Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Species: Vulcan
Height: 6'0" Weight: 143#
Birthdate: October 1, 2248
Birthplace: Raal province, Vulcan

The daughter of a Vulcan diplomat. Saaveth is the second child of Solchang, and was born in the Vulcan statesman's mansion on the coast of the Voroth Sea. She was raised in the lap of luxury; at least by Vulcan standards. Solchang being a Vulcan who would allow himself as much luxury, wealth, and splendour as seemed logical given his position and social status.

Saaveth grew up with the finest education available to a young woman on Vulcan. She was also bonded, early in life, to a Vulcan man called Tuvis. But, her bondmate died during the Rite of Tal'oth. And Saaveth has never taken another mate. She concentrated on her studies, and became one of the best students on Vulcan, receiving several awards as well as a scholarship to attend Starfleet Academy.

At first, Solchang objected to the idea of Saaveth serving in a mixed-military an interacting with non-Vulcans. But, he was also guided by logic, and it was the logical thing to do - to allow his daughter to excel where she was most capable of doing so. And Saaveth desired to join Starfleet. So, it was logical to conclude she would apply herself and succeed. So, it was logical for Solchang to give her his blessing.

Saaveth was a good student at the Academy, and although she found the courses more challenging than she had anticipated, she graduated with a respectable grade and was soon given her first posting, aboard a starbase. She served there, as a science officer before being transferred to her first posting as a communications officer. This lead to her assignment aboard the USS Brisbane, under Captain McGregor.

Here she became very close with the captain, eventually falling in love with him. Though she would not allow her feelings to be shown openly. McGregor came to rely on Saaveth as a voice of reason within his crew, and when he was given command of the Excelsior class USS Armidale, he requested several of the Brisbane's senior staff to be transferred to the new command. Saaveth was among them.

Despite some rough moments aboard the Brisbane, including a feud with a fellow officer - Commander Duchesne - who was serving as acting Executive Officer at the time; Saaveth had earned the rank of Lieutenant Commander by the time of her transfer to the Armidale. She assisted McGregor in finding people to replace some of the Brisbane officers who had not transfered to the new command, and was personally responsible for recruiting Jacob Kaplan for the position of the Armidale's chief of engineering.

Not only does Saaveth serve as the Armidale's chief communications officer, but also as the ship's second officer due to her rank and bridge position.

Saaveth is a stoic, quiet woman. She maintains the Vulcan demeanour of logic over emotions in her outward behaviour as well as her actions. But, inside she is a very passionate woman with deep feelings for her friends, her duty, and especially her captain. These feelings have not gone completely unexpressed. McGregor is aware of Saaveth's feelings for him, and he feels the same about her, but for the sake of professionalism they have decided not to pursue a relationship. At least not openly.

Saaveth - or Saavy, as Commander Doyle is fond of calling her - is one of Starfleet's best communications officers, a skilled scientist, and a command-capable officer who is likely to command her own starship in the future.

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