Ramae Denji

Name: Ramae Denji
Nickname: None
Species: Bajorin
Gender: Male
Birthdate: May 16, 2334
Birthplace: Bajor
Height: 6ft 2in
Weight 155
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Languages: Bajorin, Federation standard
Hiking, Rock Climbing, Knife throwing, Beach volley ball, (Holo suite activity),
Reading, Archery. He earned black belts in Kung fu, Karate, Judo, Sumo, Sambo, Aikido, and Taekwando. He also really enjoys the Japanese/Chinese earth culture. Earth music from the 60's,70's, 80's, and Jazz.

Mom: Japin Ramae (Art teacher, D)
Father: Zebu Ramae (Farmer, D)

2354- 2369, Standard Bajorin Education
2375 – 2378, Star Fleet Academy, San Francisco (Earth)

Service Record:
2378-2379, Ensign, Security Officer, USS Cabot
2379- 2380, Ensign, Security Officer, USS Irvine
2380- 2381, Lt., Assistant Chief of Security, USS Drumheller
2381- 2382, Lt., Assistant Chief Of Security, USS Felixstowe
2383-2384, Lt, JG, Assistant Chief Of Security, USS Felixstowe
2384 – Present , Lt. JG, Security Officer, Magellan

2379 - Purple heart
2380 - Starfleet Commendation
2382 - Merit of Valor


Ramae Denji didn't have much of a childhood. He was born on Bajor during the Cardasine occupation. The first thing he did wasn't art it was knowing how to kill a Cardasine. How to run how to hide. How to forge for food. How to help those less helpless than himself.
He joined a known Bajorin rebel camp known as Ishan Dilar. Ishan was known for his ruthlessness towards the Cardasine's.
Ramae's parents were killed early in his life; with the help of Dilar he was able to bring them revenge. He also became good with friends with a women named, Tansy Ishan.
For a number of years Ramae spent helping fix Bajor after the ruin and destruction of The Cardasines.
Ramae was determined to help his people get through this horrible time. Though Bajor was free that didn't mean the Cardasine's didn't pick on them. With the discovery of the wormhole made a whole new life for the Bajorin people.
Commander Sisko noticed the Bajorin man. He was tall well built and with a sound mind. He told him he'd make a great starfleet officer and managed to talk him into joining starfleet. Commander Sisko even thought he'd make a good Captain with his steady mind.
Denji did a crazy thing and joined Starfleet he supposed it was his way of saying thanks to the people that saved his own people. He did well at the Academy too. He excelled in sports and really liked earth martial arts. He earned black belts in Kung fu, Karate, Judo, Sumo, Sambo, Aikido, and Taekwando.
He learned them so well and so fast that he eventually started classes he'd hold two three classes a week. And created his own space a Dojo, a Japanese place of learning the arts in fighting. Sometimes he'd have up to 20 students at a time. He tried not turning anyone away.
When he was done with the Academy he had to close the Dojo. How ever whichever Assignment he was assigned too the Captain would give him his own room, for the Dojo.
2378-2379, His first assignment the Cabot went well serving under Captain Suz. This is when Denji first encountered a known bad-ass, and ruthless villian known as William Willie Katana. An Old wild El_Aurian who wrecked havoc across the Galaxy. They would often have to deal with the Villian. Who'd always seem to show up at in appropriate times.
2379 -2380, His Second assignment the USS Irvine serving under Captain Ruth Tao. This time Katana hijacked the Irvine. Though Katana and his crew got away; Ramae managed to save the ship and her Captain.
2380-2381, His third assignment the USS Drumheller serving under Captain Olin Daha.
2381-2384, his fourth assignment the USS Felixstowe he served two terms under Captain Tavion Nusk.
Ramae Denji is a unique Bajorin having survived the Cardasine Occupation he learned to better himself. Denji has a unique way of seeing people and things in a different light. Denji has a photographic memory of things; he never forgets. Thus letting him excel in his martial arts.
Denji also picked up the habit of reading once he got to the academy he didn't have much time for it on Bajor. But once he learned to read he loved it. He couldn't put a book down. He also had a knack for remembering everything he read in clear detail.
At first site Denji is a tall imposing looking Bajorin he's not your average looking Bajorin male. He's tall well over 6 ft with black intense eyes and thick black hair. He may be 50 but he defiantly looks like he's in his 30's. He has an easy going manner and makes friends surprisingly rather well. Though his intentness rather alarms people when they first meet him.
On duty Denji has a passion for justice and a selflessness to want to help others and his strong sense of right and wrong If he catches you bullying someone your thrown in the brig.


Off duty he still holds true to his passions but he's a bit more relaxed. You can often find him hanging out at the warbird's roost or at his Dojo right now he has around 15 students whom he trains 3 times week.

Just recently Denji was asked to serve on the USS Polarity, a time ship that protects time and space. He's chief of Security with the rank of Lt. Commander. Though his rank on the Magellan is a Lt. JG. It's a very unique situation. He knows it will look good on his record.

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