Species: Romulan/Human
Height: 4' 11" - Weight: 118#
Birthdate: March 3, 2345
Birthplace: Krocton, Romulus

The product of a one-night stand. Shen'Taia's father was a Human Starfleet officer that to this day she has never met (as far as she is aware). Her mother is a scientist. A biologist and biochemist who worked for the Romulan government.

In the summer of 2344, Shen'Taia's mother decided to take her vacation on Rigel. And there she met a handsome Starfleet officer on leave, who had a few drinks with the Romulan woman and later had his way with her. It was quite consensual. But the results were not as Shen'Taia's mother expected.

She became pregnant. And due to Federation/Romulan relations at the time it was quite impossible for the woman to contact her paramour and even let him know he was going to be a father.

Shen'Taia was born early the next year, on Romulus. And her life has been one endless string of misadventures ever since. Giving birth to a half-Human baby created immediate complications for Shen'Taia's mother. There were accusations of spying. And Shen's mother's career was over. She moved, with her daughter, to neutral space. And after establishing a home for both of them on Arbazan.

This was an unexpected boon for Shen'Taia's mother, who soon found herself working as a corporate negotiator for Arbazan interests. The Romulan woman, Selta, was soon well known as a good negotiator and it wasn't long before she was working as a diplomat on a political level, rather than working for various corporations. By the time Shen'Taia was in her early teens her mother was even offered an Envoy's position on Vulcan. But she decided to return to Romulus with her new-found reputation, and take her daughter with her.

This suited Shen'Taia just fine. The Arbazans were not her favorite people to live with, largely due to their sexually repressed social structure. Shen'Taia was uncomfortable around this sort of behavior. And a move back to Romulus was something she looked forward to.

The structured, and often strict nature of Romulan society did not appeal to her much more than life on Arbazan, however. And Shen'Taia left home to find her own future when she was seventeen. Her mother, went on to become one of Romulus' most celebrated ambassadors. By the time of the Dominion War, Selta was expected to run for the Imperial Senate, but declined to enter political life, preferring the slightly more neutral position of a respected negotiator.

In the meanwhile, Shen'Taia left the Empire. She traveled into Federation space, working as a cook and entertainer aboard a tramp freighter for her passage. This was Shen's first close look at life among Humans. More to the point, Human men who expected certain things of young girls, when it came to entertainment. Shen'Taia soon became what was known in polite society as a courtesan.

And she grew into an attractive, worldly, and very outgoing young woman.

In the time that has passed since she first left Romulus, Shen has worked in several professions - she is best known as a dancer, but has also plied her trade as a Dabo girl, and even a prostitute. Enjoying an uninhibited lifestyle, Shen'Taia may well have experienced more between the ages of 20 and 30 than most women do between 20 and 100.

And the older Shen'Taia grew the more her Human side would dominate her personality. Physically she stopped growing at just under 5 feet tall, and despite her up-swept eyebrows and pointed ears her features were decidedly Human. Asian, to put a finer point on it.

From a young age, Shen'Tai knew she wanted to find her father. And she knew from what her mother had told her he was a Human Starfleet officer - Command division - and he was an Asian man, most likely a native of Earth. This gave the wily Dabo girl quite a few points to work from and yet thus far she has not managed to locate the man. It is even possible, if he continued with his Starfleet career; that Shen's father could have been killed during the Dominion War.

But Shen'Taia does not believe this. She has a feeling- a gut feeling -that he is alive, somewhere. And that with enough effort she will find him.

The Dominon War brought even more adventure into Shen'Taia's life. Because during the height of the conflict, she was tapped by a half-Romulan Starfleet officer acting as an Intel agent to work for the Federation as a spy. The Romulans were involved in the War by this point. So as far as loyalty was concerned, Shen had every reason to take up the offer proposed by the man called N'Vek Garcia.

Shen'Taia used her connections in the underworld to gather information during the war. And since the war's end, she has continued to work as an Intel agent of sorts, but now she takes on missions for anyone who can convince her the mission is worth undertaking. No loyalties - political, military or otherwise guide her decisions in this regard. Only her own conscience. Something that has never let her down in over two decades of surviving by her wits.

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