Praxithelia Brinnal

Species: El-Aurian
Height: 5' 6" - Weight: 122#
Birthdate: August 14, 1779
Birthplace: El-Aurian Homeworld

The "big sister" of Quitzalqotix Brinnal, better known as Quitzal.

That, alone, should tell you something about this El-Aurian woman.

She travels. That's what she does. And she has been almost anywhere a person could have been, in two galaxies, in her long lifetime.

Born on the El-Aurian homeworld of El-Auria, in the El-Aurian system. Which some in Starfleet assume to have been in the Delta Quadrant. But, no El-Aurian is willing, at least at first, to let anyone know exactly where their homeworld is located. During the late 23rd century, the system was invaded by the Borg. According to second-hand accounts, the Borg swarmed through the system, and when they left, there was little or nothing left of the El-Aurian people. Those El-Aurians who managed to survive the invasion were scattered throughout the galaxy.

Praxi, as she has always been called, was not on the planet when the Borg invaded.

She survived.

She was already wandering the Milky Way. And she simply continued traveling unabated now that she had no home to go to.

Praxi visited Qo'noS before the end of hostilities between the Klingon Empire and the Federation. And rumors would have it that Praxi actually worked as an ambassador for the Empire at this time. Of course, there is also a rumour that the planet, Praxis, was named after her. Which is, of course, not true. But, true to her nature, Praxi loves to keep the rumour alive.

She loves the Klingon people as much as her sister loves humans, and their culture.

Praxi is an expert in the Klingon martial art of Mok'bara. She prefers the more passive version of the art, similar to Tai Chi and meditation to the very lethal hand-to-hand combat version. But, she can take care of herself. And anyone else who comes along.

After her stint on Qo'noS, Praxi moved to Betazed. Then Andoria. There she married an Andorian fleet-captain. And she served aboard his ship for some time as a Science officer. After the marriage broke up, Praxi moved to Earth. This was actually her second time to live among humans, on the planet they called home. The first time was in the 20th century. She went to Earth to visit her sister, Quitzal, who had exiled herself to the planet.

Quitzal was living on a commune at the time - it was 1967 - and she had taken the name Deborah Cohen, so taken was she with Jewish culture. Praxi followed her sister's example, in a light vein. She adopted the name Karen Cohen, which she later changed to Carrie. She loved living on Earth. She found work as a folk singer, living in Greenwich Village for a time.

When Quitzal left Earth, Praxi was close behind. And while Quitzy, as her sister called her, pursued a career in Starfleet, Praxi continued her wanderings. After Andoria, Qo'noS, and Betazed; she found herself again on Earth.

She was engaged to a Starfleet officer. A security officer who served aboard the USS Brisbane, and went on to his own command. Praxi was widowed when her husband died in the line of duty. Again, a rumor persisted that Praxi and the Captain had had a child. But even Quitzal has no knowledge of where, or who Praxi's child might be.

Praxi, much like her sister, is a bit of an enigma. A puzzle, inside a riddle, wrapped up in an enigma; as Praxi is fond of saying about herself.

She is an expert at martial arts, but abhors violence. She loves to sing, and play the guitar; but she doesn't do either very well. She may or may not have had children; but she behaves around children as if she is an old hand when it comes to parenting. She served in Starfleet, but there is no record of her ever attending the Academy. She speaks little phrases in many languages. But, only Klingonese, the language of the Klingon Empire, and Federation Standard (English) are well-known to her enough for her to speak them with confidence.

She loves to gamble, but she usually loses. And this has often made her life a bit more interesting as she has taken many a job to cover her debts.

Praxi was offered an Envoy's position aboard Starbase Magellan. But, she turned it down, paving the way for the Betazoid cat-burglar, Krasmira Dathi, to assume the position.

Like her sister, Praxi is bisexual. Although she seems to prefer the company of men. Calm, philosophical men. She seems to be drawn to a studious man. A scientist, or a musician, or an acolyte of a passive religion.

As mentioned previously, she has wandered two galaxies by her own admittance. One, of course, is the Milky Way. The other is assumed to be Andromeda. Praxi has mentioned the Archein several times. A species who control a massive empire in the Andromeda galaxy.

She is gregarious, and fun to be around. Easy-going, to the point of a fault. She dresses in very casual clothes reminiscent of the Hippie community on Earth in the 1960s and the early 1970s. She wears her dark hair long, and straight. She has very dark eyes, unlike her sister. And this gives Praxi a decidedly Betazoid appearance.

Although she is 80 years older than her little sister, Quitzal, Praxi looks more youthful. While Quitzal appears to be in her mid 40s by human standards, Praxi looks to be closer to 30 or 35.

She has many friends in Starfleet, including Michael Grant, John Northcote, Jean-Luc Picard, Montgomery Scott, and Deanna Troi.

Praxi loves animals. And she is often seen with a little Pomeranian dog she calls Sandulf.

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