Species: Soong-type Android Hybrid
Height: 5' 9" - Weight: 200#
Birthdate: Activated October 26, 2384
Birthplace: Starbase 401

In the rush to replicate the Soong-type Android, Lieutenant Commander Data, several scientists and cyberneticists attempted to build, program, and activate humanoid androids based on Doctor Soong's original design.

Though the functional Android, Omega, was still in serving aboard the USS Sheffield at the time, Data was destroyed on Stardate 61660.9. He died in the line of duty. And Starfleet was determined to build more androids as functional and useful as Data, who served Starfleet with distinction for over 40 years.

One well-known cyberneticist tapped to try his hand at designing a functioning android was Dr. Humberto Villagran. A civilian expert in field of robotics from Salamanca, Spain, on Earth. Villagran was given a grant to design the unit, and moved, by Starfleet, to superior facilities at Starbase 401. With a team of scientists at his disposal, Villagran designed his android in the span of seven months. Programming the unit took a bit longer.

One of Villagran's team named the new android "Quentin". The surname of one her college professors.

After the basic posotronic net was activated, Villagran installed most of the required programs to make Quentin a good candidate for Starfleet. He installed the required security measures and failsafes. Then he brought the android online. After some basic operating instructions; proof that the posotronic brain was working properly: Villagran allowed the new android to select several programs he desired.

The posotronic network showed some minor discrepancies. But, Vilagran did not believe it was anything to worry about.

The brain accepted programing, and function as expected. Quentin was ready to be sent to the Daystrom Institute for orientation. Here it was discovered that Quentin was missing several key program features. He was incapable of combat at any level. And there was not enough space in the android's nets for the required scientific and engineering protocols to allow Quentin to function as a bridge-officer. Starfleet had requested a "new Data". What they got was an android capable of command decisions, or to function, perhaps as a Ship's Counselor.

In the wake of the costly Dominion War, this was not what the admiralty had in mind.

Quentin was sent back to the Starbase for reprograming. This was not to Villagran's liking, as he specifically designed the android to function in a non-military capacity. As a scientist, Villagran felt it was time for Starfleet to get back to the business of exploration, rather than trying to "police the galaxy".

When Villigran went to reprogram Quentin, the android refused. Due to the ruling on the sentience of artificial life-forms on Stardate 42523.7, there was nothing Villagran, or anyone could do about it. And that was exactly what the scientist that built Quentin had hoped for. But, Quentin's posotronic net started to shut down. In an attempt to contain the malfunction, Villagran installed what he had been working on since Quentin went to Daystrom. An Emotion Chip.

The chip did forestall the cascade failure. But, there had been some damage to the brain. Some of Quentin's motor-skills were impaired. Mostly with his facial structure that mimics expressions. It was as if he had had a mild stroke. He also had difficulty controlling exactly which of the many languages he had been programmed with at any given time. As a result, Villagran deleted all languages from Quentin's memory-banks except Federation Standard, Spanish, French, Vulcan, and Klingon.

There was still a chance that Quentin would respond to the question, "what do you want to eat ?" with SoHvaD pup qaStaHvIS DapIHchugh vIneH. But it was a risk worth taking if Quentin was to function in the Alpha quadrant, and Federation society.

Quentin lived on Starbase 401, assisting Dr. Villagran for the next two years. Then Quentin decided he wanted to travel and see the universe. Or at least some of it. After making sure Quentin was able to go out into the world on his own, Villagran arranged for Quentin to take up a post as the mess-officer, and Lounge Keeper aboard the USS Cavalier.

And he's been there ever since.

He has become a fixture aboard the long-range explorer. And he has made several friends among the crew and their families.

Quentin is very close to the Captain's family. And he regularly helps Addison Ashgaar, Gia Paganelli's daughter, with her homework. Even though Addie often ends up teaching Quentin a thing, or two about people and human nature. Even though he does have the emotion chip, Quentin doesn't often understand how human emotions work.

He does a good job at his job; which is, basically keeping the crew of the Cavalier comfortable from one long mission to the next. Quentin is very good with people, due to his shortcomings. In some cases, the fact that he is not your run-of-the-mill automaton works to his advantage.

Quentin does have some problems from his emotion chip. He often behaves in a very youthful, almost child-like manner. He often makes a small, somewhat animal-like sound when his is upset. He attempts at crying. And he speaks rapidly, in a high-pitched voice. He speaks in a staccato delivery one might expect from an android or robot.

He seems to be a simple android. Not nearly as sophisticated as Data or Omega. But, he often surprises hs friends and crewmates. Even his closest friends, the Cavalier's Flight Controller, Jamion DeBarge; and the aforementioned Miss Ashgarr. The Cavalier's Chief of Engineering, Lesha, has attempted to repair his emotion chip to no avail. But, she has managed to perform a few minor upgrades.

All in all, he is still the same android he always was. But, like all lifeforms, he is growing and evolving.

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