T'Prala Marquez

NICKNAME: Prala, "T"
SPECIES: Vulcan/Human
GENDER: Female
BIRTHDATE: March 14, 2341
BIRTHPLACE: ShariKahr, Vulcan
HEIGHT: 5' 10"
WEIGHT: 145#
HAIR: Dark brown
EYES: Dark brown
LANGUAGES: Federation Standard (English). Vulcan. Spanish. Some Klingon, and a few phrases in French
HOBBIES: Exotic dance (Orion, and Terran Arabic style). Playing guitar (learning). Horseback riding. Martial arts. Pets, and animals (esp. Terran horses, and dogs, and Klingon targs). Klingon language, arts, and culture.

Father: Enrique Ignacio "Nacho" Marquez, deceased - Starfleet Captain, killed in the line of duty during the Dominion War
Mother: T'V'lira - Civilian doctor. Now practicing medicine on Vulcan
Brother: Stoval Marquez - Renegade, pirate, and arms-dealer. Wanted by the Federation for various crimes
Grandmother: Yutan, deceased - Former Vulcan Ambassador to the Federation Council. Previously a Starfleet Officer.
Uncle: Admiral Orlando Marquez - Director, Starfleet Operations, Section 12

2359-2363 Vulcan Science Academy [Vulcan]
2372-2376 Starfleet Academy [Earth]

2376-2376 USS Endeavor; Science Officer [Ensign]
2376-2378 USS Swansea; Engineer [Ensign]
2378-2378 USS Miranda; Engineer [Ensign]
2378-2380 USS Miranda; Engineer [Lieutenant, jg]
2380-2380 Starfleet Corp of Engineers, Earth- Starbase 1 cleanup & recovery team [Lieutenant]
2380-2380 Personal leave of absence
2380-2381 USS Arizona; Engineer [Lieutenant]
2381-2381 USS Arizona; Chief Engineer [Lieutenant Commander]
2381-2381 USS Legacy-A; Chief Engineer [Lieutenant Commander]
2381-2384 USS Legacy-A; Chief Engineer [Commander]
2384-2385 USS Legacy-A; Chief Engineer [Lieutenant Commander]
2385-2386 USS Cavalier-C; Chief Engineer [Lieutenant Commander]
2386-2386 USS Legacy-A; Chief Engineer [Lieutenant Commander]
2386-pres. USS Legacy-A; Chief Enineer [Commander]

2376 Starfleet Cross
2377 Purple Heart
2379 Officer's Legion of Merit
2379 Bronze Star
2379 Purple Heart
2381 Citation of Valour
2381 Cochrane Medal of Excellence

2374 Left Academy grounds without leave to attend a performance of Orion dancers at a nearby civilian nightclub.
2377 Insubordination. Denied promotion to Lieutenant, jg. as a result.
2384 Assault of a Superior Officer. Rank reduced to Lieutenant Commander.

T'Prala Marquez was born on Vulcan; on March 14, 2341, to Enrique Marquez, a Starfleet officer then serving aboard the USS Bonestell as a Helmsman, and his Vulcan wife, T'V'lira. T'V'lira was, and still is a civilian doctor. At the time of T'Prala's birth, her mother was working with a research clinic on Vulcan, as part of a team trying to find a cure for Bendii Syndrome. Her father was off world, with the Bonestell, on a mapping mission. This was, of course, in the days before families were commonplace on Federation ships.


T'Prala grew up with her mother, and her grandmother, a Federation ambassador who had served as First Officer aboard the USS Republic, a Constitution class ship, in her youth. As a young girl, she reveled in her grandmother's tales of adventure aboard the Republic, during one of the most history-making periods in the Federation's past. Encounters with hostile Klingons, deadly viruses, and strange, seemingly omnipotent aliens became bedtime stories for T'Prala. And though she was raised as a Vulcan, and taught the Vulcan disciplines, the Human inside her longed for the same kind of adventures.

And when her father was home on leave, she found herself spending all her time with him. Anxious for tales of his own life in Starfleet, T'Prala grew closer to her father, during her childhood, than she was even to her grandmother. And though she had a good relationship with her mother, it was Enrique Marquez that T'Prala chose, almost unconsciously, to pattern herself after.

At age 18, T'Prala enrolled in the Vulcan Science Academy. She spent four years there, concentrating her studies on Quantum Physics, and Temporal Mechanics. She didn't excel in her studies, by any means; but she was studious enough to pass her courses. And this gave her the edge she would need, if ever she decided to follow her father, and grandmother into Starfleet.

By the time she left the Science Academy, T'Prala's father had achieved his own command. The USS Madison, an Ambassador class vessel. But, rather than submit her application to the Academy, T'Prala was convinced by her brother, Stoval, to take a position as an Engineer's Mate aboard a freighter he had just signed to ship out with. She took her brother's offer to satisfy her own desire for adventure and excitement.

During her time at the Science Academy T'Prala had discovered that she had a natural talent for mechanics. And the freighter Stoval had signed onto could benefit from her services as an engineer.

T'Prala signed on to the freighter, and though her brother tried to keep the true nature of the ship's "assignments" from her, it did not take her long to realize that she was serving with a group of privateers, lead by an ill-tempered Orion. She spent two years working as an engineer on the freighter, and trying to convince her brother to leave the crew and return to Vulcan. Finally, the life of a pirate, and slave-trader became something she simply could not be a part of. Neither her Vulcan logic, nor her Human conscience would allow her to stay on the freighter.

She jumped ship at an Andorian colony, and found her way, shortly after, to Qo'noS.

Her days of following Stoval's influence were over.

But, T'Prala still lacked a defined direction in her life. She took a job as a mechanic for a minor Klingon warlord, head of a small house, who specialized in supplying military supplies and vehicles to the other, larger houses within the Klingon Empire. Here, she learned some Klingon, and made several friends. She became fascinated with the Klingon culture. Even giving up her traditional Vulcan diet to sample the gagh.

After nearly a year with the Klingons, T'Prala became involved in a bar-fight. Not at all an uncommon thing among Klingons. But, in this instance, T'Prala killed a man. Though she faced no criminal charges under Klingon law, it was the first time she had ever taken a life, and she felt ashamed. She left Qo'noS, returned to Vulcan, and entered into the study of the Kolinahr under the Vulcan master Tey'tac. After six years, she was purged of her more impulsive emotions.

By now, the Federation was teetering on the brink of what would be war, with The Dominion. T'Prala's father now commanded the USS Valhalla, a Sovereign class ship, assigned to patrol the Federation/Cardassian border. Enrique Marquez, on leave to Vulcan, convinced his daughter that Starfleet was the place for her; and she submitted her Academy application.

T'Prala's time in the Academy was relatively uneventful. She studied the sciences, and also took training in engineering, and in command and bridge procedure. Her closest friend at the Academy was a Human woman with whom she had a brief intimate relationship. She graduated with a score slightly above average, with her highest marks being in engineering studies.

While T'Prala was in her third year at the Academy, however, she received some devastating news. Her father, along with most of the crew of the Valhalla had been killed, in battle with Breen, and Cardassian forces near the Cardassian border. The War had taken the life of Enrique Marquez. T'Prala did not show it on the surface. But the loss of her father was a crushing blow.

Her first assignment was as a science officer aboard the Nebula class USS Endeavor. She served aboard her for 6 months, and aside from one incident it was a brief and uneventful tour. Two months after T'Prala was assigned to the Endeavor, the ship was attacked, and boarded by Orion pirates; and among them was T'Prala's brother. T'Prala was locked in the Endeavor brig along with the rest of the crew, with the exception of the Captain, and three dignitaries from a planet vying for membership in the Federation.

T'Prala, and four others of the crew managed to escape the brig. Among them was the ship's Chief of Security, who organized a rescue attempt. T'Prala convinced her brother she wanted to join him, and was transported aboard the pirate ship. After gaining access to the bridge, she dropped the ship's shields, allowing the Security Chief and his team to beam over, take the bridge, and release the Captain and the hostages.

Some of the pirates, however, did manage to escape: including Stoval Marquez.

For her actions, the Captain of the Endeavor awarded her, along with the rest of the rescue team, the Starfleet Cross.

A few months later, she requested a transfer to engineering, where she felt she was more qualified. And she was subsequently transferred to the USS Swansea. A Galaxy class ship.

T'Prala served aboard the Swansea for two years. And during this time she was placed on report for insubordination, after refusing to vent several plasma conduits, a direct order from the ship's Chief Engineer. T'Prala redirected the energy, instead, and her actions enabled the engineering team to prevent a core breach, and keep the ship's phasers powered at the same time. But, her attitude, which her CO described as "belligerent", earned her the reprimand.

She was denied a promotion to Lieutenant, Junior Grade. And within six months she was transferred to the USS Miranda, to serve as an engineering officer. T'Prala served aboard the Miranda, for two years, and was finaly promoted.

In 2380, immediately following the Miranda's mission to Xanthe, T'Prala was transfered to serve with the Starfleet Corp of Engineers, on Earth. Promoted to full Lieutenant, she was assigned to the cleanup team working on Starbase 1 in the wake of the vicious terrorist attack, of October 1, 2379.

After serving on the reconstruction team for several months, T'Prala was begining to show signs of stress and fatigue brought on by overwork. And, after a visit with a Starfleet counselor assigned to the team, she was convinced to take a leave of absence. She took it on Vulcan, attending the memorial service for her gandmother, Yutan, who was killed in a simultaneous attack on Vulcan, at the same time Starbase 1 was attacked.

When her leave period was up, she requested a posting aboard a starship, and was assigned to serve as an engineer aboard the USS Arizona. During her tenure aboard the Arizona T'Prala was promoted to Lieutenant Commander. She also served breifly as Chief Engineering Officer.


On Stardate 58257.2, T'Prala was ordered to report for duty as Chief Engineering Officer aboard none other than the USS Legacy-A; the Federation flagship. She assumed her duties three weeks later, replacing Lieutenant Commander Chan, who had been promoted to the position of Executive Officer aboard the USS Monticello.

Three months later, on Stardate 58525.5, T'Prala was promoted to full commander after passing the Bridge Officer's Exam. T'Prala served aboard the Legacy with distinction for the next three years before she, and her career ran afoul of hardliners from Starfleet Intelligence.

In the early summer of 2384, the Legacy was assigned to ferry several SI operatives on a secret mission. A conflict broke out between T'Prala and Col. Lombard "Lom" Stuart, after he attempted to tamper with her engines. T'Prala struck Colonel Stuart, twice, and he pressed charges. Captain Northcote was forced to reduce T'Prala's rank to that of Lieutenant Commander.

Stuart had demanded a more drastic punishement. But when it was realized he was tampering with the Legacy's engines without authorization from his own superiors, the original punishment was allowed to stand.

In early 2385, T'Prala reported for temporary duty aboard the USS Cavalier, as acting chief of engineering. The Cavalier's engineer had been killed in the line of duty, and the CO, Captain Redfearn, wanted the best in the fleet, to help the crew finish an important mission.

While T'Prala was serving aboard the Cavalier, Lt. Commander Bernstein assumed the position of Chief Engineer aboard the Legacy. Her tour of duty aboard the Cavalier lasted over a year, at the end of which time she returned to her old position aboard the Legacy. After three months of service as the flagship's chief of engineering she was granted a promotion to full Commander by Captain Northcote.

The promotion was approved by Starfleet Command, after reviewing the Colonel Stuart case, and determining T'Prala was acting out of loyalty to her ship, her crew, and her captain when she assaulted Stuart.

On the surface, T'Prala Marquez seems to be a normal Vulcan. Quiet, stoic, logical. Quoting logic, she uses it often to explain or justify her actions. She accepted and maintains the Kholinar disciplines, and does not often allow her emotions to show themselves.

Internally, however, her Human side is always anxious to peek out. And in moments of haste, or tension, it will. T'Prala does have a temper, however, it is something she is rarely willing to display. She will easily show her emotions when concerned for her friends or crewmates. She will also slip and allow herself a laugh every now and then.

Still, she is a solid, reliable officer. And, under most circumstances will obey orders and follow regulations. Unless her logic tells her that she must break them for the sake of her ship, her Captain, or her crewmates.

Although it is commonly assumed that Vulcans are "academically inclined" by nature, this is not so with T'Prala. And most of her skills have been learned more by experience than by reading a textbook on a datapad. This gives her a very unconventional approach to her work. And sometimes this does not sit well with senior officers who expect their engineers to go by the book. But, T'Prala gets her job done.

T'Prala makes friends fairly easily, though she has never really been "popular". She can be stubborn at times; which is often seen as a Vulcan trait. She is also very tenacious, and will refuse to leave a task unfinished unless presented with a logical argument for doing so.

T'Prala is always interested in alien mechanics and engineering, and intrigued by any new technology her Starfleet career brings her into contact with. And she has even incorporated some elements of the technology she has seen upclose into several of her personal engineering projects.

Similarly, T'Prala has always been fascinated by alien cultures. And she won't pass up a chance to explore newly discovered civilizations. With very few exceptions, she treats the customs and traditions she encounters with respect.

One obvious exception is bigotry, and prejudice. T'Prala feels that the logical course is to allow each person's actions, whether benevelent or otherwise, to speak for themselves. She believes there is nothing to be gained from pre-conceived notions about a species, or their culture. And she won't hesitate to argue against them using science and logic to strengthen her point.


She is a bisexual, but does not flaunt the fact. As with most Vulcans, T'Prala keeps the details of her personal life private. She is also painfully aware that, even in the 24th century, there are still many foregone conclusions involving the bisexual lifestyle.

T'Prala loves music, and dance. She is studying the guitar, and has become somewhat proficient in playing tradtional Spanish and Mexican music. The only reprimand on her record while at the Academy was for leaving the grounds without permission after hours, to visit a nightclub boasting a floor show featuring Orion dancers. She enjoys dancing, altough she is not especially talented.

She is also fairly athletic, studies martial arts, and enjoys outdoor sports. She has something of a fixation with Terran cinema. Especially films from the 1930s, and the early 1940s, during the second World War. In her off hours she can sometimes be found on the holodeck in settings designed after this period.

On October 1, 2379, terrorists struck the Federation in and an organized series of violent attacks targeting Earth, Vulcan, and Alpha Centauri. One of the many lives lost on Vulcan was that of T'Prala's grandmother, Yutan. T'Prala was deeply grieved from the loss.

To study for her bridge officer's exam aboard the Legacy, T'Prala enlisted the help of the ship's Tactical Chief, Douglas Painter. There was an instant charisma between them. T'Prala, and Painter considered themselves a couple for some time. However, the idea of a long-term relationship was not to either's liking.

This was not T'Prala's first romance. During her tenure aboard the Miranda she was involved with a security officer named James Chen. Aboard the Arizona T'Prala developed a very meaningful relationship with Kimberly Burton, a young counselor. Their relationship ended when Kimberly was transfered to the USS Relentless; a transfer T'Prala encouraged Kimberly to accept, as the logical course for her to follow in her career.

T'Prala is an attractive looking woman, with the features of both her parents: the darkly tanned complexion of her father, and the arched eyebrows and pointed ears of her mother. Her voice is quiet, and soft. She speaks, most commonly, in a sort of monotone that seems to emphasize her emotionless demeanor. She is tall, even for a Vulcan female. She has worn her dark hair short, or pinned up in the past; but she has since let it grow as long as regulations will allow.

She has a tattoo of a sword thrust through a red planet; on her back, at her right shoulder blade.

Since living on Qo'noS, T'Prala has always kept a pet. Her first was a Terran Pug dog she found in a shipping container. She named the Pug Taio, and he travelled with her for the rest of his life. During her tour of duty on the Swansea, she acquired a pet ferret she named Ixin.

Ixin did not stay with her long, as T'Prala gave the ferret to a young girl who was among a group of refugees rescued by the USS Miranda. And, in early 2385, Taio died at what T'Prala estimated was close to 20 years of age. A respectable lifetime for a dog.

On one of T'Prala's first assignments upon returning to the Legacy, the crew rescued the survivors of a starliner crashed in an asteroid field. Among them was a big Rottweiler who's original owners could not be found. T'Prala's habit of taking in strays continued as she adopted the dog, and soon became very fond of him.

She registered the dog under two names - chu'jup, and uzh't'hai'la; both meaning "new friend", in Klingon and Vulcan respectively. But he usually answers to his callname, Argos, as much after the loyal dog in Homer's The Odyssey, as the ship he was found on.

The dog is an almost constant companion for T'Prala; and she often speaks to him as if he understood Humanoid speech, addressing him in a very casual, non-Vulcan manner, just as she had done with Taio.

Her quarters are decorated sparingly, but she does prefer a Japanese style motif, and she has an old Earth 1970s-style bean-bag chair as her favorite place to relax, or even meditate. She also has a few mementos of her pre-Starfleet adventures strewn around the room; including a Klingon Bat'leth that looks as if it has seen a fair amount of use.

During her tenure in Starfleet, she has developed a taste for Earth foods; especially "fast food" hamburgers, deli style sandwiches, and pizza. She is also fond of the Mexican cuisine of her father's culture. Her favorite dessert is ice cream with caramel topping, and she loves caramel candies. Her favorite drink is a mixture of iced tea and lemonade. She also enjoys vegetable juice cocktails.

T'Prala was not bonded, in her youth, as is the Vulcan tradition. Her father insisted that she be allowed to chose her own mate, as a Human would.

She experienced Pon Farr for the first time when she was fourteen; earlier than most Vulcan females. Her second Pon Farr came when she was twenty one.

Each time she dealt with it by taking a mate casually, for the duration only. And this has become her way of resolving Pon Farr during her adult life. She prefers to concentrate on her work. She has no desire to be married, although she has entertained the notion of, someday, having a child. She has never been romantically involved with another Vulcan.

T'Prala has practiced the martial arts since she was a teenager. She began studying the Vulcan style known as Ponn-ifla when she was sixteen. While she was aboard the Orion freighter, she leanred the basics of Kuntao from a Human member of the crew who had served in Starfleet, before becoming a privateer after the Border Wars with Cardassia. At some point before she enrolled at the Academy, T'Prala began studying Chin Na; the various styles of martial arts dealing with joint-locks and pressure-points. She prefers the Chin Na techniques, as a means of self-defense.

She also learned to use a Klingon Bat'leth during her time on Qo'nos. And, she keeps a pair of Katana in her quarters. During her time aboard the Cavalier, T'Prala defended her Engineroom from Breen raiders using these Japanese swords. T'Prala also owns a Tessen; a Japanese War Fan decorated with Klingon symbols.


While aboard the USS Arizona, T'Prala began practicing traditional Indian yoga. She was also influenced to take up Chinese qigong by her friend, Baxala Sodi, and her daughter.

After living among both Klingons, and Orions, T'Prala has developed a cavalier attitude concerning the topic of romance.

She has several close friends in Starfleet; both aboard the USS Legacy, and the USS Cavalier. She is also close friends with the civilian scientist, René Pasquale, as well as the Captain of the USS Arizona during her tenure on that vessel.

During her tour of duty aboard the Miranda, T'Prala tried, again, to devote herself the to the disciplines of the Kolinahr. Her performance of her duty suffered. And T'Prala decided to stop the training. She found that her Human emotions gave her an edge. An ability to think with more spontaneity, and to act accordingly.

Ironically, her emotional Human side, which often robbed T'Prala of her logic, was also the source of her ability to balance her Human and Vulcan mentalities to the point that she was regarded as one of Starfleet's top engineers; good enough to serve as Engineering Chief on the flagship.

On Stardate 59286.6, Starfleet Research and Development officially approved the prototype shuttle that T'Prala had been working on with Doug Painter, and Baxala Sodi. Dubbed the Alpha Flyer, the prototype will now go through a series of tests aboard the Legacy before it is approved for fleetyard production.

Encouraged by the success of the Alpha Flyer project, T'Prala has also submitted a design schematic for a warp-capable starfighter. Nicknamed the Firefox class, T'Prala is now in the process of perfecting the prototype with the help of the Legacy's fighter squad commander, Major Ronit Mair.

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