Species: El-Aurian
Height: 5' 2" - Weight: 113#
Birthdate: June 18, 1863
Birthplace: El-Aurian Homeworld

Quitzal is one of the quirkiest people you are ever likely to meet in the average human lifespan.

She was born Quitzalqotix Brinnal, but she has been called Quitzal for short. Even by her family, when she a very young girl. And that was a long time ago.

Born on the El-Aurian homeworld, before is was decimated by the Borg. Quitzal was the daughter of a respected, and highly regarded architect. He was also, at one point, the Mayor of Talaal, on El-Auria. She had 9 brothers and sisters. Quitzal is the seventh child born to her parents. And, apparently, she is neither the quirkiest, nor the most adventuresome one in her family.

At the age of 17, Quitzal had a severe falling out with one of her brothers. And, rather than create any more tension within her family, she left a note for her father and left home. Few species have the capabilities of space travel at this time, but somehow Quitzal managed to reach Earth. Realizing that she resembled the native humans to the point that no one could tell her from a human, she settled into a life on Earth.

She settled in England, in London, taking up a residence in the Whitechapel district, near the Royal London Hospital. She first worked as a prostitute, in London's East End. During this period in her life, she encountered the entity known as Redjac, in it's guise as Jack the Ripper. Using a blaster she had stolen from her father's desk back on El-Auria, Quitzal shot Redjac's human host before Redjac could kill her.

Thinking Quitzal was some sort of interstellar agent, due to her use of a blaster and knowledge of advanced technology; Redjac subsequently left the planet. Quitzal had put a stop to the Ripper Murders. But, Quitzal was afraid of repercussion from London law enforcement. Within a year prior, she had begun a friendship with Joseph Merrick, the famed Elephant Man.

Knowing her way around the London Hospital due to her friendship with Merrick, Quitzal forged credentials for herself, and took a job at the hospital. As a nurse. These incidents represented her first foray into illegal activity.

After Merrick died, Quitzal left the country, and went to America.

By 1900, she was in New York City. She put down roots, for a time, in Queens. She fell in love with Jewish culture and tradition. And she even cultivated a bit of a Brooklyn brogue. Six years later she was in San Francisco, working as a 21-dealer in the Paradise gambling hall. In the 1920s, she married a wealthy man; a lumber magnate, and she began to settle down. Until a riding accident put her in a hospital with paralysis.

She couldn't walk, or use her legs at all.

And even in 1924, the doctors could tell there was something not quite right about her, physically. Of course, they had no idea that she was an alien from the Beta Quadrant.

Before the doctors decided what to do with this peculiar patient, Quitzal managed to escape with the help of a fellow patient. A man who was there for treatment of a heart ailment. He took Quitzal up to his cabin in the Oregon mountains. There, she learned how to walk again, on her own. Her El-Aurian physique having a lot to do with it. Once she was fully recovered, Quitzal left for California, leaving her marriage behind. She began to wander, until a chance encounter with a law officer in New Mexico changed her life style. The lawman apparently knew or guessed that she was from another planet. He also accused her of killing a man in England.

Of course, he meant the human host of Redjac, who had been killed as soon a Redjac took up residence in his body. And Redjac had attacked Quitzal. But, she knew that she had gone to his home to kill him. That's why she went armed. He had killed her lover, Mary Jane Kelly. She guessed at who he was. And she was determined to avenge Mary. How this American law officer knew about it, or who she was she would not know for over 350 years.

In the meantime, she ran. Afraid. She went back to New York, and to Long Island. And lived there for close to thirty years. During this time, she married again, and gave birth to a daughter. The second World War on Earth broke out. And Quitzal was widowed as a result.

By the early 1970s, Quitzal had moved again. Though she was well into her adulthood, she decided to update some of education with respect to how she functioned on her adopted planet. She went to high school. It was not herd for her, with her small stature, to pass herself off as a teenager. And she enjoyed it. Though she was living alone, she lived much like a high school student of the time. She even took a job as babysitter in a suburban neighborhood in Los Angeles.

She was happy to see LA again, having lived, and worked there in 1937.

Quitzal married again. To a salesman named Stephen Portland. They had two children, and a long and happy life together. Stephen died at the age of 101. The two children lived well into the 22nd century. They were half El-Aurian. After Stephen died, Quitzal adopted the name Dolly Portland. She lived through the Eugenics Wars and it's aftermath before she found a way off the planet.

In the 22nd century, Quitzal served as a nurse aboard a J-class freighter. Later, she joined Starfleet, under the name Deborah Lynn Cohenmeier, a name she later changed to Debra Cohen. She served under both Robert April and Christopher Pike before transferring to a smaller ship. Quitzal resigned her commission some time before Stardate 7410.2.

Within a decade's time, she was working with Starfleet again. This time as a civilian scientist, an archeologist. She boarded the USS Armidale on Stardate 8454.1 with orders to investigate an ancient Vulcan monastery. She was being pursued by an El-Aurian bounty hunter named Grakta Lavas at the time. Lavas had been hired by a freighter captain intent on marrying Quitzal. With the help of Captain McGregor of the Armidale, Quitzal manages to convince Lavas that the freighter captain is insane, and dangerous.

On Stardate 41365.6, Quitzal visited the USS Exeter to see her friend, Marna; the Exeter's Medusan chief of security. While she was there, an outbreak of Plasma Plague erupted aboard the ship. Quitzal put her nursing skills to work after the Exeter's head nurse was stricken with the plague; while Dr. Reynolds worked on a cure for the pathogen.


Some six years later, on Stardate 46000.7, Quitzal was aboard the USS Venture, requesting asylum from her overbearing husband. She was pregnant and about to give birth to the son of an Orion syndicate overlord. The Orion ship engaged the Venture in battle, while Dr. Holder delivered Quitzal's baby. Using a little-known caveat in Orion law, Quitzal designated Captain Garrison the have custody of the child, as the baby was born on Garrison's ship. And the Orion captain was forced to stand down. Later, Quitzal moved to Starbase 1 to raise her son.

Once the boy was of age, Quitzal, again began to travel. By Stardate 62160.8 she was living aboard Starbase Magellan, running a casino and dance-palace. And she has been there ever since.

Quitzal has always had an adventuresome side, as long as she can remember. And her memory is pretty good. She has always been a curious girl. And sometimes it has gotten her into trouble. She loves to see what adventures she can stir up. Of course, she never went back to her home planet after she ran away. By the time she had the means to go back, the Borg had decimated El-Auria. Both of her parents had been killed, as well as two of her sisters, and a brother. As far as Quitzal knows, none of her family were assimilated.

Quitzal is a small, attractive woman with blonde hair, and big blue eyes. Like other El-Aurians, it is impossible to tell that Quitzal is not a human, at first glance. She speaks in a quiet little voice. Even if she's mad at you, she speaks in that same tiny voice. And she doesn't get mad easily or often.

Like many El-Aurians, Quitzal has a lot of odd quirks. It's a fact about El-Aurian people. They live so long, and experience so many things that they have a lot of idiosyncrasies most people don't understand. Wearing funny, oversized hats; dressing all in black; constantly checking the time on an antique pocket-watch. That sort of thing. And Quitzal is no different.

She speaks with an accent right out of Brooklyn or The Bronx, in New York City. She is a student of Orthodox Jewish culture, and even follows a Kosher diet. But she doesn't consider her self a religious person. She often wears brightly colored Japanese Kimonos. She listens to all manner of music, but she prefers Earth music from either the 1920s, or the 70s. A pop-culture jump of 50 years. She speaks several languages, but her accent always seems to pop up.

Quitzal has gone by many names in her long life, including Anna Quinn, Mary Phillips, Jana Krumpermacher, Jill Weismann, Jill Portland, Dolly Portland, Debra Cohen, Bonnie Quinn, and, finally Quitzal. The name she has gone by for over a century. When one of her sisters came to Earth to visit her, she used the name Carrie, or Karen Cohen.

Due to her long history of working with Starfleet; either as a Starfleet Nurse, or a civilian scientist, Quitzal has made many friends in Starfleet. Some, such as Charles McGregor, or Robert April have long since died. Others, such as Marna, Reina Devin, John Northcote, Michael Grant, Ruth Basquiat, and Baxala Sodi consider her a trusted friend.

Over the centuries, she has been the mother to a number of children. Usually with human men, although there have been exceptions (like the Orion pirate captain). She still has at least two children living. And she now has a teenage Bajoran girl as a ward.

Quitzal seems to have a very open-minded attitude when it comes to romance, and sexuality. She is openly bi-sexual. And she is a very romantic person. But, after so many years, and so many relationships; she has said it's not likely she'll marry again.

She runs her business, Quitzal's Casino, on Starbase Magellan; with the blessing of Commodore Grant. The Casino boasts Dabo tables, and any Terran games of chance one might wish to try their luck at. She will not tolerate cheating by any of her employees. But, she lets her bouncer, Chals Hakis, deal with that, or any other trouble that comes up. Or, she will call Security.

Quitzal's done a lot in her life. And she is likely to do a lot more before it's over.

And for Quitzalqotix Brinnal, it's not over yet !

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