Robert Ashford

Name: Robert Ashford
Age: 42 (Jan 2, 2346)
Birth Place: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Earth
Rank: Commander/Chief Tactical Officer

Born in Vancouver, Canada in 2346 to Abgail Michaels-Ashford from Italy (who was born to English parents) who is an Engineer officer and Adam Ashford (of Canada) who was a Tactical Officer on the USS Virgin Queen while they was on a year long shore leave as they was waiting for the ship to go though major repairs to update it systems.

Robert was born into a long line of starfleet officers who like his future wife, Leia, started during Archer's time.

In 2364, Robert joined Starfleet who major in Tactica/Intell and minor in Science. It was during this years he befriended (and later becomes his worse ememy) Edward Smith.

It was during the war he fell in love with the young Leia Carson who was the daughter of his commanding officer but she left to Starfleet Medical Acdemy.

Also it was Edward Smith who betrayed him and his crew but the crew that Leia Carson (who Edwards was going to marry) was on to the ememy…after that they became rivals (for Leia) but also long life ememies.

Robert after he was saved from the POW camp a few years after the war he started to see Leia again after they was both posted on the USS Japan.

Before their wedding day on Risa, Leia was kidnapped by Edward Smith…he was hell bent on getting Leia back who was with child at the time with the help of some people including Leia's uncle and the crew of Japan.

After that both Robert and Leia got married on a beach progam on the holodeck of the USS Japan, six month after the wedding his beautiful and strongwilled wife give birth to their daughter…Leia Elizabeth Carson in the sickbay of the USS Japan.

He very loyal and friends with everybody on the Japan (he would kill or even died for them), he loves Leia with all his heart..he even loves his little daughter Leia, he would even died or kill for them.

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