Sylvia Castle

Rank: Civilian Psychologist
Species: Human
Height: 5' 9" - Weight: 141#
Birthdate: December 13, 2231
Birthplace: Stamford, Connecticut

Sylvia Castle comes from a wealthy New England family, and she has never swerved from the upper class culture in which she was raised. But, she has devotd her adult life to a career as a psychologist, psychotherapist, and alien contact expert.

Originaly educated on Vulcan, Sylvia's goal was to study biology and biochemistry; but she switched to psychiatry after a friend committed suicide. She got her degree on Alpha Centauri, and then took her residency at a Federation psychiatric hospital on Delta IV.

From the beginning of her career, Sylvia worked with an associated with Starfleet and her officers, often taking temporary assignments aboard starships that served in dangerous situations. As a result she aquired a unique knowledge of alien cultures and customs, and became something of an expert in first contact type procedures. She even managed to master some Klingon customs, and some elements of the Romulan language.

During her time on Vulcan, Sylvia met and befriended a Vulcan doctor called Voltak. The same Voltak now serving as Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Expedition. When Captain Connor became anxious to have a first contact expert aboard the Expedition, Voltak suggested Sylvia; and Connor agreed although Sylvia requested to be posted aboard the ship under the title of Psychotherapy Specialist.

Connor put through a request for Dr. Castle to be posted under the title, and she was awarded a provisional comission as a Lieutenant Commander so she could work within the chain of command of a military vessel.

A tall, beautiful woman; Sylvia has golden blonde hair that she keeps cut above her shoulders. Despite her acting comission, she seldome wears a Starfleet uniform. Instead she will often wear civilian clothes, or an enlisted crewman's jumpsuit, which she feels is more functional than the skirted uniform of a female officer.

Having been aquainted with Voltak for well over a decade, Sylvia fell in love with the stoic Vulcan not long after meeting him. But, he was married at the time, and she made no overture towards an affair. Now that Voltak is widowed, Sylvia is interested in having a relationship with the Vulcan. She is still in love with him. But she does not know if he shares her feelings, or would find the idea of a romantic relationship logical.

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