CNA Sienna Ray

Species: Human
Height: 5' 3" - Weight: 106#
Birthdate: September 12, 2369
Birthplace: Aphrodite Terraforming Station (Venus)

Sienna Marie Ray was born aboard one of the Federation terraforming stations in orbit of the planet, Venus, in the Sol system.

And perhaps because of her unusual place of birth, Sienna has always been a very unusual girl. Even as a baby, she was a very beautiful child. But, from an early age, she had rebelled against the idea that she is beautiful, or even pretty. She is a bit reckless. Even careless.

Sienna's parents were both Starfleet scientists, working aboard the Aphrodite Terraforming Station when their little pride and joy was born.

She grew up, for the most part, aboard the station. Except a few trips to visit her mother's family on Earth; in up-state New York. Sienna is very close to her mother's family. In many ways her cousins, Dinah and Lisa are more like sisters to her.

Sienna grew up with very few other children to play with, and learn with. She was taught by her mother for the most part. And there was only one other child living at the terraforming station at the same time that Sienna was there. She learned a lot about science from her father, and engineering from her mother. And by the time she was eleven had acquired enough knowledge in either field to make at least a good showing at the Academy.

But, Starfleet was not what she had in mind.

And then it happened. As it often did, in the lives of people who lived on the edge, risking their lives for something like terraforming. Both of Sienna's parents were killed in a accident when a Runabout went down on the surface of Venus. Sienna's parents were surveying a site for a new oxygenator array for one of the terraforming stations on the surface. And one of the many, violent tornadic storms that were common on the planet brought down the craft with disastrous results.

Sienna went to live with her aunt, Joanna, and her cousins in New York.

Originally intent upon becoming an engineer on a freighter, Sienna's plans changed after living with Dinah and Lisa. Her cousins were a powerful influence on her, and Sienna saw what the Vaughan family was all about. Nursing. Joanna was a Starfleet nurse. She served aboard the USS Venture, under Captain Garrison. And she saw a lot of things. The birth of an El-Aurian baby, during a pitched battle for one. And extended contact with a group of Organians for another.

Joanna had many stories to tell. And she inspired her daughters and her niece with her service in Starfleet.

The oldest of the girls, Lisa, joined Starfleet nursing school directly out of high school. And Dinah, and then Sienna followed suit.

Because none of the girls applied to the Academy, they never were cadets, nor were they offered an officer's commission. But, they all worked, tirelessly, toward their status as nurses; and, later, their nursing careers.

After her graduation from nursing school, with a certification as a Nursing Assistant, or Nurse's Aide; Sienna was transferred to Starbase 123. Here she served as a nurses aide as well as as a laboratory technician due to her earlier training aboard the terraforming station.

Next. she served, briefly aboard the USS Cavalier as a Nursing Assistant at the rank of Petty Officer, 3rd class.

Withing a year, Sienna was transferred to the newly built Castle Extended Care Facility aboard Starbase Magellan, near the confluence of the Klingon, Romulan and Federation borders. She would still be working as a Nurses Aide. She would also be working with her cousins, Dinah and Lisa Vaughan. But, something had happened to Lisa since the last time Sienna saw her. She had changed, or, perhaps it would be better to say she had been changed.

Sienna received a promotion to Petty Officer, 2nd class with her transfer to the Castle Facility.

Working attached to the night shift at the Facility, Sienna and her cousins became known as The Trio. They always worked together, in tandem, as a team. And each of them had developed very particular skills that made their jobs easier. And more fulfilling.

Always stronger, and with a higher constitution than most would expect from such a small, somewhat frail looking individual; Sienna can work straight through two or even three days at a stretch. Never tiring, Sienna seems to be the most dilligent worker at the Facility. And the commissioned nurses often call on her for the harder duties that would exhaust a bigly strong Klingon easily.

Sienna also seems to have an innate talent for knowing what seems to be going on in ones mind. She's not telepathic. But she does have a type of empathy. Not psionic Empathy, as is the case with Betazoids. In Sienna's case this "sixth sense" comes from years of practice. By reading body language, facial tics, common vocal inflections, and the like; Sienna can make a pretty good guess at what a person is thinking, or what his intentions are.

Sienna would make an excellent Poker player, but she never enjoyed gambling. Even on a sure thing. In her own experience, even a "sure thing" may not pan out when you really need it to. As in the case with Sienna's parents.

She eats healthily. No junk-food, or fatty foods. She does not smoke, or drink alcohol. Although she does enjoy a fermented tea-drink called Kombucha as part of her daily regimen she practices for health's sake. Sienna practices Ashtanga yoga, and Kundalini meditation. And she also studied Judo. She holds a blue belt in the well known form of Terran self-defense.

She still enjoys science. And she has a knack with fixing things. Even though sometimes her repairs aren't put together according to anybody's repair manual but her own. This makes her a valuable member of the team at Castle. It doesn't take her long to fix the drive on a gravchair.

A short, willowy girl with a high, strong voice. Sienna doesn't speak with any specific accent. She has bluish gray eyes. She's never been known to speak any language besides Federation Standard. American-styled English. She enjoys folk music, and Carnatic music from India. She wears her mousy blonde hair short. And when she does let it grow, she usually pins it back in intricate buns or braids.

Although Sienna has never married, she does have a three year old daughter. She never mentions the child's father. But it is rumored that the man is no longer living. The little girl is a human child. Her name is Aaradhya.

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