Rafe Hamilton

NAME Rafael Elias Hamilton
BIRTHDATE April 21, 2341
BIRTHPLACE Chesapeak, Virginia (Earth)
HEIGHT 5' 11"
WEIGHT 199 #
HAIR Brown
EYES Dark blue
LANGUAGES Federation standard. Vulcan. Klingon. Some Russian and French. A few phrases in the native Betazoid language
HOBBIES Horse racing, and horseback riding. Playing cards, gambling, and games of chance. Blues and Jazz music. Earth history (esp. of the North American continent). Sociology, and anthorpological studies.

2359 - 2361: Oxford University (England/Earth) - Applied Astrophysics, Geology, Sociology
2361 - 2365: Federation Starfleet Academy (San Francisco/Earth) - Science, Linguistics, Shipboard operations

2365 - 2369: USS Enterprise-D - Science Officer (Ensign)
2369 - 2371: USS Odyssey - Science Officer (Lieutenant, jg)
2371 - 2372: USS Zhukov - Science Officer (Lieutenant, jg)
2372 - 2376: USS Zhukov - Chief Science Officer (Lieutenant)
2376 - 2378: USS Zhukov - Chief Science Officer (Lt. Commander)
2378 - 2380: USS Alliance - Chief Science Officer (Lt. Commander)
2380 - 2384: USS Biscane - Chief Science Officer (Lt. Commander)
2384 - pres.: Starbase Magellan - Chief Science Officer (Lt. Commander)

2370 - Combat Readiness medal
2373 - Purple Heart
2374 - Purple Heart
2375 - Federation Cross
2375 - 10 year dedicated service medal
2379 - Grankite order of Merit

2379 - A permanent reprimand was placed in Lt. Commander Hamilton's record for assaulting a crewman and behaving in a manner unbecoming an officer. The notation was placed by Captain St. John of the USS Alliance, at the insistance of Captain Richard Lasmore.

Known as Rafe for as long as he can remember, Rafael Hamilton was born to a teacher father and an artist mother who was talented in music, and dance as well as painting. He grew up with his older brother, Ben, and two younger sisters in the lush countryside of southern Virginia in the American region on Earth.

Since he was a boy, Rafe had followed his father's fascination with and respect for intellect and education. Rafe was always intrigued by the sciences. Especially astrophysics and the science surrounding the theory of time travel and infinite temporal dimensions known as temporal mechanics.

As a teenager he excelled in his school work, and showed a strong aptitude in mathematics. By the time Rafe graduated from public highschool in Virginia, he had already been accepted to Oxford University in England under a scholarship in applied astrophysics. Rafe spent two years of his three year scholarship at the venerable British institution before he made the decision that would set the course for the rest of his life.

During his second year at Oxford, Rafe spent some time studying with a group of Starfleet cadets who had decided to do some rotation classes at Oxford, rather than studying at the Vulcan Science Academy. And Rafe was immediately interested in joining Starfleet.

He deferred the final year of his scholarship into an application to Starfleet Academy with guaranteed acceptance.

Rafe studied the basics of science required to serve as a science officer aboard a starship. He also managed to develope a close circle of friends among his fellow cadets. A bit of smooth southern charm went a long way to establishing Rafe as one of the more popular cadets in his class.

After his graduation, Rafe was assigned to the USS Enterprise-D to work in the main science lab aboard the Galaxy class starship. This tour of duty lasted for four years, and Rafe held the rank of ensign for the duration. Orders for his first promotion came through shortly after he was transferredfrom the Enterprise to the USS Odyssey, another Galaxy class starship.

Rafe served as a bridge science officer aboard the Odyssey for two years before he was again transferred. This time his posting was the Ambassador class USS Zhukov. Rafe reported aboard the Zhukov as a lab technician, but within a year was working on the bridge. A promotion to full lieutenant came after nine month's service aboard the Zhukov, and within two months Rafe had assumed the postion of Chief Science Officer.

The Zhukov's previous chief of sciences reccomended Rafe for the position be she was transferred to the science lab aboard an Intrepid class starship.


Rafe served the next six years as Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Zhukov. And it was during the Dominion War that he met, and became close friends with the tactical officer, Douglas Painter. Sharing a love of card games and gambling, Rafe and Painter would keep the officers and crew of their departments entertained with weekly poker games, and betting pools between missions.

This helped to take the edge off, during the war years. And Rafe and Doug continued the practice until the Zhukov was decomissioned in 2378. By this time Rafe held the rank of Lieutenant Commander. And as soon as he was released from his assignment aboard the USS Zhukov, he was reccomended by the Zhukov's commanding officer, Captain Marshall, for a position aboard the USS Alliance as science chief.

Captain St. John on the Alliance was glad to have such a respected officer heading up her science department, as she had just lost her own chief of sciences when the Vulcan officer took a command position aboard a smaller vessel.

It was during Rafe's term of service aboard the Alliance that he managed to get himself into some real trouble.

The Alliance was assigned to a patrol and clean up effort of the Cardassian border. But Captain St. John's real mission was to find any remnants of the Dominion's allies in the Alpha Quadrant who might be trying to rebuild their strength for a strike against Bajor, or any of the surrounding planets, including Cardassia Prime.

The Breen were the primary targets of St. John's mission.

Accompanying the Alliance on this mission was Captain Richard Lashmore. And Lashmore had brought along, as a sort of secretary, a petty officer called Bo Lance, who seemed to take great pleasure in goading Rafe about his loyalty to Starfleet, and the weakness of the Federation.

Lance talked like someone who was plotting a mutiny, and he wanted Rafe to join him. When Rafe refused, Lance started a brawl. Rafe fought back, defending himself. But, Lashmore insisted Rafe be charged as the instigator in the incident, courtmartialed, and discharged.

Although Captain St. John refused to file formal charges against Rafe for what she saw as a minor altercation provoked by Bo Lance's behaviour, she did place a formal reprimand in Rafe's personal service record. But, she assured Rafe it was the only way she could prevent Lashmore from filing courtmartial charges himself.

Rafe confided in his commanding officer what Lance had discussed with him. But, due to Lashmore's position of respect at Starlfeet Command, there was little St. John could do at the time as far as any investigation was concerned.

Rafe was transferred to the USS Biscane 3 months later.

No rank reduction was enforced, and when Rafe reported aboard the Biscane he was assigned to the position of Chief Science Officer. Captain Birdsong was aware of the incident involving Lance, and assured Rafe that he was also aware of why St. John had given him a formal reprimand, and that Birdsong's respect for St. John carried more weight in his mind than any formal reprimand could do.

Rafe was glad to serve with Birdsong and his crew, although he missed his friends on the Alliance, he knew St. John had saved his career by having him transferred.

He served aboard the Biscane for four years, passing his bridge officer's exam and making several friends among the crew. When Rafe passed the exam, however, he did not receive a promotion to the rank of full commander despite having served as a lieutenant commander for eight years.

Before Rafe had a chance to question Starfleet Command, he was transferred again. This time the request came from a close friend of St. John's - Michael Grant. The former commanding officer of the USS Lexington had been given command of a remote starbase that needed a good officer to head up her science department.

And Rafe had come highly reccomended.

He reported aboard Starbase Magellan in the fall of 2384, shortly after the newly constructed space station went opperational. And he instantly formed a rapport with his commanding officer as well as the Vulcan woman who served as chief of station opperations, Lt. Commander T'Prel.

For the moment Rafe was, again, in a comfortable position as science chief in a relatively high profile assignment. And the challenges that faced him aboard Magellan would serve as a distraction to keep Rafe from worrying that he might be at the end of the line, as far as career advancement was concerned.

But, at heart Rafe Hamilton is a scientist, after all- not a commander.

Rafe Hamilton is an easy going, congenial man with the polite manners and softspoken style of a rural Virginian. His voice is deep, but not overly so. And he speaks in a quiet monotone, often emphasizing his words with squints and twitches of the mouth. Sometimes it looks as if whatever Rafe is trying to say is an effort for him. And his peculiar style of speech causes him to stress certain words more than one migh expect.

But, no one has ever heard him raise his voice.

His general tone can often seem somewhat sarcastic, but he smoothes any rough edges this could bring to his personality with a dry sense of humor.

He does not speak with a southern accent. Just a slow, defined, and distinct monotonc pattern.

Rafe is a handsome man. He wears his brown hair at collar length, and keeps it combed back in a hairstyle reminiscent of the late 1980s, on Earth and the styles worn by the popular musicians of the day.


His own musical tastes are based in Jazz and Blues, from Earth, although he has expressed a fondness for Andorian Blues, and some Klingon folk music which is oddly similar to Terran 'rock-n-roll' of the 1980s.

Most of Rafe's life has been devoted to his career, and although he has been engaged twice he has never married. Nor does he have any children. He is close with his family, especially his brother, and he still keeps in touch with Douglas Painter, now serving as tactical chief aboard the USS Legacy-A.

Rafe could be considdered a "ladies man", but he could also be classed as a feminist with his ideals about the sexes despite his own gender. As a scientist, he tends to prefer, and even insist upon a rational explanation for even the most bizzare happenings rather than give any credence to myths and supersitions.

It's not a wonder that he makes friends with Vulcans easily enough.

But, Rafe has several friends, in and out of Starfleet. And even in the time he has served aboard the starbase he has managed to make a few new ones. One of these is Commodore Grant himself, who came to rely heavily on Rafe while the starbase was being brought on line and operational. Rafe was one of the officers in Grant's crew who were instrumental in making sure the earlier days of operations at Magellan went smoothly.

And for his efforts he earned Grant's respect. This respect has evolved into a friendship, and Grant has vowed to investigate any circumstance that might prevent Rafe from advancing in his career.

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