Steven Harper

Rank: Lieutenant
Species: Human
Height: 6' 2" - Weight: 174#
Birthdate: March 21, 2236
Birthplace: San Francisco, California

The son of a Starfleet Admiral, Steve Harper has always made it on his own. Even when it came to getting into Starfleet. And Admiral Harper is very proud of his son, for making Lieutenant in record time without any help from "the old man". Steve is a go-getter, and always has been. Something of a rascal, he was always the kid that got into trouble a little easier than the other boys when he was growing up.

But, he still wanted to be like his father; and so, he joined Starfleet when he was old enough. His first application was rejected, but without any help from his father Steve worked to get his second accepted, and his extra effort paid off.

Always fascinated by aircraft and small spacecraft, Steve applied as a helm cadet, wanting to be a pilot.

And he has served in either the helmsman's position, or that of the navigator since he graduated from the Academy. But his real passion is flying shuttles and small craft. He is even something of a daredevil at the controls of a more compact vessel. But he is also an excellent helmsman, able to manoeuver a starship in and out of a tight situation, even with Klingon disruptor fire to fly through. Recently promoted to full lieutenant, Steve is enjoying his position as Chief Helmsman aboard the USS Expedition.

Something of a ladies man, Steve is beginning to settle down in that regard now that he has met Emily Bota. The two have embarked on a relationship that is more than just a romance, and tends to take up all of Steve's free time, which used to be monopolized by gambling- or even a few more nefarious activities that might have gotten him into trouble had his superiors known about it.

Steve is dashing and debonair, and seems slightly younger than his years, still looking as fresh faced as he did the day he graduated from the Academy. He has a somewhat cocky, and slightly cynical sense of humor, and has no trust for politicians or people in positions of authority who don't appear to have earned their power.

Like Emily, his feelings towards Klingon are not, perhaps, as negative as many of his fellow officers. And Steven enjoys learning more about the different alien cultures that exist within and without the Federation. To this end he has developed a close friendship with the Expedition's Sivaoan operations chief, Sundance to-Ennien.

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