Rank: Lieutenant (junior grade)
Species: Argellian
Height: 5' 2" - Weight: 124#
Birthdate: June 6, 2245
Birthplace: Argellius II

Young, and vibrant, Communications Officer Sakari lives up to the reputation of her people. Openly hedonistic, Sakari goes nude when off duty, wearing a robe when outside her quarters or when she has company. And she is not above indulging herself in carnal pleasures, just to pass the time. Also true to her Argelian heritage, Sakari is gentle and very pacifistic.

She abhores violence and will do whatever she has to do to avoid it. Although, she has thus far not allowed either her pacifistic beliefs or her loose lifestyle to interfere with her duties.

One of only a few Argelians in Starfleet, Sakari is the first to achieve a department chief's position aboard a major starship. Her skills, not only in communications but in dealing with alien cultures made her a valuable choice for Captain Connor's command team, even though the young officer had only just been promoted from the rank of Ensign.

Aboard the ship, Sakari's job is easy enough, but she loves to take chances and often requests to join landing parties. Especially when there is an element of danger involved. Just because she comes from a peace loving culture doesn't mean she isn't something of a thrill seeker. Though she prefers her thrills to be more along the lines of what one experiences at an amusement park.

And she simply cannot say no to men, or to women for that matter.

A small, muscular woman with a compact, shapely figure, Sakari turns many a head in her short-skirted uniform. And she is well aware of her effects on her male crewmates.

True to Argellian custom, Sakari is very social and friendly. She has many friends among the crew, and especially among the command staff. But, she counts Lieutenant Sakai, the security chief, as her closest. Whether or not they have been intimate is anyone's guess, but knowing Sakari it is very likely.

One thing that is not largely known about Sakari- she is an Argellian Empath. And she posesses the rare psychic abilities of the ancient Argelian women.

Very few Argellians now have this ability, and Sakari does not use it unless she has to. But it does give her an edge in dealing with alien species. Her ability to pick up on feelings, and emotions makes her something of a walking universal translator. What she cannot pick up on in words, she can usually feel, or detect through body language.

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