Titus Cotilard

Rank: Commander
Species: Centauran
Height: 5' 11" - Weight: 175#
Birthdate: December 2, 2224
Birthplace: Alpha Centauri

A security officer before being assigned as Gwen Connor's first officer, Titus Cotilard has a well deserved reputation as an expert tactician and a natural leader. Chief of Security aboard the USS Republic for three years, Cotilard became one of the most decorated bridge officers in Starfleet history. Cotilard has served all of his previous commanding officers with distinction, and is always eager to go above and beyond the call of duty for his crewmates.

Titus Cotilard became the Expedition's first officer when his predecessor, Commander Yirol, was killed in the line of duty. Yirol was a flamboyant commander, and something of a swashbuckler.

In contrast, Titus is more relaxed, and laid back in his style and he has quickly endeared himself to the Expedition crew as a friendly, easygoing commander that people actually enjoy serving with.

Captain Connor has come to rely on Titus moreso than she did Yirol, and she often finds herself leaving him in command of the ship as she leads landing parties personally.

A handsome man in his middle 40s, Cotilard is a native of Alpha Centauri; and as such he is biologically human, with only a few discernable differences on the molecular level. Like all Centaurians, Titus is descended from ancient Greek humans who were transproted to Alpha Centauri over a millenia ago.

Titus has dark hair, that is turning a distinguished silver-grey. His eyes are a clear, bright blue. He has a strong, muscular physique and is fairly athletic and very phyiscally active. He can easily handle himself in a fight and is an expert shot with a phaser, but he prefers to avoid violent conflict if he can find a peaceful solution to a situation.

An odd position for a former security officer, but Titus has learned from experience that sometimes shooting first and asking questions later leaves you with little more than you started with.

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