Dr. René Pasquale

NAME: René François Pasquale
SEX: Male
BIRTHDATE: December 3, 2343
BIRTHPLACE: Paris, France [Earth]
HEIGHT: 5' 11"
WEIGHT: 168#
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Blue
LANGUAGES: French, English, Klingon, Romulan, Betazoid, Italian
HOBBIES: Hieroglyphic languages. Wine. Wine making. Terran automobiles (esp. European models from the 1960s). Terran cinema (esp. French and Italian films). Dogs. Women. Klingon fighting arts.

Father: Dr. Jean-Paul Pasquale (Noted Archaeologist and linguist. Semi-retired. One taught at Starfleet Academy.
Mother: Dr. Marie Dombasle Pasquale (Archaeologist and historian. Killed in an excavation cave in, in 2366).
Brother: Dr. Marcel Pasquale (Civilian neurosurgeon with the Central Hospital in Paris, France).

2362 - 2364: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco [Earth] - Science, Tactical, Command.
2365 - 2369: University of Sydney, Australia [Earth] - Arcaheology, History, Linguistics.

2369 - 2372: Archaeologist, working in the field
2372 - 2374: Starfleet Academy; Civilian instructor (Archaeology. Alien languages)
2374 - 2381: Archaeologist, working in the field
2381 - pres.: Civilian scientific consultant (Archaeology, Alien languages, Alien technology), USS Legacy-A [Provisional rank: Lieutenant]

2362 - Commendation for Original Thinking awarded during his first year at Starfleet Academy.
2369 - Awarded a doctorate in Archaeology from the University of Sydney, Sydney Australia, Earth.
2381 - Commissioned an acting Lieutenant in Starfleet, by Captain John Northcote; Stardate 58804.7

Although a civilian, René has been given what could be described as several "unofficial reprimands" during the few times he has worked aboard a Federation starship in his career. These have, for the most part, covered drunken or disorderly conduct or an attitude towards figures of authority that would be listed as insubordinate in a military officer.

During his two years as a Cadet at Starfleet Academy, René received several disciplinary reprimands for his rambunctious conduct.

The brilliant and respected archaeologist, Dr. René Pasquale, was born in Paris, France; the oldest son of two other renowned and respected archaeologists- Dr. Jean-Paul Pasquale, and his wife, Marie. He was born in late 2343, during one of the few times his parents were actually at home, and not off on a dig someplace or on some other planet conducting research.

René's birth kept the family at home for some months, but it was not long before the Pasquale's were taking their new baby with them on digs in the Romulan neutral zone.

When René's younger brother, Marcel, was born some five years later René's parents were forced to slow down, some. And as a result, René grew up, for the most part in Paris. By the time Marcel was three, the boys were being raised by an aunt during long periods where both parents were away on archaeological expeditions.

René was a rugged, athletic boy growing up. And despite his seemingly thin, frail build he was always playing rough sports and engaging in daring and dangerous pastimes that were often considered beyond the athletic prowess of older, or stronger boys.

Despite the long periods of absence from the home for both of René's parents, René stayed close with them and grew up loving and admiring his father and mother enough to want to follow them into their profession. To this end, René submitted an application to Starfleet Academy when he was old enough. And to his own surprise, he was accepted.

But, René was too much of a free spirit, and quickly tired of the military discipline at the Academy. He left Starfleet after two years, but he left with his academic marks in good order, and with the respect of several of his professors for his ability to keep up with his work despite his disciplinary issues. During his first year at the Academy he recieved a commodation for original thinking in connection with a Xenobiology class.


After René resigned his commission as a Starfleet Cadet, he spent a year traveling and looking for some sort of direction to take his life in. He still wanted to be an archaeologist, and his primary interests were in the history and civilizations of alien worlds. He spent some time traveling with his parents and also spent several months living as a Bohemian with a painter named Diane Carswell on Risa.

After this self-imposed sabbatical, René returned to Earth, and enrolled at the University of Sydney, in Australia. His academic record from the Academy made a lot of headway towards getting René accepted to the prestigious University that was the civilian college noted for how many of it's students went on into Starfleet after graduation.

René concentrated on his studies, and tried to settle down some as far as his personal life was concerned. Especially after the death of his mother, who died in a cave-in at an expedition on the Kzinti homeworld during René's second year at the university.

René graduated from the university with a doctorate in Archaeology and ancient history. He immediately went to work with his father in the field, and he was among one of the first off world archaeological teams to study Bajor and it's ancient religious artifacts and ruins after the end of Cardassian occupation.

After three years in the field with his father, René was offered a teaching position at Starfleet Academy. After some consideration, he accepted; and he taught archaeology and alien languages to Starfleet Science Cadets for two years. One of these cadets was a half-Vulcan woman called T'Prala Marquez. The daughter of a Starfleet officer. René and T'Prala became close friends, and they even dated briefly.

But, after two years of teaching, René became restless again. He resigned his position at the Academy, and organized his own dig, anxious to return to Bajor despite the situation with the Dominion in the Alpha Quadrant.

Over the next three years René became a well-known and respected archaeologist and historian. He also aquired a reputation as a difficult and reckless man who some believed was more interested in the adventure associated with exploring alien worlds than the actual scientific discoveries that he was making.

By 2377, René had contributed several pieces of ancient Bajoran art to two Federation museums, by arrangement with the provisional Bajoran government. In 2378, René lead a dig on the Klingon world of Praxis, where he uncovered the ruins of an ancient foundary where it was believed the first Bat'leths were made. And during this period he worked as a scientific consultant and civilian scientist on three different starships, including the Enterprise-E.

In the late summer of 2381, while vacationing on Argellius, René ran into an old friend - Douglas Painter. René and Painter were at the Academy together and their mutual love of old cars and other minor vices had made them good friends. Painter mentioned that Captain Northcote, his commanding officer, was looking for a good science consultant to replace Dr. Nichole Breckman, who was going on sabbatical.

René volunteered for the job, and Painter put in a good word for him with Northcote. Northcote liked the brash, independent minded Frenchman. And, after René passed a rudimentary away team survival test, and upgraded his rating on the ship's phaser range he was given the rank of acting, or provisional lieutenant.

On Stardate 58829.4, René assumed the position of a civilian science consultant aboard the Federation flagship working alongside Dr. Phoebe Ivers.

René Pasquale is not what most people expect when they think of a scientist and former academian. He drinks, sometimes heavily, and has a reputation as something of a womanizer. He is frank and outspoken, and if he has a strong opinion about something he does not hesitate to let it be known.

His outward demeanor seems gruff at first, but he is actually a friendly, and fairly cheerful man. He can also be something of a smart-alec and has a biting, sardonic sence of humor. René is very concentrated and studious when it comes ot his work, and does not like to leave a project unfinished or a question unanswered.

He has a knack for translating ancient or alien languages with only the barest bits of data to work with, and for this reason he is a valuable asset to first contact missions and situations where a universal translator might not be available. His knowledge of written and runic languages is unparalleled.

René's history with both Doug Painter, and T'Prala Marquez, who is now serving as the Chief Engineer of the USS Legacy has helped him to fit in with the crew on short notice and he is developing a good working relationship with his collegues in and out of the science department. He enjoys working with Dr. Ivers despite the fact that they clash on several opinions. René finds it stimulating, and though he has said nothing yet, he actually finds Ivers quite attractive.


He enjoys going on away missions, and tries to position himself to get assignments that can be risky, or carry some level of danger. He is adventuresome, almost to a fault, and someone who didn't know him well might think he was suicidal given the risks he is willing to take on a mission. During the Dominion War René lived on the edge, risking capture by the Cardassian or Breen forces on several occasions for the sake of scientific discovery.

Though of average height, and trim build, René is very athletic, enjoys sports, and can be quite competitive. But, he considers it all in good fun. Aside from his love of sports, René is not a very social individual. The few friends he does have, he keeps, and they appreciate his loyalty and value his friendship highly.

Standing just under six feet, and wiry of build, René is not the handsomest of men. But he does have a certain roguish charm. A sharp featured face is decorated by a trim yet scruffy beard that he shaves off once or twice a year on a whim.

René has large, expressionful blue eyes, thin lips, and a curly mane of brown hair.

His voice is of average tenor pitch, a bit rough, and slightly accented.

He keeps his quarters in something of a messy state, and he shares the rooms with a small cairn terrier named Jacques. His quarters are sparsely decorated with various artifacts he has acquired on his various digs. A holimage of his mother sits on a shelf over the head of his bed.

All four members of René's immediate family, including René himself, hold various doctorates- both of René's parents were archaeologists and his father still pursues the science. His brother, Marcel, is a respected neurosurgeon in France who also specializes in alternate communications techniques for hearing and vocally impaired people.

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