Col. Sloane V. Somerset

NAME Sloane Vincenzo Somerset
NICKNAME The Philosopher
BIRTHDATE September 13, 2332
BIRTHPLACE Miami, Florida [Earth]
HEIGHT 5' 10"
WEIGHT 182 #
HAIR Brown (going gray)
LANGUAGES Federation Standard. French. German. Vulcan. Klingon. Andorian
HOBBIES Cooking. Terran Blues, R'n'B, and Jazz music. Dogs. Cats. Football (US). Studying Klingon military tactics. Playing guitar.

2349-2351: Starfleet Marine Corp, Officer's Training Center (Andor)
2351-2353: Starfleet Marine Corp, Command Level Training; Brighton, England (Earth)

2353-2355: Planetside Marine Unit, Axanar [Second Lieutenant]
2355-2356: USS Gavilan, Ordnance Officer [Second Lieutenant]
2356-2358: USS Gavilan, Ordnance Officer [First Lieutenant]
2358-2360: USS Gavilan, Tactical Specialist [First Lieutenant]
2360-2361: USS Gavilan, Tactical Specialist [Marine Captain]
2361-2371: USS Pembroke, Field Commander [Marine Captain]
2371-2374: USS Pembroke, Senior Field Commander [Marine Captain]
2374-2379: USS Hyperion, Marine Unit XO [Major]
2379-2381: USS Hyperion, Marine Unit CO [Major]
2381-2382: USS Honorious, Marine Unit CO [Lieutenant Colonel]
2382-2388: Planetside Marine Unit CO, Tau Ceti Prime [Lieutenant Colonel]
2388-2389: Starfleet Academy, Tactical Instructor [Lieutenant Colonel]
2389-2390: Planetside Marine Unit CO, Sigma Draconis IV [Colonel]
2390-2393: Starbase 718, Marine Unit CO, [Colonel]
2393-pres.: Starbase Magellan, Marine Unit XO [Colonel]

2364 Grankite Order of Courage
2369 Rogue Cross
2370 Purple Heart
2371 Semper Fidelis Cross
2374 Cross of Distinction
2375 Marine Exceptional Service Medal
2375 Purple Heart
2378 Federation Legion of Merit
2380 Bronze Cluster

2370 - Insubordination to a superior officer

The son of a civilian scientist, and a Federation diplomat. The second of three children. Sloane Somerset was born in Miami, Florida. On Earth.

Do to the fact that his mother was often abroad through her job as a Federation envoy, he and his siblings were raised, for the most part, by their father. Professor Somerset did have the benefit of a governess to help raise the children. But, they saw their mother infrequently. The professor moved the family to Durham, England; so that he could take a job teaching at the University of Durham.

When Sloane was 14, his mother was granted an ambassadorship to Andor. She was appointed the chief Federation Ambassador to Andor, with a staff of four serving under her. The family moved to the icy planet, and Sloane continued his schooling on Andor.

He spent two years there, before he asked his parents to let him go back to England. He wanted to major in history, and language studies; and Oxford had an excellent language arts program. Sloane moved to England, living with his uncle until he graduated from High School. Here, somehow, his plans changed. And after school was finished, Sloane enlisted with the Starfleet Marine Corp. He was immediately moved back to Andor, to the Marine training center there.


There was no reason forthcoming to his family why Sloane decided on such a change in the direction of his life. But, his father felt that there was some sort of romantic entanglement behind it all. Perhaps he has been spurned by a lover in his senior years, and he wanted to join the marines as a way to restart his young life.

Whatever the case, Sloane sailed through basic training. In high school he embraced contact sports; Football (both British and American), Rugby, and Parrises Squares. And this inevitably made it easier for him to grasp the physical aspect of marine life. In adult life, Sloane matured into a tall, handsome young man, with a strapping physique. And even in his twenties, he looked the image of a marine.

After basic training on Andor, Sloane enrolled in the Marine Command Officer's program. This forced a move back to Earth, and back to England. This time the city of Brighton. It seemed to be his lot in life to be shuffled between Andor and England.

In 2353, Sloane garnered his first assignment. At the rank of Second Lieutenant, he was assigned to Weapons Detail at the Starfleet installation on Axanar. After two years on the planet, Sloane was transferred aboard the USS Gavilan as an Ordnance Officer. A position he would hold for the next three years. After a promotion, Sloane moved up to the position of Tactical Specialist. Like an underclassmen from he Academy that Sloane befriended; a man called John Northcote, Sloane found that he had a particular knack for strategy and tactics. Despite his love of science and more passive pursuits.

Sloane found had an inherent skill at guessing what a Romulan, or a Cardassian was planning before he actually did it.

He stayed in that position for a little over three years before being asked to transfer to Field Commander aboard the USS Pembroke. In this position, Sloane was placed in charge of an armed away team with the responsibility of protecting civilians, and dignitaries aboard the ship. "Babysitting with a phaser", Sloane once called it. After five years of babysitting, Sloane was promoted to Senior Field Commander. As the Dominion War was raging around him, Sloane was able to put his tactical skill to use on the front lines.

As the War was winding down, Sloane found himself transferred, and promoted again. This time his rank was Marine Major, and he was made the executive officer of the Marine Unit stationed aboard the USS Hyperion. The Hyperion was a smaller ship, with a small unit of marines aboard. And Sloane quickly gained his troops trust, and he felt as if they were actually more of a family than a mere unit of men and women in green uniforms.

When the original Field Commander who served aboard the Hyperion during the Dominion War chose to accept a commission as Marine Commander at Deep Space 4, the Hyperion's Captain offered Sloane the job. To the great relief of his unit, he accepted. And he maintained the position for the next two years.

On Stardate 58028.7, he was asked by Starfleet Marine Command to assemble a marine task force, and serve aboard the USS Honorious during an extended mission in Klingon space. He was offered a promotion. But, Sloane cared more about keeping his team together. And that was the reply he sent to Starfleet. Due to the nature of the mission, Starfleet acquiesced. Sloane accepted the promotion. And he assembled his team from among the people he had served with aboard the Hyperion.

The Honorious was recalled after a year in space. And Sloane and his team were reassigned to fill out the marine unit on Tau Ceti Prime. The planet boasted a large planetary starbase, as well as a science base. And Sloane's team was largely in charge of base security. The team also handled security for the Starfleet installations on the other planets in the system. It was a big job. But, many of the marines stationed under Sloane's command received decorations and promotions for their unswerving devotion to their duty. Many of these officers went on to command units of their own.

One of the team, Rebecca Marshall, went on to transfer to the Command branch of the regular fleet. And she is now in command of the USS Hyperion.

The team itself was disbanded in 2388. And Sloane accepted a teaching job, as a Tactical Instructor at Starfleet Academy. It was a chance for Sloane to reconnect with his family, and take what felt like an extended spate of leave-time after so many years in the field. Sloane relished teaching. And he felt that his late father would have truly been proud of him.

But, it didn't last long. The marine corps canned Sloane back into active duty due to the looming threat of the Vakluran Coalition, who had been menacing the Cardassian border with the Federation since the end of the Dominion War. Starfleet command wanted a strong presence to detour the Vakluran from any type of first strike at the Tourist Center at Sigma Draconis IV. And a contingent of marines seemed to be the best answer.

Sloane, now a full Colonel, accepted the assignment reluctantly.

He was growing tired of leading men and women into battle, only to write letters home to their loved ones when a mission did not go well.

The year-long stint at Draconis went well. Sloane never lost a member of this new team during that time. And as a reward, the marine corps let Sloane pick his next assignment. But there was a catch. He was offered a choice of three active posts. The corps needed an experienced commander like Sloane in the field in case any of the Federations new enemies tried any kind of surprise attack.

Sloane was not allowed to return to teaching unless he did so as a civilian. He would have to retire. Sloane felt he was not ready to retire, so he chose a post as marine commander at Starbase 718. A medical facility. Essentially a big hospital in space. Sloane found himself in charge in security for the hospital. It was actually a relatively calm assignment. He worked heavily with medical personnel, scientists, and the SCIS.

He made several valuable friends during his tenure at Starbase 718.

And he saw his daughter more often. Then he was transferred again. This time to what was promised to be a short assignment. He left his second in command in charge of the marine unit aboard Starbase 718. He assumed to be gone a week… maybe two.

Sloane was posted to Starbase Magellan, near the confluence of the Klingon and Romulan empires. He took only one bag, a spare uniform, and his beloved book of poetry.

The assignment ? Jonathan Pippen, a ranking marine officer at Magellan had disappeared. Sloane was tasked with finding him, and bringing him back. After an initial investigation by the starbase security staff, Commodore Grant had concluded that the Vakluran might be involved in Pippen's disappearance.

After finding no evidence that Pippen was even still alive, Sloane prepared to leave the station. But, a series of overlooked events convinced Grant that Sloane would make a perfect addition the the crew. Grant needed people he could rely on. And Sloane was well-known as a very dutiful marine. It took Grant some effort to convince Sloane to stay, but stay he did.

And it worked.

Sloane Somerset is a complicated man. A marine, and by all accounts, the embodiment of the corps. He's tough, loyal, and true. He's a strong man, stout and hardy, in his middle years. His dark green eyes still twinkle like they did when he was a cadet. But, his brown hair has all but turned to silver.

He has worn a mustache, or a trim beard for years, and this, too, has turned silver. As befits a Starfleet Marine that has been in the field for forty years, Sloane also has amassed quite a collection of scars. Some small, some not so small; but they all tell their own story.

His voice is still soft, but strong. And he speaks in measured tones, and with an ability to raise that voice with a minimum of effort..

He has a very intellectual style. He seems very intelligent, and is well rounded in his skills, and the use of them.


Sloane usually wears his uniform, even when off duty. But he has been caught wearing a occasional denim jeans, and a tee-shirt. Or a casual pull-over sweater. He will wear glasses when he's off duty. For reading. And his eyes have been corrected for long vision by starfleet medical personnel. It may be that he simply enjoys wearing them, perhaps to give him a more studious appearance.

He can often be seen reading a book of poetry, or a volume of Shakespeare.

For physical recreation, Sloane still enjoys sports. And he loves animals, and horseback riding. He has at least two British racetracks programmed into the starbase's holocomputers.

He is very healthy, and rumor has it he has never been sick a day since he first reported for duty. This is not entirely true. When he was teaching at the Academy, he was diagnosed and treated for an undisclosed ailment. The treatment lasted for several months. This may have been connected to his use of tobacco. Something he does not do anymore.

Sloane reads widely, and often quotes what he has read in casual conversation. Something that tends to frustrate those who do not know the text from which Sloane is deriving his quotes. He a very intelligent man, and worldly. He's been around for a while with no sign of slowing down.

Over time, both of Sloane's parents have died. His brother and younger sister both were casualties of the Dominion War. The man has never married, but his does have a daughter. The daughter, Jennifer Somerset, is a freelance explorer who often works with Starfleet. And she has a young son, making Sloane a grandfather.

He dotes on his daughter and grandson; always asking them to visit the station. But, Jennifer is often in obscure sections of the Beta quadrant. She is a hard woman to get into touch with. She did work, for a time, as a civilian scientist aboard the USS Cavalier, and then on Quadra Station. Jennifer is a beautiful lady, with long dark hair and a shapely figure. She has a decidedly Latin air about her.

Sloane, himself, has some Italian heritage in his background. His grandfather, on his mother's side, was Italian. Ergo, his middle name of Vincenzo. His grandfather's name.

Though Sloane loves animals, he does not have a companion animal with him on the station. His quarters are decorated in the style of the 1970s, on Earth. With a few Andorian and Klingon trappings. It is commonplace to hear blues or jazz music wafting down a corridor when his computer is turned to a programmed music feed. As far as music is concerned, Sloane is very open-minded.

He is a generally broadminded individual. With very few prejudices, all of which come from his war experiences. He tends to distrust Cardassians, and especially The Breen. He speaks several phrases in several languages. And he is very fond of the French language, often using it during his day-to-day activities.

Sloane is a good man, and a fine marine. He is a good leader. He is a good listener, and he respects the people serving with him and under him.

Colonel Somerset is the Best and Brightest the Marine Corps has to offer.

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