Rank: Lieutenant (junior grade)
Species: Sivaoan
Height: 6' 4" - Weight: 212#
Birthdate: January 4, 2243
Birthplace: Sivao

The first member of the Sivaoan species to join Starfleet, Sundance to-Ennien has a lot of responsibility on his young back as a representative of his people.

The Sivaoans, a gentle felinoid species who live in an agrarian society despite having technology at least as advanced as the Federation, have only been in contact with Starfleet and the Federation for about a decade. And Sivao, their homeworld, is not yet a member of the Federation.

But, that didn't stop Sundance from wanting to enter Starfleet after he met Captain Kirk, two years before he embarked on his famous five year mission. After he was able to get Commodore Decker to sponsor his entry into the Academy, Sundance went to work studying engineering and command procedure. His first posting was aboard a small scout ship where he worked in the shipboard operations department, a division of the engineering department.

A diligent officer, and a hard worker, Sundance's career hit the fast track, and he found himself promoted to junior grade lieutenant.

As a result of his excellent service record Sundance was chosen by Captain Connor to serve as her Chief of Operations.

The tall, trim, wite-furred Sivaoan has integrated well into Starfleet, as well as into the crew of the Expedition. He has become close friends with the Chief Engineer, Emily Bota, as well as the Chief Helmsman, Steve Harper. He is well liked among the crew, and both the Captain and First Officer rely on Sundance to run his department at peak efficiency.

Calm, and quiet, Sundance is still exploring in a way what it is like to be off his homeworld, and despite living in the Federation at large for over six years he is still something of a novice as to how things work off of Sivao. But, he enjoys experiencing other cultures, and other peoples. And, as is the tradition with his species, he is gentle and kind to those he meets. This makes Sundance a popular crewmember, as well as a compassionate member of any landing party he is assigned to. He runs his department a bit loosely, as far as following regulations and filing reports are concerned; but he runs it well, and the Expedition's shipboard operations are always in order.

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