Rosco Byron

Name: Rasco Byron
Nickname: Monkeyboy
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Virginian Minnesota, USA (Earth)
Birth-date: June 21, 2354
Height: 6ft 2in
Weight: 150
Hair: brown
Eyes: Green
Languages: Federation standard, he's picked phrases here and there from his travels
Hobbies: Archaeology, Amateur Astronomy, Wind surfing, Orbital Sky diving, Canoeing, Playing the violin, Ghost Hunting, and kick boxing.

Mother: Lynn Byron (Archaeologist)
Father: Hawke Byron (Archaeologist, D)

2360-2370, Earth standard education (Home-schooled)
2370-2373, Harvard University, Archaeology
2377-2380, Starfleet Academy, Security

Service Record:
2381-2381, Ensign, Security officer, USS Texas
2382-2383, Ensign, Security Officer, USS Atlanta
2383-2384, Lt. , Security Officer, USS Mendota


Rosco “Ross” Byron was born to Lynn and Hawke Byron. He was born in Virginia Minnesota located on earth. But he never knew much time on earth as his parents where always on the go being explorers and archaeologists. His schooling consisted of learning different cultures and languages, he wasn't really good at languages but managed to pick up a few.

Just like his parents he loved to explore however when his father was killed his mom took them back to earth to live for awhile and he attended starfleet academy. He became a security officer.

He excelled in whatever he did though he often got into trouble. After three years of service he left starfleet. He went back to being an explorer.

His ship is the Independence.



Rosco is a scoundral through and through he loves the ladies, he loves to drink and he loves to gamble.

He loves to explore new surroundings to the fullest and he makes sure he get to every nook and cranny on any planet he's on.

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