Ruth Basquiat

NAME Ruth Elspeth Basquiat
NICKNAME Ruthy, El, Ellie
BIRTHDATE October 19, 2340
BIRTHPLACE Sangre Grande, Trinidad
HEIGHT 5' 4"
WEIGHT 129 #
HAIR Black
EYES Dark brown
LANGUAGES Federation Standard/English, Spanish, Portugese, Klingon, some Bajoran, and functional phrases in Vulcan
HOBBIES Anything athletic- esp. swimming, tennis, mountain climbing, and horseback riding. Ancient Terran Naval history. Archaeology, and anicent languages. Starship flight and weapon technology.

2358-2362: Federation Starfleet Academy, San Francisco [Earth]

2362-2364: Shuttle Pilot, USS Brisbane [Ensign]
2364-2365: Shuttle Pilot, USS Galaxy [Ensign]
2365-2367: Flight Control Officer, USS Galaxy [Lieutenant, jg]
2367-2367: Flight Control Officer, USS Galaxy [Lieutenant]
2367-2369: Assistant Chief Flight Controller, USS Lexington-D [Lieutenant]
2369-2372: Chief Flight Controller, USS Lexington-D [Lieutenant]
2372-2374: Chief Flight Controller, USS Lexington-D [Lt. Commander]
2374-2384: Executive Officer, USS Lexington-E [Commander]
2384-pres.: Commanding Officer, USS Pioneer [Captain]

2366 - Grankite Order of Merit for Courage Under Fire
2372 - 10 year Dedicated Service Medal
2374 - Federation Legion of Merit for Courage above and beyond the call of duty
2375 - Dominion War Campaign Ribbon
2375 - Betazed Liberation Campaign Ribbon
2380 - Medal of Honor
2382 - 20 year Dedicated Service Medal

2360 - a citation was placed in Cadet Basquiat's record for fighting when she and two members of her quad were involved in an altercation with a group of Marine trainees.


The youngest of three children, Ruth Basquiat grew up on the island of Trinidad. Her father was a respected archaeologist and anthropologist from Haiti who had taught at Starfleet Academy for several years before Ruth was born.

From an early age, Ruth showed an affinity for flight. She was a champion hang-glider at 14, and had already soloed in an atmospheric glidecraft by the time she was 16. She also showed a remarkable skill at making repairs on motorized and non-motorized flying craft and even worked in garage repairing hovercrafts and low-altitude atmospheric flyers during her senior year in high school.

At the same time, Ruth submitted her application to Starfleet Academy. Her father had reccomended a career in Starfleet, since Ruth had such a natural skill as a pilot. He felt her talents would be put to good use as a shuttle pilot. And he had a great respect for Starfleet, as well as several friends serving as Starfleet officers.

Ruth had no trouble getting into the Academy straight out of high school. And she found herself in one of the most prominent and talked about quads in the Academy that year. Among her classmates that year was a Klingon cadet called Worf, and a young Trill training in the science department, named Jadzia.

Ruth had an exciting time at the Academy; she made several friends and even a few enemies. On one occasion she and some of her quadmates were even involved in a brawl with a group of Marine trainees after one of the Marines made the remark that "regular fleet" always needed the Marines to "save their asses".

A permanent citation was placed in her record as a result of the fight, but that didn't stop her from graduating at the top of her class in navigation and flight control. And with the highest ranking of her class, and the third highest ranking in the past 25 years at the academy, it was easy for Ruth to manage a good posting straight from graduation.

Her first assignment suited her just fine- shuttle pilot aboard the long range explorer Brisbane. Ruth loved flying shuttles, and smaller craft. And she did just that for two years aboard the Brisbane before being transfered to the USS Galaxy under Captain Shoak. Ruth would spend the next three years aboard the Galaxy, and reach the rank grade of full lieutenant under the Vulcan captain.

During her tenure aboard the Galaxy she was also awarded the Grankite Order of Merit for Courage Under Fire during a rescue mission.

Ruth took a shuttle pod into Tzenkethi space to retriev a civilian scientist and his entourage, who's transport had crashed on a hostile planetoid. She dodged Tzenkethi patrols going in and out, and by the time her shuttle was docked aboard the Galaxy it was in pretty bad shape. But, Ruth brought the science team in safe and sound.


In 2367, Rith was transferred to serve as second in command of the flight control department aboard another Galaxy class ship, the USS Lexington, designation D. Now a full lieutenant, Ruth served at the position for two years, until the Lexington's head of flight control was assigned to take charge of the flight tests during the shakedown cruise of the USS Intrepid.

Ruth became chief flight controller of the USS Lexington in 2379, four months before Captain Michael Grant took command of the vessel. Ruth and Grant took to each other immediately, and Ruth became one of several officers he would go on to serve under Grant in one capacity or another for the majority of their Starfleet careers.

After five years with Ruth at the helm, the Lexington-D was nearly destroyed in a pitched battle with a Cardassian warship. The badly damaged Galaxy class ship was barely able to limp home with it's crew compliment intact. In the aftermath of the Lexington being put into drydock, Ruth was offered her first command.

But, when she heard that Grant was going to be taking on a new command, and that the Lexington's XO, Commander Oliphant, was taking command of the USS Challenger, Ruth decided to accept an offer to serve as Grant's new first officer, rather than take on the responsibilities of command at that point in her career.

Michael Grant received command of a new Sovereign class ship, the USS Lexington-E, with Commander Ruth Basquiat as Executive Officer.

Ruth would serve the next ten years as First Officer to Michael Grant, holding the rank of commander even after Grant was promoted to Commodore in 2382. Ruth had many adventures aboard the Lexington-E, and made many friends among her officers and crew. She earned a reputation as one of the best first officers in the fleet, garnering the same type of praise from her own commanding officer that Will Riker had received from Captain Picard nearly a decade before.

The Lexington participated in three decisive battles near he end of the Dominion War, including the battle to liberate Betazed from Dominion Occupation in which Ruth commanded the Sovereign class ship while Captain Grant served as acting commander of an Avalon class ship leading the assault.

This was her first taste of starship command.

But it would be nine years before she would actually allow herself to occupy the center seat of a starship bridge full time.

In 2384, when now-Commodore Grant took command of the newly commissioned Starbase Magellan, he was given the task of assembling a crew to command the station's attached Saber class warship as a separately functioning command. Grant immediately offered the command to his former first officer.

And this time, Ruth accepted.

The ship was the USS Pioneer. A warship along the lines of a Defiant class, and yet larger, and more heavily armed. The Pioneer was also equipped with a small science lab and an upgraded sickbay fascility that would allow the ship to perform a wider range of duties including short range exploration missions or rescue operations.

After taking command of the Pioneer, Ruth followed Grant's first order and assembled the best crew she could for the mission at hand, and from the officer's available and qualified to hold command level positions. With her crew assembled, Ruth reported with the Pioneer for her duties as Commanding Officer of the first ship assigned to Starbase Magellan as a support vessel.


Ruth Basquiat is a charming woman who speaks in a soft, almost seductive tone of voice even at the height of an alert situation. She seldom looses her temper, and finds it easier and more efficient to think her way out of situations rather than fight. But she is also an excellent military commander and can think equally well as a strategist or a diplomat depending on the situation.

As first officer aboard the Lexington, she developed many close friendships with her crewmates. Probably the closest of these was with T'Prel, the Vulcan operations manager, or Commander Visarga, the Arcturian chief of engineering.

As commanding officer of the USS Pioneer, Ruth is inspiring equal loyalty among her crew. And her relaxed command style makes it easy for officers and crewmen alike to go to her with any problems they may have. Her relationship with her own first officer, the Vulcan Sovar, is one of reliance and professionalism.

Ruth Basquiat is a very attractive woman in her mid 40s, with the dark skin of her mother's African heritage. She speaks with a slight accent indicative of her Trinidadian upbringing that, when she is speaking calmly sounds like a distinct, vaguely British accent. But when she becomes excited or angry, her accent can thicken to where it sounds more like a Jamaican brogue.

She is of average height, with a slightly stocky build- muscular, and athletic, and yet feminine enough to turn a glance. She seldom wears any jewelry, and definitely not with her uniform. And she quite often does not wear makeup. Her hair is usually pinned up or kept short, but she has worn it in medium length dreadlocks in recent years.

Ruth has a tatoo of a curved saber with a handle shaped like a bat with partially extended wings tatooed on the outside of her right thigh, extending from her waist down the top quarter of her thigh.

She also has a long, white scar on the left side of her lower abdomen, from a knife wound she received during the Dominion War.


Ruth does not trust politicians, and people in that sort of position of power. She is very outspoken when she takes a position on an issue, and will always take the more liberal, broadminded view. She has no tolerance of prejudice, and becomes visibly angry at signs of sexism. She may have sacrificed a chance for a family of her own for the sake of her career, but she is happy with that decision. And she considders Starfleet to be her family beyond the family she has back in Trinidad.

Her father is actually very proud of her decision and has told her on several occasions that he is glad she chose to persue a Starfleet career on his advice rather than becoming a wife and mother.

Nevertheless, Ruth has had some very involved romantic relationships in her day, including a lengthy romance with the man who preceded her as the Lexington's first officer. But her most emotionally involved relationship was with the science officer, Isaac Foley; now a full commander serving aboard the Legacy.

Ruth dated Foley off and on for nearly a decade, and though they have broken off the romantic relationship she and Foley remain close and she considders Isaac a good friend.

But even in the position of starship captain, which is often seen as socially unapproachable, Ruth is not lonely. She has the constant companionship of a dog named Bowler, a Terran Boxer, who was a gift to her from Michael Grant.

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