Prudence Buchanan

Name: Prudence Buchanan
Rank: Commander
Position: Chief Counselor
Species: Human
Sex: Female
Age: 43
Birth date: August 10, 2348
Height: 5ft 6in
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Blue/Green
Federation Standard
Calligraphy, Puzzles, Reading, Wood carving, Hiking , Kite Flying, and shopping.

Mother: Naria Buchanan (D)
Father: Caleb Buchanan (D)
Cousin: Ethan Davis, Commander (Time agent)
Son: Charles "Mutt" Northcoat

2357-2358, Harvard University, Public Health
2358-2360, Betazoid University, Psychology
2360-2362, Starfleet Academy

Service Record:
2362-2362, USS Enterprise- D, (Ensign/Lt. JG, Counselor)
2363-2363, Leave of Absence, (Personal Reasons)
2366-2368, USS Event Horizon , ( Lt. Commander/ Chief Counselor)
2368-2369, Leave of Absence
2370-2372, Deep Space Nine , ( Lt. JG/Lt. Commander, Counselor)
2372-2374, USS Dawn Treader, ( Commander, Chief Counselor)
2375-2377, Leave of Absence
2377-2379, Starfleet Medical, ( Lt. Commander, Civilian Counselor)
2380- Present: Starbase Magellan, (Commander, Chief Counselor)

2371- Commendation
2379- Service Medal (For ten years)




Prudence Buchanan’s life didn't start out happy. She was born to Captain Doug Buchanan and Naria Reynolds-Buchanan. Prudence’s mother and father fought allot, eventually getting a divorce. Which did go well with Prudence she was angry at her parents for a long time. Her dad did remarry to a women named Julia Horton who had a family of her own, Prudence became close with her new sister Jennifer forming a close bond.

The young women knew she would end up in Starfleet one way or the other but as what she didn’t know. Her cousin Ethan told her she had a knack for helping people she was also a good listener when someone needed someone to talk with.

With the help of her cousin she decided to go to the Academy but after she went to college she went to several she also got accepted to Harvard University, as well as Betaziod University. She graduated both Universities with top honors.

The academy is a hard place to get into you have to be in the right mind to get in, she managed to get in the first time around, which made her parents proud. If Harvard was hard Starfleet Academy was even harder, she had to really concentrate on her classes if she wished to graduated.

There she meet Captain Tobiah Bay , a handsome Freighter captain. She meet him at a party thrown by a mutual friend of both. They started a torrid love affair which was on again off again. Though with Quin being gone all of the time their time together was often short.

Prudence was then posted to the USS Enterprise-D were she seemed to clash with the officers on the ship except for one, a promising young officer named John Northcote, whom she started dating. Things seemed to go smoothly for a time, her troubles with her father still continued and sometimes affected her work. With out a word she left the Enterprise not saying a word to John or anyone. She had gone into hiding; she had got pregnant; having a son, giving him up for adoption though she did name him Charles after her grand-father.

After she came back to Starfleet she was posted to Deep Space Nine. Even with her talents she had a hard time but found an unlikely friend with Doctor Bashire and Elim Garek, a clothing shop owner. It made her time more tolerable there since she was so fare from home, she often got home sick. Their friendships was an odd one to say the least.

She got sent out on more away missions than she did Counseling; while on an away mission she got an unknown infection, she almost died. But thanks to Dr. Bashire’s brilliant doctoring she pulled through; but the sickness left her week and with a slight limp. Something she’d never recover from, despite Julian’s effort to find something to help her. She often gets pain spasms in her legs, which often makes her unwell to work. Need less to say Prudence doesn’t go on away missions as often. Now she has to walk with a cane; some days are good, some days are bad. She takes it one day at a time.

At the request of Julian she had taken a leave of absence then she came back again this time she was requested, the USS Marauder she wished she would have been back on the Event Horizon. Something horrible happened there that she would have never for seen.

While on an away mission her and several other officers got kidnapped by the Romulans. There they were tortured by the Romulans for information on Starfleet and other things which they new nothing of.

There she formed a close friendship with Lt. William Reed a handsome officer from Williams-burg, Virginia (on earth). After a year of capture Prudence was rescued but William had died during their stay on Romulus, Ambassador Spock had helped rescue her as well as several others, handing them over to the Federation.

She staid a month at Starfleet medical over looked by Dr. Kate Pulaski. After she felt better though Dr. Pulaski wanted her to stay longer at the hospital. But Prudence wanted to go back to work. So she was posted to Starbase Magellan, a top of the art new starbase
just commissioned.



Even despite what has happened in her life Prudence has remind a friendly, relaxed, and easy going person. She has realized that holding on to her past, holding on to the things that has happened to her makes it harder for her to move on with her life.

Her time with Julian and Elim made her a more open person with her life. She had nothing to hid from anyone.

Off duty Prudence often enjoys spending time with her friends and family (when she can). She loves to read, and she recently has taken up the art of painting.

At 43 Prudence is just as beautiful as she had been when she’d been 25. She has dark curly hair and bright blue kind eyes.

She’d just recently been reunited with her true love, Tobiah Bay. Her helped her through her troubles.

Tobiah calls her Fancy Face.

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