Rose MacAllen

Name: Rose Isis MacAllen
Age: 35 (in 2388)
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 110
Race: Betaziod
Place of Birth: Victoria Palace (the house of daughter of the 3rd house of Betazed) Betazed
Langages: Betazoid, English, Romalan,Bajoran, Vulcan, Romulan
Hobbies: Singing, acting, horseback riding, meditation, dancing, writing holo-novels, reading (romantic mostly), ancient history, archaeology, fight sims

2358 - 2371
General education -University of Betazoid

2371 - 2375
Starfleet Acdemy-San Francisco
Starfleet Command College at Earth Station McKinley

Service Record:

2375 - 2376 Ensign, Science Officer - USS Yorktown

Tranfer, Ensign, Science Officer-USS Galaxy

Lt (jg), Science Officer-USS Galaxy

Lt. Commander, Science Officer-USS Galaxy

Lt. Commander, Asst. Chief Science Officer, Head of Archaeology Dept., USS Galaxy

Lt. Commander, Starfleet Command College, Earth Station McKinley

Tranfer, Lt. Commander, Chief Science Officer/Second Officer, USS Istanbul (Nova-Class)

Tranfer, Lt. Commander, Chief of Archaeology, Head of the Science Corp (backed by SFHQ), USS Galaxy-A

Tranfer, Commander, First Officer, USS Japan

Captain, Commanding Officer, USS Japan



2375-Starfleet Academy Graduation
2371-Starfleet Games Participant (Silver)-in swimming
2372-Starfleet Games Participant (Bronze)-in Swimming
2373-Starfleet Games Participant (Silver)-in swimming
2374-Starfleet Games Participant (Gold)-In Swimming
2375-Starfleet Games Participant (Gold)-In Swimming
2375-Award for best Supporting Actresses in a Holomovie as Melanie Hamilton-Wilkes in "Gone With The Wind"
2375-Award for Best Actress in a Soap Opera, as Rebecca York in "General Hospital"
2375-Outstanding Cadet (for Swimming and Acting)
2380-Sciences Award of Excellence
2385-Dedicated Service Ribbon, 10 Years


Named after her mother's favorite flower and her father's favorite mythology goddess of ancient Egypt, Rose was born September 1, 2353 to Michelle, the daughter of the 3rd house of Betazed and Betazoid Starfleet Captain Victor MacAllen. Rose' parents are very close friends to the 1st house of Betazed.

In 2361 Victor and Michelle got divorced leaving Rose feeling unloved and heart broken. Rose stayed on Betazed with her mother while she would see her father during vacations on his ship, the USS China (Galaxy-class).

In school on Betazed, her teachers said "Rose is a very good student, but she is very outspoken. She is also beautiful, smart, and has a wild side to herself."

During her vacations with her father she vowed that one day she would join Starfleet. Rose' dream came true when she past her entrance examination the first time around and enter Starfleet Academy in 2371.

Though out her Acdemy years she kept herself busy. She was part of the swim team, she was one of the best actresses on campus and one of the best singers one campus as well thanks to her singing group.

She was part of her swimming during her four years in the Starfleet Games where she won 2 gold, 2 silver and a bronze medals.
In 2375, she won two awards for her acting in "Gone With The Wind" and her chatcher of the strongwilled, ex-mob wife, vixen, Rebecca York on "General Hospital".

One fall morning she met and fell in love with a 2nd year cadet name William Smith. During the next 3 years William got very abusive with Rose. She broke up with William 6 months before graduation. William tried to get Rose to come back to him by writing letters and buying her gifts asking her to come back to him.

Being strong-willed Rose went on with her life. Two months before graduation she was raped, beaten, and left for dead in the middle of the Academy grounds. Rose' best friend and roommate, Kay Williamson, saw what happened and took her friend to the infirmary. Rose recovered from her injuries, and graduated in the top 10% of her class in 2375. One month after graduation she was stationed to the USS Yorktown as a Science officer. Two months before the war was over she found out her father was killed along with most of her Academy friends leaving Rose depressed and heart broken.

Keeping her mind on her work, Rose soon earned her first promotion on the USS Galaxy in late 2376. She was promoted to Lieutenant junior grade. In early 2377, Rose received her second promotion to full Lieutenant.

Through constant devotion and comitment to her duties, Rose received a promotion to Lieutenant Commander while serving on board the USS Galaxy.

One day around mid- 2377, Rose found out that her father, Captain Victor MacAllen, was alive after the USS Spain under the command of Captain Elizabeth "Lilbeth" Samson found some POWs still alive (the missions on where they were found is still unknown to Rose to this day)…it was a bitter sweet reunion for both father and daughter.

In 2378 after being kidnapped and raped by an old friend/crewmember from her times on the USS Yorktown by the name of Victor Wilson the young Betaziod found out she was going to have a baby.

Late in 2378, Rose gave birth to her daugther, Karyn Shinta MacAllen in sickbay on the USS Galaxy, her daughter was named after Karyn Dallas and Shinta who was both her friends and supporter all though her time on the Galaxy but sadly because of some gene that was passed down from Victor to Karyn that left her daughter unable to walk…Rose vow that somebody one way or another her beautiful daugther and heir to the 3rd house of Betazed will walk one day.

It was also the breaking point of her relationship with her mother, Lady Michelle of Betazed, who in Rose's eyes is the mother from hell!


They haven't spoken since Karyn's birth.

After her commanding officer, Robert Edward Price, left the USS Galaxy after what happen to him during his last mission on the Galaxy MacAllen though it would be a good idea to transfer and to spend her she applied to Starfleet Command College—she got in, while the Betaziod was doing her classes both her and her daughter Karyn liked on Earth Station McKinley.

It was during this time Rose was dating an Spainish/English man from England by the name of Robert Diaz —they was married in 2379 in a royal wedding in England (Non-Betaziod kind).

In 2379, after gradating from Command College, she transfer to the USS Istanbul as Chief Science Officer/Second Officer while her husband Robert was Asst. Chief Engineer..Karyn was left in the care of her Grandfather or paw paw MacAllen who is station at Starfleet HQ.

When the name USS Galaxy-A was ready for her first mission Rose was called by the name commanding officer to be posted to the Galaxy-A as part of the new Archaeology department. So along with her daughter Rose moved to Galaxy-A to start her new post..Robert stayed behind for a few more month until the Istanbul mission science mission was over.

During her first mission, Victor Wilson, came back in a very strange way….he came back as Robert Diaz, her beloved husband whom Victor killed on Starbass 113 while Diaz was waiting to be transfer to Galaxy-A.

Everything was made clear towards the end of the mission where "Robert" got very upset when Rose got to team up with an old friend of her from the old Galaxy by the name of James Lionel Corgan who is Chief of Security then started to get rough with her..before the mission ends, Victor escaped..her first mission was done, her husband was dead.

Rose got the call from SB 113 after they found Robert's body stuff behind an closet full of old uniform fixing to be recycled.

A few months after Robert's death, during Robert's funeal before it was taking back to the family plot on Betazed..Rose passed out.

Came to found out that she was going to have twins.

In late 2380, Rose gave birth to a son and a daughter whom she named James Robert Edward and Diana Elizabeth.

But time on the Galaxy-A was coming to a close for Rose.

Even though they made her part of the Corp of Science that was spear-headed by SFHQ, things wasn't the same.

Then around Thanksgiving time of 2380, she got a called from a old friend of her father's by the name of Captain Robert Spencer, who was one of the POWs that was with her father when they was found alive years earlier..he was now commanding the USS Japan.

So the Betaziod packed up her stuff and her children, and transfer to the USS Japan as their first officer.

It was there that an Bajoran Chief of Security fell in love with Rose..his name Jarad Briel.

Around 2384, Robert Spencer was made Admiral..leaving Rose the Captain's seat where she is to this day.

But the romance that Jarad Briel was dreaming about was fixing to come in full swing.

Taking an shuttlecraft to an unknown planet where the people doing have no ships of their own to make first contact the shuttlecraft got stuck in a metor-shower that made the shuttle spend out of control and crash landed on unknown- M-class planet.

It was there that their true feelings for each other came out..passion came out as well.

They was stuck on the planet for a while until the Japan with the help of their old friends, the crew of the USS Legacy-A found then and both of the return to the Japan with minor injury.

They was married on the holodeck of the USS Japan in late 2384..Admiral Price, her former commanding officer of the USS Galaxy and the man who helped her career married them.

In 2386, Victor Wilson made his return along with a few of his men including Edward Smith (who knows Leia Carson, Rose's first Officer) and Victor White (who know's Cleopatra Faal, Rose's Chief of Intell)-this was the second time they came head to head (the first time while Rose's was Captain was on the day Leia Carson was kidnapped on Risa before her wedding day to Robert Ashford)-but this time she lost a crewmember in (the mission was to free some crewmembers from a cargo ship making it way to a starbase that was full of medical supplies and food).

During the mission which made up of Rose, Jarad Briel, Leia Carson, Robert Ashford and Diana Windsors (who father is the commanding officer of the USS Indianpolis)..Diana saw that Victor was trying to attack Rose with a knife so protecting her friend and a woman who was like a second mother to her Diana shielded MacAllen with her body keeping her out of harms way..Victor and his men escaped..the prisoners was free but they payed a heavy price..the death of Diana Windsor.

To this day Rose still blames herself for Diana's death.

Personality profile:
Rose have grown up alot since her days on the Yorktown and then on the Galaxy and the Galaxy-A (as a Science Officer). She a wonderful mother to her children and a wonderful wife to Jarad Briel (just ask him and he will tell you). She very strongwilled, still love to swim, act, sing, and even writes her own stories now. Some late nights you can still see her hanging out in the science department (which is her first love).

She loves chocolate and strong coffees or teas—she love to cook as will but only on Betazed or on Earth in one of her many manor houses where there a full size kitchen.


MacAllen keeps in touch with some of her old friends from the Galaxy and even Admiral Price who is still at SFHQ with her father Admiral MacAllenshe even made new friends including the crew of the new ship, USS Indianpolisshe a true and trusted friend—she a fighter as well.

Her Royal Title as part of the 3rd House of Betazed is-Countress, her full title is Her Royal Grace, Lady Rose Isis MacAllen, Countress of Betazed, Daughter of Lady Michelle, Daughter of the 3rd House of Betazed (Countress) and Daughter of Lord Victor MacAllen son of the Daughter of the 2nd House of Betazed (Duke)
Mother: Lady Michelle MacAllen, Daughter of the 3rd House of Betazed, Countress of Betazed-living on Betazed

Father: Admiral Victor MacAllen, SFHQ, Command Section, living in SF

1st Husband: Lt (jg) Robert Diaz, Asst. Chief Enginner, USS Istanbul (Murder on SB 113)
2nd Husband: Lt. Jarad Briel, Chief Tac/Security, USS Japan

Karyn Shinta MacAllen, Oct 21, 2378, Sickbay, USS Galaxy-
James Robert Edward MacAllen, Dec 24, 2380, Sickbay, USS Galaxy-A
Diana Elizabeth MacAllen, Dec 24, 2380, Sickbay, USS Galaxy-A

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