophies from the Academy.

In 2368 she was transfered to the USS R. F. Kennedy, a Miranda-class ship under Captain Esteban. She was assigned to the ship's security department. After a year's service, she was promoted to full Lieutenant. By 2370 she was serving as head of Security aboard the RFK. And this lead to a transfer request, put in by Captain Garner of the USS Harbinger, for Courtney to assume the same position aboard that vessel.

The Harbinger was an Exeter-class ship. A small, long-range explorer armed similar to a Defiant, and with an engine design that would later be used, with some modifications, aboard the Intrepid class. The Harbinger was assigned to deep space exploration duties in the Beta quadrant, which included the empires of both the Klingon and Romulan people. The Harbinger's mission was to maintain relations within the Klingon Empire, while making first contact with other species that could be valuable allies if a confrontation between the Romulans and the Federation ever became inevitable.

In 2371, during a hostile confrontation with a Romulan Warbird, the Harbinger's original First Officer was killed, and Captain Garner gave Courtney the position. Nine months later, Garner himself was killed in an encounter with Nausicaan pirates operating out of Klingon space. And Courtney took command of the ship.

By now the Dominion War was begining to take shape in Federation space, and the Maquis conflict was at it's peak. Wanting to maintain a diploamtic foothold in the Beta Quadrant, Starfleet Command ordered Courtney to maintain Garner's original mission, moving her homebase to the colony of Kessek IV near the Federation/Klingon border. To avoid any possible wartime reassignment, Courtney refused promotion. She maintained the rank of Commander, being given the honorary rank of Acting Captain after two years in the Harbinger's center seat.

Courtney knew, firsthand, the importance of the Federation/Klingon alliance and the importance of maintaining a strong Starfleet presence in the diplomaticly difficult region. By refusing official promotions she helped to assure that her ship would stay posted out of Kessek IV, under her command; where she could finish the job Captain Garner had come to do.

With little contact with Starfleet Command and few transfers of officers, the Harbinger crew under Commander Truax became a close-knit team, functioning almost more like a family than a military unit. Loyalties ran deep among Harbinger officers.

Courtney commanded the ship for six years, making diplomatic contact with several species indigenous to the region. And when the alliance between the Federation and the Klingons fell apart at the peak of the Dominion War, the Harbinger crew found themselves cut off, and forced to survive on their own until the War's end.

In 2377, Starfleet command ended the Harbinger's deep space mission, and ordered the vessel home. Courtney returned her ship to Federation space, and stepped down from command. After a review of her mission, and a debriefing at Starfleet Headquarters; she was recruited by Captain John Northcote to serve as his Executive Officer aboard the Avalon class USS Legacy. The Federation flagship.

Over the next few months Courtney assisted Northcote in assembling his senior staff, most of the previous commanding officer's staff having already been reassigned. Courtney was responsible for the posting of the chief engineer, and chief flight control officer; both of whom had served aboard the Harbinger.

She also personaly reorganized the Security team, under Lieutenant Commander Jarvi; a Troyian with a long record of solid service to the Federation.

Having already served as a Commanding Officer in Starfleet, Courtney is in a unique position to bring her deep space experience to the bridge of the Flagship. Courtney finds her experience gained as a combat commander in the Beta Quadrant coming into play on a regular basis.

John Northcote learned, quickly what a valuable officer Courtney was. And when the USS Legacy was drydocked after a battle with a renegade, Northcote insisted Courtney continue to serve as his first officer aboard the newly comissioned Expedition class USS Legacy-A. Courtney didn't hesistate to accept, despite the fact that she had been offered her own command.

The Legacy crew had become her new family.

Somewhat stiff and dry on the surface, Courtney Truax comes across as a by-the-book officer, with a bit of a "high class" attitude. She gives orders in a tightly clipped, Oxford-educated British brogue delivered in a gently nasal voice.

This earned her the inevitable nickname of "The Ice Queen", during her tenure aboard the RFK.

In 2373, while serving as Commanding Officer of the Harbinger, Courtney adopted an orphaned Bajoran girl who's mother had been sold as a house-slave to an Andorian criminal by Cardassian privateers. The girl, Lawan Mima, became Courtney's daughter. And in the years they have been together, they have come to care for eachother as if they were a truly bloodrelated mother and child.

Despite her stoic command style Courtney is an open, and accessible officer to her crew, and those serving under her. She is warm and personable off duty; and the Ice Queen reputation melts away easily as she developes relationships with her fellow officers.

Her closest friend aboard the Legacy is the Strategic Operations Officer and former Tactical Chief; Commander Peter Carson.


Her father, Reginald Truax, died in the line of duty in 2376.

Courtney is an attractive woman with sharp features, deep blue eyes, and blonde hair that she keeps cut to shoulder length. She has an ample, muscular figure with the build of a female athlete; shapely, and healthy. She sports a barbed wire tatoo around her right bicep with a small British Union Jack in the center of it. She also has a small, white scar on the back of her neck running around to the left side, and another four inches long on her right hip and buttock. Both souveniers of some tense moments during the early days of her command. Incidents for which she was decorated, both times.

Having never married, one might say Courtney is married to her career. But, she is no stranger to relationships of the romantic kind. They just never seem to work out for her. Largely due to her strict devotion to Starfleet, and her position as a senior officer. And her relationship with her adopted daughter fills any need she might have for a family of her own.

Rising rapidly in the ranks of Starfleet, Courtney learned most of her lessons the hard way, while in command of the Harbinger. For this reason she has a unique instinct, and an analytical style of command that makes her hard to beat strategicaly. Though not overtly suspicious, Courtney doesn't let anyone pull the wool over her eyes. She is cautious; a trait she picked up dealing with the unsavory elements of the Beta Quadrant.

An asset to any crew she serves with, Courtney Truax makes an excellent addition to the command team of the Federation's flagship.

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