Ronit Mair

SPECIES: Bajoran
GENDER: Female
BIRTHDATE: July 18, 2347
BIRTHPLACE: Dahkur Province, Bajor
HEIGHT: 5' 7"
WEIGHT: 126#
HAIR: Dark brown
EYES: Deep green
LANGUAGES: Bajoran. English. Spanish. Betazoid
HOBBIES: Bajoran history, and culture. Earth history (esp. European). Cooking. Animals (esp. small animals and pets). Painting. Hiking. Working out; doing aerobics and weight training.

Father: Ronit Asha (deceased- died at Gallitep)
Mother: Ronit Gaia (deceased- died at Gallitep)
Brother: Ronit Tain (deceased - died at Gallitep)
2 Sisters: Ronit Lia (presumed dead. Disappeared after being taken to Terok Nor). Ronit Nir (deceased- died as a member of the Bajoran Resistance)
Grandfather: Ronit Traylo (deceased- died as a member of the Bajoran Resistance)
Adopted Father: James Cameron Westlake (Terran private freighter captain. Semi-retired and living in Seattle, on Earth)
Adopted Mother: Carol Westlake (Homemaker. Living, with her husband, in Seattle)

2359 - 2365: Terran public school system, Seattle, Washington, Earth
2365 - 2367: Federation Starfleet Academy (Helm and Navigation training)
2367 - 2371: Starfleet Marine Training Center (Titan moon)- Fighter Pilot training

2371 - 2373: Fighter Pilot, USS Magellan; 2nd Lieutenant
2373 - 2374: Fighter Pilot, USS Magellan; 1st Lieutenant
2374 - 2377: Wing Commander, USS Guadalupe; 1st Lieutenant
2377 - 2378: Wing Commander, USS Yorktown; Marine Cpt.
2378 - 2379: Group Commander, USS Yorktown; Marine Cpt.
2379 - 2380: Squadron Commander, USS Yorktown; Major
2380 - pres.: Squadron Commander, USS Legacy-A; Major

2376 - Starcross
2379 - Commendation of Loyalty

2374 - Insubordination. For speaking disrespectively to a superior officer, as well as a Federation envoy.


Born into a large and successful family on Bajor, but born during the infamous Cardassian occupation of the planet, Ronit Mair saw a rough childhood. Her father was, originaly, an arms maker. And that was a profession that was seriously frowned upon by the Cardassians after they took control of the planet. A Bajoran who made his living making weapons could easily arrange to arm other Bajorans to defy Cardassian authority.

So, Mair's father, Ronit Asha, was a target of Cardassian persecution from the moment they discovered his source of livelyhood. His factories were closed down, or destroyed. And those that were closed were soon reopened under Cardassian control, with the same people who had worked there under Mair's father now working as conscripted slave labor.

Ronit Asha defied the Cardassians to the last. And it cost him. When Mair was six years old, her father, mother, and older brother, Tain were all arrested by agents of the Obsidian Order, and taken to the famous labor camp of Gallitep, where they eventually died as prisoners of the Cardassian invaders.

But, Mair's sister, Nir, the oldest of the Ronit children, was able to get herself and her sisters to safety even as her parents and brother were being arrested. It was what Mair's parents had wanted. That the girls would be spared the horrors of captivity under the Cardassians. Nir took her sisters to their grandfather's home in the Musilla province.

And then Nir left, barely old enough, to join the Resistance.

It wasn't long before violence came to the Musilla province as well. Mair's other sister, Lia, was abducted along with several other young girls and taken to the orbiting mining station, Terok Nor; presumably to be used as slave labor. Mair's grandfather, Ronit Traylo, managed to sneak Mair out of the house, and to safety. But he was too late when he went back for Lia. And it haunted the old man for the rest of his life.

He joined the Resistance actively, and took up arms in several altercations. He became a wellknown fighter, and a good leader within the Resistance cell that was now home and family for Ronit Mair. When Mair was twelve years old, Ronit Traylo was seriously wounded in a raid. He made it back to the cell's camp, but he was too badly hurt for the camp medic to save him. Before he died, he made Mair promise to leave Bajor. To get out and make a life for herself, so that at least one of the Ronit children would survive, to carry on the family line, and to remember.

Three months earlier they had received word that Ronit Nir had died on a raid on Terok Nor.

Traylo also arranged to get Mair offworld. A friend of his; a Terran freighter captain who had been supplying Klingon arms to Traylo's Resistance cell, was on Bajor the night Traylo died. and he agreed to take Mair to Earth, and raise her as his own. Mair agreed to go; reluctantly, and hesitantly at first. But it was her grandfather's dying wish.

So, Ronit Mair was adopted, and taken to Earth to live with her new foster family- the Westlakes. James, and his wife, Carol.


And aside from having to occasionaly explain her heritage, and the ridged nose that went with it to the other children in the neighborhood where she grew up, Mair found she had suddenly fallen into a happy childhood. Free of fear, and violence. She lived with the Westlakes in their home in Seattle, Washington. And she grew up into a kind, and gentle young woman.

When Mair was in high school, in Seattle, she became fascinated by Terran aviation history, and determined herself she would become a pilot, someday. And although Mair's studies usualy went the route of 20th and 21st century aircraft, it was her ambition to fly for Starfleet.

She began earning credits in high school, taking a rudimentary aircraft course. After she graduated from high school, she submitted her application to Starfleet Academy. Although she feared she would not be accepted because her academic scores weren't high enough, she was admitted to the Academy and began her training as a Starfleet cadet.

She enjoyed her time at the Academy, as it afforded her a move back to San Francisco, and a chance to spend more time with her adopted family.

In 2367, after two years at the Academy, Mair was chosen as one of a group of cadets to train with the Starfleet Marine Corp as a possible fighter pilot. The basic training program itself took over a year, and this was followed by extensive training on the Titan moon. Mair learned to fly all manner of small craft, and she also learned combat strategies and atmospheric maneuvers.

She received her comission in 2371, and was posted as a fighter pilot.

She said her goodbyes to the Westlakes, and accepted her first assignment aboard the Galaxy class USS Magellan. Her tour of duty aboard the Magellan would take her into the heart of the fighting in the Federation/Dominion War. A conflict that originated, ironicly enough, near Bajor; as the Dominion gained access to the Alpha quadrant through the Bajoran wormhole.

Mair found her assignment challenging one, but also enjoyable, as the ship was often sent to the front lines of battle. In early 2374, Mair was transfered to the USS Guadalupe, and she showed off more of her daredevil piloting style flying rescue missions. And, after serving three years aboard the Sequoia class ship as a Wing Commander, Mair was transfered to the USS Yorktown. With this transfer came a promotion to Marine Captain.

The Yorktown was an Interpid class ship, and Mair enjoyed working aboard her, despite the fact that there was only a compliment of 6 fighters aboard, and they were used strictly for patrol duties.

She was afforded a chance to visit Bajor when the Yorktown was assigned to help protect the wormhole for a period of six months in 2378. Mair tried to find any trace of her sister, Lia; but she could not.

In 2378, Ronit Mair was promoted to Group Commander aboard the Yorktown, when the ship took on a compliment of 6 more ships, bringing the totla size of the fighter squad to a full dozen. And she set about making the job her own. The Yorktown's captain was glad to have her aboard, as her style somewhat reckless style worked well in tight situations. Mair had become especially good at atmospheric flight, maneuvering shuttles or runabouts with the skill of a fighter pilot.

In 2379, Mair was promoted to Major, and assigned the position of Suadron Commander aboard the Yorktown, even though the small fighter compliment wasn't technicaly a "squadron".

And a year later she was asked to transfer once again. This time to serve as Squad Commander aboard the new USS Legacy-A; an Expedition class ship. It was a hard decision for her to make. Whether or not to accept the transfer. For the most part because she had become so close knit with the other pilots aboard the Yorktown.

Mair took a brief shoreleave to help her decide, and visited her foster family on Earth. And it was James Westlake that helped her make her final decision. He reminded her that, after all, the thing that had most influenced her to go into Starfleet was her desire to see the galaxy. And the Legacy's mission would afford her more of a chance to explore, and to see new worlds and peoples than she would have if she remained on the Yorktown.

Still reluctant, Mair reported for duty aboard the new Legacy, as the commander of a full squadron of fighters. But she has since wamred to her new ship, and her crewmates. And now she is settled in for what she hopes will be a lengthy tour of duty on one of the finest ships in Starfleet.


On the surface, Ronit Mair is a soft, girlish voice that serves to emphasize the serenity of her outward personality. But, inside, there is still some of the hunted, freightened Bajoran girl growing up with the Resistance, and hearing weapons fire in the distance, as she tried to sleep.

For all Mair knows she is the last surviving member of her family. And thusfar she has never married, nor had any children. It is an idea that has never appealed to her. Inside she fears that if she lets anyone get that close to her, that she will lose them, as she did her family on Bajor.

But, Mair does make friends with relative ease. She is open, and easy to talk to. And she makes people comfortable around her with her outgoing personality. She is also a bit flirtatious, and like her fellow pilot, Baxala Sodi, she has a wild side. Unlike Sodi, however, most of Mair's "wildness" manifests itself when she is flying.

She has been involved in a few relationships, but she has never let anything get serious enough to move from dating into marriage or family.

Mair is a top-notch pilot, and she is respected as a squad leader. She is very firm in her policy that no member of her squad should ever be left behind, or given up for dead. And this makes those serving under her feel very safe in her command. And Mair isn't unwilling to take risks with her own life. She has never ordered another pilot to face a danger she wouldn't face herself.

Mair's time on Earth has caused her to lose touch with her Bajoran faith, and she does not practice her religious beliefs as she did in her earlier life. One can still catch her refering to The Prophets on occasion, and she does wear the traditional Bajoran earring when she feels the circumstances are apropriate.

Mari's earring is a family heirloom, having been her grandfather's. She brought it with her from Bajor when she went to live with the Westlakes.

Mair has been decorated with both the Starcross and the Commendation of Loyalty for her unswerving devotion to her duty, and to the people under her command.


She does have a darker side; a result of her life on Bajor. And sometimes this comes to the surface. Especially when she is angry. But, she keeps it under tight control. The best way to make Mair's temper snap is to hurt one of her pilots, or one of her friends. She is more likely to react angrily if a friend is threatened than if she were to be threatened herself.

She isn't a vengeful person. And though she has no love for Cardassians, she tries to put thoughts of revenge, or any anger about her past behind her. The only thing that will, sometimes, pray on her mind is her desire to find out what happened to her sister, Lia.

Is Ronit Mair really the last member of her family…


Mair is a tall, attractive woman with dark hair. She wears her hair in a veriety of styles, but usualy wars it long, and pins it up, out of her face. When she does let it down it flies freely, in a mass of dark curling around her face. She has deep green eyes, full lips, and sharp, angular features.

Her voice is soft, and slightly high. She speaks in a gentle, somewhat flirtatious tone, with no accent; either Bajoran or Earth/regional. She speaks English, the standard language of the Federation, like an Earthling. Her Bajoran is still good, but a little rusty in spots.

Mair's quarters aboard ship are well furnished, and comfortable. She has managed to amass a small collection of items from her travels while aboard the Yorktown, and these, along with some traditional Bajoran tapestries and some Terran avant garde art decorate the room. Sometimes she lets her quarters go a bit sloppy, and then she has to call in a couple of crewmen to help her clean it up.

Mair can cook, and considers it a hobby. But for complicated dishes, she'll use a replicator.

She also ejoys outdoor sports, and works to keep herself in shape, lifiting weights and doing aerobics on the holodeck when her schedule permits.

Mair practices martial arts as a means of self-defense. And she does carry one scar from her youth. A small one, like a knife wound, on her back just above her left buttock.

On Stardate 59355.1 Mair submitted a design schematic for a warp capable starfighter nicknamed the Firefox project. Aproved by Colonel Baxendale, it is now Mair's responsibility to perfect the prototype.

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