BIRTHDATE November 18, 2313
BIRTHPLACE ShariKhar, Vulcan
HEIGHT 5' 9"
WEIGHT 138 #
HAIR Dark brown
EYES Light grey
LANGUAGES Vulcan. Terran. Klingon. Andorian. Arcturian.
HOBBIES Scientific study. Music. Art. Terran literature and "Entertainment Culture". Men, "dating", and "intimate encounters".

2329 - 2337 Vulcan Scientific Academy, Vulcan. Majoring in technical applied science.
2337 - 2341 University of Advanced Technical Study, Andor
2341 - 2345 Federation Starfleet Academy, Science, Engineering, Command.

2345 - 2346 Ensign, Engineer, USS Hathaway
2346 - 2348 Ensign, Engineer, USS Bonestell
2348 - 2354 Lieutenant jg., Engineer, USS Stargazer
2354 - 2360 Lieutenant jg., Operations officer, USS Stargazer
2360 - 2362 Lieutenant, Operations officer, USS Stargazer
2363 - 2370 Lieutenant, Operations officer, USS Enterprise-D
2370 - 2374 Lieutenant, Instructor; applied science, Starfleet Academy
2374 - 2374 Lieutenant, Operations Manager, USS Lexington-D
2374 - 2381 Lieutenant, Operations Manager, USS Lexington-E
2381 - Resigned commission to enter Kohlinar training
2383 - Restored to full rank and commission as a Starfleet Lieutenant
2383 - 2384 Lieutenant, Operations Manager, USS Lexington
2384 - pres. Lieutenant Commander, Chief of Operations, Starbase Magellan

Federation Order of Merit - 2350 - For service aboard the USS Stargazer
Golden Starburst - 2361 - For service above and beyond the call of duty, presented by Captain Jean-Luc Picard, USS Stargazer.
Conspicuous Gallantry Medal - 2368 - Aboard USS Enterprise-D, presented by Commander William T. Riker.
Nebula Star - 2374 - For courage under fire, presented by Captain Michael Grant, USS Lexington.


T'Prel was born into an artistocratic family on Vulcan. Her father, Suvan, was a member of the Vulcan electorate, and in his later life, an ambassador to the Federation, working, at times, with the famous Ambassador Sarek. T'Prel, and her brother Sorek, were raised in affluence and had the best that Vulcan society could afford during their childhoods. At the age of six, T'Prel was bound in the Vulcan tradition to a boy 3 years her senior, named Stovak.

The rest of her youth was spent as it is with most Vulcan children; learning. Learning the ways of the Vulcan culture, and being trained in the Kolinar; learning the sciences, and advanced mathematics that the Vulcans prided themself so highly in. And learning the business of her father, and of the Federation, and Vulcan's uniquely important involvement therein, as one of the founding worlds.

T'Prel proved to be an excellent student in the Vulcan sciences, and when she was sixteen, she was admited to the Academy in Seleah; the famous Vulcan Science Academy. There she launched into an eight-year course, studying applied life sciences, as well as physics, astrophysics, and warp/anti-matter technology. She graduated from the Vulcan Academy at the age of 24, already more knowledgeable in her chosen fields than most Human officers in Starfleet could hope to be.

But, it was time for T'Prel to mate. And when she entered what was assumed to be her first Pon Farr, she returned to Salleah City, to be mated to Stovak.

And that is when her secret was first revealed. T'Prel challenged to have the bonding ritual stopped, and the marriage anulled. She stated the grounds that she had already entered Pon Farr, seven years before, during her second year at the Vulcan Academy. She had satisfied her sexual urges with a Human student there, and thereby had violated the Vulcan marriage laws. She also confessed that she had engaged in such relations, several times, while no longer under Pon Farr.

And Vulcan's do not lie. So T'Prel was inevitably telling the truth about her asignations, even if this did serve to reveal a very illogical side of her personality, by Vulcan standards.

The marriage of T'Prel and Stovak was postponed. And T'Prel was allowed to return to her studies after submitting to a medical examination at her father's request. As soon as the examination was finished, T'Prel enrolled in classes at the University of Advanced Technological Study on Andor.

Armed with a solid education that would allow her to persue whatever career she desired, T'Prel decided to go ahead with her marriage to Stovak, if he would have her. He agreed, despite her tendencies towards promiscuous behaviour, and the two were married in a ceremony in Salleah in 2338.

T'Prel continued her studies, as Stovak continued his work as an archeologist for the Vulcan government, involved in their ongoing project to locate Iconia. For the most part, they lived apart. But she and Stovak did find time to be together, their time was happy, and T'Prel found herself growing more and more fond of her husband as time progressed.

In 2341, T'Prel graduated from the Andorian school; and with both Stovak and Suvan's blessing, she transmitted her application to Starfleet Academy. With three degrees under her belt in Astrophysics, Biometrics, and Anti-matter technology, she was accepted immediately. Stovak moved to Earth to be with his wife as she attended the Academy. He, in the meantime, took a job with a Starfleet-backed Federation archeological team, working with the Vulcan's on the Iconian project.


With Stovak close by, T'Prel found it easier to concentrate on her studies. And she graduated from Starfleet Academy in the top 10% of her class in 2345. Almost immediately, she was posted to the USS Hathaway, as an Engineer.

She served a year aboard the Hathaway before being transfered to the USS Bonestell, once again in an egineering position. The Bonestell was assigned a Federation/Romulan border patrol. And due to the fact that most of his sources suggested Iconia was located somewhere within the Romulan neutral zone, Stovak's work took him to the Bonestell on several occasions.

In 2348, however, this situation became a source of tragedy for T'Prel. While visiting aboard the Bonestell, Stovak was killed when the engineroom was hit during a battle with a Romulan warship. T'Prel went into the traditional period of mourning, and requested a transfer off of the ship. Her request was aproved, and she was transfered to the USS Stargazer, under Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

With Stovak gone, however, T'Prel found herself becoming more and more immersed in her duties. In 2354, she was transfered from Engineering, to Operations aboard the Stargazer; and four years prior she was bestowed the Federation Order of Merit for her continuous devotion to her duty, by Captain Picard.

She remained with the Stargazer for the remainder of Picard's deep-space mission, up until the ship's capture and assumed destruction by the Ferengi. She was even decorated again, by Picard, in 2361; she received the Golden Starburst for her actions during a ship-to-ship battle with the Cardassians. Her reputation as a valued bridge officer was assured.

After the loss of the Stargazer, T'Prel took an eight-month leave of absence, beofre reporting to her next assignment. A seven-year stint as assistant operations chief aboard the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-D. Serving again under Picard, she was second in command of the famous Galaxy class vessel's operations department, under the Android officer, Lieutenant Commander Data.

She served in the position well, and was again decorated for her unswerving dedication to her duty, in 2368. Commander William Riker, the ship's first officer, presented T'Prel with the Conspicuous Gallantry Medal; after her actions saved the lives of transporter chief Miles O'Brien, as well as O'Brien's wife, and Riker, himself; during a botched shuttle mission.

T'Prel served aboard the Enterprise-D, until her destruction at Veridian III in 2370.

After the destruction of Enterprise, T'Prel took a position at Starfleet Academy, teaching applied science, until she was again tapped for duty. Requested, personaly, by the vessel's Commanding Officer, Captain Michael Grant, she was assigned the position of Operations Chief aboard the USS Lexington; another Galaxy class ship.

She served all of six months aboard the Lexington before it was severely damaged in battle and decommissioned. But, Grant soon received another command- the Sovereign class USS Lexington-E. And most of the senior staff of the Galaxy class Lexington were allowed to continue their duties under Grant's command.

She served a distinguished seven year tour of duty aboard one Lexington or another.

T'Prel not only earned another decoration, the Nebula Star, for saving the lives of the Ship's Counselor and Executive Officer covert mission, but she received another reprimand on her record for her still-overactive sexual behavior.

She was still, however, at the rank of Lieutenant, after over 30 years in Starfleet service, T'Prel was assigned to the Avalon class explorer, the USS Galahad. Her reputation netted her a high position on the Operations staff. T'Prel accepted the assignement eagerly, seeing the lower position as a chance to continue some of the scientific studies she had embarked upon during her time teaching.

In 2381, while serving aboard the Lexington, T'Prel decided to attempt to gain more control over her emotions, which often surfaced after her husband's death.

She resigned her commission as a Starfleet officer and returned to Vulcan where she entered into a strict, monastic lifestyle sutdying the Vulcan disciplines known as the Kohlinar. After two years, T'Prel left her studies, presumably more in control of her impulses.

She contacted Admiral Tim Scandal, a former commanding officer, and requested to have her commission reactivated. Scandal did so. He also contacted his close friend, Michael Grant, to let him know T'Prel had returned to active duty. The Vulcan officer soon received a request, from Grant, to return to duty aboard the Lexington.

She assumed her old position of Operations Manager and served just over a year before she was finally promoted to Lieutenant Commander. The promotion came with another transfer. Command of the Lexington was changing hands and Grant, now a Commodore, was being given control of a new Federation star base located near the Klingon/Romulan border.

As usual, Grant wanted his most trusted officers to serve by his side, and T'Prel was one of those. She assumed the duties of Operations Chief aboard Starbase Magellan, in late 2384.

T'Prel is the picture of the classic Vulcan on the surface; cold, emotionless, reacting to even the most sudden shock with only a raised eyebrow. But, inside she is a muddle of emotion. Still dealing with her father's recent death, she must also cope with the lingering feeling of guilt, and loss over her marriage to Stovak.

But her Vulcan demeanor always wins out, at least in professional situations. And she does her duty unswervingly, performing her tasks with a combination of machine-like accuracy and elegant grace for the full duration of her shift.


She is not one to request leave, or take vacations, finding more of a reward in her work, and recreation in the extra curricular science and technical projects she takes on herself in her spare time.

T'Prell is still known to embark on rampant sexual behavior.

As a highly decorated and respected officer it comes as a surprise to her coworkers that she has not yet achieved Lieutenant Commander's rank. But, with true Vulcan stoicity, T'Prel behaves as if it does not matter, content with doing her duty to the best of her ability.

One of her most peculiar personal traits, given her heritage and racial background, is T'Prel's love of Terran "entertainment culture"; music, and motion pictures, and the sometimes undeserved hero-worship that follows the practitioners of these particular arts during the 20th century.

With no greater goals than doing a good job at her assigned duties, T'Prel is an easy officer to work with. In short, T'Prel is a traditional Vulcan, albeit with a sexual appetite that better befits a human woman.

As a Vulcan, T'Prel lives in the traditional manner of her people. But, as the daughter of a respected ambassador she may appear to live in a bit more splendor than would be expected of the average Vulcan. Her quarters are decorated in traditional Vulcan trappings, with the occasional trace of bluish-silver lace and trimming on some of the otherwise plain drapes and
apholsteries of her furnshings.

She also has a small lab-quality sensor and analysis station in her quarters, and uses it

Her knowledge of the Vulcan telepthic skills is good, and she can perform a mindmeld easily,
and has even done so in the line of duty.

Though she has been married, and has obviously engaged in several sexual acts in her long life, T'Prel has no children. Nor does she appear to want to have a family. Marriage, either in a traditional Vulcan ceremony, or under the restrictions of any other culture, seems to be something she finds highly undesireable.

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