Stuart Addams

NAME: Stuart Marius Addams
NICKNAME: Stu, Stuey, Fiddums
BIRTHDATE: January 2, 2351
BIRTHPLACE: Ulverstone, Tasmania
HEIGHT: 6' 1"
WEIGHT: 176 #
HAIR: Blonde
EYES: Blue
LANGUAGES: Federation standard/English. Spanish. French. Vulcan. A few "tourist phrases" in Klingon, Bajoran, and Andorian.
HOBBIES: Fencing and swordsmanship. Horseback riding. Sailing and old-fashioned seagoing vessels. Adventure fiction and pirate lore. Wine making. Gourmet cooking.

Father - Dr. Stuart Charles Addams (Civilian archaeologist and historian. Expert on Klingon history)
Mother - Dr. Janet Burleigh Addams (Civilian physician and biologist. Alien disease specialist)

2368-2372: Vulcan Science Institute [Physics, Astrophysics, Archaeology]
2374-2378: Federation Starfleet Academy [Science, Command]

2378-2379: USS Foxbat, Science Officer [Ensign]
2379-2381: USS Foxbat, Science Officer [Lieutenant, jg]
2381-2382: USS Cavalier, Assistant Chief Science Officer [Lieutenant, jg]
2383-2384: USS Cavalier, Chief Science Officer [Lieutenant]
2384-pres.: USS Cavalier, Chief Science Officer [Lieutenant Commander]

2383: Award for Conspicuous Gallantry

No official citations on record. But, Stuart has been reprimanded privately several times for reckless conduct bordering on conduct unbecoming an officer.


The story of Stuart Addams begins on a relatively mundane note. He was born in a Tasmanian hospital, the son of an archaeologist and historian, and his wife, a medical doctor. Named for his father, but given his mother's maiden name as a middle name, Stuart barely avoided the moniker "junior" as a boy. And he has never taken to going by nicknames, even though people insist on giving them to him.

Stuart's childhood was anything but mundane, once it got going. His parents were not what one would expect for a scientist and a doctor. They shared a spirt of adventure and a joy of travel that caused Stuart to grow up in some very unusual locales. It also afforded him the chance to see some adventure for himself, even as a boy.

By the time he was ten years old, Stuart had lived on Qo'noS, Vulcan, Agellius, Rigel, and even in an archaeological camp on a Bajoran colony near the Cardassian homeworld within reach of Cardassian raiders and patrol ships. A very dangerous situation during the occupation of Bajor.

If Stuart's father wasn't hunting some precious treasure, his mother was giving medical aide to the outcasts of the Federation frontier. And sometimes either action could lead to dangerous confrontations.

Stuart grew up with a lust for adventure and a knack for getting into trouble. He also inherited his parents' love of science, and respect for both established scientific fact and theories, yet to be proved.

It was no surprise to them when Stuart decided he wanted to become a scientist.

Stuart's father called in a favor or two and Stuart was soon studying at the Vulcan Institute. He even met the venerable Spock during his four years as a student there. And it was this chance meeting that convinced Stuart that the place for him was onboard a Federation starship.

But, that dream would have to wait Because as soon as Stuart graduated from the Vulcan Institute, his father asked for his help in finding an ancient Klingon artifact. Stuart was glad to leand hia father a hand, but one thing lead to another, and he ended up spending two years chasing after the various treasures his father seemed to always be in search of before he could actively pursue a career in Starfleet.


It wasn't until Stuart was 23 years old that he finally submitted his application to attend the Academy in San Francisco. But, it was immediately accepted due to his education on Vulcan. He applied as a science cadet, and spent the enxt four years studying Starfleet procedures, and learning how to curb his adventuresome ways until his lifestyle fit a Starfleet uniform.

This didn't quite take.

Stuart did become a Starfleet officer, but he never quite lost that roguish edge he had inherited from his parents.

This did help him, however, to succeed as an officer. Too often science officers are little more than stuffy lab geeks with a few rank pips on their collar. Stuart's approach to his duties was somewhat different. He followed his father's style, swashbuckling his way through away missions.

And considering his Starfleet career began in the final months of the Dominion War, this was an asset to Stuart and he found himself earning promotions and coveted assignments in record time due to his willingness to take risks and involve himself in the more military aspects of the duties of a science officer in war time.

His first assigment was aboard the USS Foxbat, where he spent the first three years of his career. It was here that he met the half-Betazoid flight controller and shuttle pilot, Baxala Sodi. The daughter of a holovid actor, and a former gang member who spent her teenage years living on the streets of Qo'noS; Sodi had a profound influence on Stuart.

She not only nurtured his adventuresome spirit with her own reckless abandon, but Stuart fell in love with her. He never told her, and he did his best to hide his feelings from her Betazoid sences when they were together. Stuart felt that becoming seriousy involved with someone- even a freeliving bohemian like Sodi -could jeopardize his career, and hers.

He was actually relieved when she was reassigned.

And with the destraction of Baxala out of his life Stuart began his meteoric rise to his current position as chief of sciences on the USS Cavalier.

In 2381, Stuart was transferred to the Cavalier to serve as assistant science chief. He was put in charge of the science lab, and worked his way up to full Lieutenant in two years. In 2383 Stuart was promoted to Chief Science Officer when the officer currently occupying the post was reassigned to Starfleet HQ.

One of the most rapidly rising officer in recent Starfleet history, Stuart is often compared to James T. Kirk, who was a Lieutenant Commander by the time he was 30 years old. Stuart reached that rank at the age of 33. And Lieutenant Commander Addams continued to serve as Chief Science Officer aboard the Kelvin class Explorer, USS Cavalier.


Stuart Addams is a charming, and dashing young man. He has an air of adventure about him, and he shows no sign of giving up his habit of thrill seeking and daring do. He clearly follows in his father's footsteps in this regard, as the older Addams is well known in several sectors for his singular style of aquiring antiquities.

Still passionately in love with Baxala Sodi, and yet unwilling to admit it, Stuart has developed an intense level of mental control so that it is virtually impossible for a telepath to sense his thoughts or feelings. He began this self-training, of course, to conceal his feelings from Sodi. But, it has evolved into a mental exercise that includes Vulcan-type meditation, and even some elements of Zen Buddhism.

Despite Stuart's feelings for Sodi, he is something of a womanizer. And he can usually be seen with some lovely creature on his arm when he's on shore leave. But, it is almost always a different woman. And he has been seen enjoying himself in the company of a handsome young man on more than one occasion. Once again, always a different young man.

But, when he is on duty, Stuart is all business. He runs his lab in a relaxed style, and the people who serve under him actually work with him, more than under his command. The science lab on the Cavalier is run as a colaborative effort, with everyone giving their input, and taking credit where it is due.

Stuart is a good officer, as evident by his rapid rise to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. And his lust for adventure and wild living seems to dissapear when he is working on a complicated problem in the lab, or analyzing data at his bridge station. In times like this he takes on an almost Vulcan demeanor, quickly reading off information and giving his analysis in a stoic monotone.


He is generally calm in his outward demeanor. And he never seems to be without a cheerful smile on his youthful face, especially when a pretty girl is within his line of view.


Stuart is tall, trim and blonde. He never wears actual facial hair; a mustache, or beard. But, he often lets a bit of stubble grow on his chin. Especially when he is working on a project that commands his attention. He will often go without shaving, and even ignore his hunger when he's working hard. And at least one counselor has said he pushes himself too hard.

Stuart is a perfectionist, in his work.

But he is something of a rascal in how he conducts his private life.

Stuart speaks in a soft voice that sounds cheerful, even when raised. He has a subtle Australian brogue that seomtimes sounds as if it has a hint of an Irish accent mixed in. Even when angry, Stuart will have a civil, almost jolly tone to his voice. And he jokes and laughs often, unless he is working on the bridge where he seems to adopt a style that is decidedly more professional and restrained.

His quarters are decorated with momentos of his travels with his parents. And he keeps his living area furnished in a comfortable style reminiscent of the sitting rooms and bedchambers of a Victorian era flat.

He has a celtic tatoo in the design of a thorny vine encircling his left bicep. Baxala Sodi has a matching tatoo on her left ankle. During their original affair on the Foxbat, Baxala also gave Stuart a nickname- she called him Fiddums. She would never explain the meaning of "Fiddums", or why she called him that.

Lovers may come and go in Stuart Addams' life. But he does have one almost constant companion. A female Irish Wolfhound called Arabella.

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