Samuel "Sam" Fogarty

NAME Samuel Preston Fogarty
BIRTHDATE February 12, 2363
BIRTHPLACE aboard the USS Excalibur
HEIGHT 5' 9"
WEIGHT 162 #
HAIR Dark brown
EYES Brown
LANGUAGES Federation Standard (English, spoken with a British accent). A few phrases in Vulcan and Klingon. Functional in Betazoid.
HOBBIES Linguistic studies. Swimming. Playing guitar & singing. Martial Arts. Yoga.

2381 - 2387: Federation Starfleet Academy
2387 - 2389: University of Betazed (Psychology degree)

2389 - pres.: USS Pioneer (Counselor) - Ensign




The oldest child, and only son of Starfleet Intel operative, Jessica Fogarty. Samuel, or Sam as he has been known for as long as he can remember, was born aboard the Ambassador class starship, the USS Excalibur. His father, Preston Fogarty, was serving as a flight control officer aboard the ship at the time, and his mother was posted there as a science officer.

Four years later, the family was living aboard the USS Enterprise-D. And Sam's younger sister, Michelle, was born. When Michelle was only a few months old, Jessica and Preston Fogarty were transfered, along with their children, to the USS Farragut; a Nebula class ship.

It wasn't long after the transfer, that Preston Fogarty was killed. In what appeared to be a shuttle-pod explosion explained away as an accident. But, shortly after his father's death Sam's mother was approached by operative of Starfleet Intelligence who told her her husband had been murdered by factions connected to the Romulan Tal Shiar. And that she and her children could be targeted in follow-up attacks. Jessica Fogarty agreed to work with SI to find the people responsible for killing her husband, and to protect her children.


And so, one of Starfleet's best science officers became an agent, and later liaison officer with Starfleet Intelligence. The dangerous nature of her job made it necessary for her to place her children in an environment that could guarantee their safety. Sam and Michelle were sent to live with their father's parents in England. And it was here that Sam grew up.

But he did not do so without his mother's influence. Despite her work, Jessica made sure she was in constant contact with her children, calling them on sub-space nightly, and visiting them whenever she got leave. Jessica never missed a holiday with her son and daughter, and she taught them the values that were important to her.

She taught them not to resort to violence unless there was no other choice. She taught them to respect other people, and to try and see some good in everyone, no matter how hard it seemed a thing to do.

In this way Sam grew up wanting to help others. And this inspired him to join Starfleet, as his parents had done, but to join as part of the Counselor Training program. Sam showed an instant aptitude for the work, and excelled in his training. Even though he was human and did not have the Betazoid ability to sense emotions and could not use that ability in treating patients, Sam was a natural as a counselor.

He spent his six years at the Academy under the guidence of a Betazoid teacher, who then reccomended him for a spot on the doctorate program at the University of Betazed, which had been rebuilt after the Dominion War, and was again teaching some of the finest minds in the Federation.

Sam spent two years at the University, before being graduated with a doctorate in psychology. He returned to Starfleet headquarters on Earth, to be posted to his first assignment. Although he wanted to be posted to a ship on active duty, his superiors wanted to post him at the Academy to perform council services for the cadets.

Sam was determined to serve on an active-duty ship, so he contacted his mother, who called in a favor from Admiral Weatherford. And Sam was posted to a counselling position aboard the USS Pioneer. The ship was assigned as a support vessel to Starbase Magellan in the Triangle area where Sam's mother worked as SI Liaison. And she gave the excuse that she wanted her son close to her on his first assignment.

Now Sam owed his mother a favor.

But he reported to duty aboard the Pioneer, an eager young officer ready to do whatever the position he had requested asked of him.


Sam Fogarty is a handsome young man, with an innocent face and a soft, youthful voice. He speaks with a strong British accent from growing up in England. His mother is often reminded of his father by the way he talks. But, he tends to use more British slang than Preston.

He speaks softly, and not too rapidly, though. And his voice puts his patients at ease when he counsels them.


He has dark hair which he keeps styled in a lose, close cut similar to Emo styles from Earth, in the early 21st century. And he is usually a bit stubbly, as he often forgets to shave due to the long hours he keeps. This does not detract from his boyishly handsome features, however. Including dark eyes that make him, at a distance, look Betazoid.

Sam loves the Betazoid people and their culture. He has even managed to learn some of their allusive language, which is seldom spoken aloud by the telepathic race.

Part of Sam's fascination with Betazoids comes from a chance meeting he had, his junior year as a Starfleet Cadet. Several members of Sam's cadet class took a two-month training cruise aboard the USS Legacy. And Sam met the flagship's Chief Flight Controller, Baxala Sodi. A half-Betazoid.

He fell in love with her instantly, even though she was eleven years his senior, a Lieutenant Commander, a department head, and a line officer. And for those reasons he never told her how he felt, presuming she would think he was nothing more than a silly, lovestruck kid. But as far as he was concerned it was love. And it set off, in Sam, a fascination with the Betazoid people that lead to his attending the doctorate program on their homeworld.

He still carries a torch for Baxala. And it was partly out of wanting a better chance at seeing her again that he requested assignment aboard a starship. When his mother wangled the assignment for him, he was overjoyed to find he would be stationed near Starbase Magellan. Not only would he be close to his mother, but Magellan was the Legacy's home port. There was a good chance he would see 'Commander Sodi again. And even if nothing ever happened between them, he might get a chance to know her better.

In the meantime, Sam performs his duties, and he des a good job of it too. He is a natural counselor; easy-going, friendly, and relaxed. Patients find it easy to open up to him. And he has a playful side. He loves to sing, and plays a guitar. He has also studied some Martial Arts, mostly on the insistence of his mother, who values the ability for her children to defend themselves.

Sam's sister, Michelle, has also completed her studies at Starfleet Academy. She is awaiting posting on her first assignment as a Flight Control officer.

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