Peter Carson

NAME: Peter Joshua Carson
BIRTHDATE: August 8, 2341
BIRTHPLACE: Roebourne, WA, Australia
HEIGHT: 6'0"
WEIGHT: 192#
HAIR: Dark brown
EYES: Grey
LANGUAGES: English, Klingon, Vulcan, Bajoran, Spanish.
HOBBIES: Hiking, Camping, Sailboating, Bartending & entertaining, Holonovels (esp. dealing with 17th cent. Terran pirates), the Saxophone, and alien wildlife.

Father - Gene Carson (deceased)
Mother - Olivia Carson (living in Perth, WA, Australia)
Brother - Eldon Carson (Australian Wildlife Services Officer)
Sisters - Jacqueline Carson (Civilian Archaeologist, often works with Starfleet). Corrine Carson DuVoe (housewife and mother)
Daughter - Dierdra Carson (lives with her father aboard the USS Legacy-A)

Public Schooling, Australia 2346-2363
Federation Starfleet Academy 2363-2367

2367-68 USS Enterprise-D, Engineer [Ensign]
2368-70 USS Enterprise-D, Engineer [Lieutenant, junior grade]
2370-71 USS Excalibur, Operations Officer [Lieutenant, junior grade]
2371-72 USS Challenger, Operations Officer [Lieutenant, junior grade]
2372-73 USS Challenger, Operations Officer [Lieutenant]
2373-75 USS Challenger, Operations Chief [Lieutenant]
2375-76 USS Monitor, Security Officer [Lieutenant]
2376-76 USS Monitor, Security Chief [Lieutenant Commander]
2376-76 USS Cavalier, Tactical Officer [Lieutenant Commander]
2376-76 USS Cavalier, Tactical Chief [Lieutenant Commander]
2377-78 USS Othello, Tactical Chief [Lieutenant Commander]
2378-78 USS Othello, Tactical Chief [Commander]
2378-78 USS Othello, Executive Officer [Commander]
2378-80 USS Legacy, Tactical Chief [Commander]
2380-81 Starfleet Marine Training Center, Titan; Tactical Instructor [Commander]
2381-pres. USS Legacy-A, Strategic Operations Officer [Commander]

2368 Distinguished Service Cross
2370 Grankite Order of Merit
2373 Purple Heart
2373 Red Crest
2374 Betazed Liberation Medal
2376 Valor Cross
2377 Purple Heart


Several minor citations for insubordination, mostly during his tenure aboard the Monitor. One mark in permanent record for insubordination, 2376, placed by Admiral Raul Colmenares. One citation in permanent record for conduct unbecoming an officer, 2374; for being drunk on duty. No rank reductions enforced, due to Carson's service record, and the condition of War with the Dominion in effect on each occasion.


Peter J. Carson was born in the small town of Roebourne, in Australia; the son of an officer of the Australian Wildlife Service, and his wife, a professional Parisis Squares player and model. Peter grew up, for the most part, by his father's side. But, his ambitions always reached beyond the Outback of Australia, and into the stars.

This didn't stop Peter from becoming something of an expert on Australian flora and fauna; as well as a practitioner of fluent Outback slang. By the time he was 12, Peter knew to recognize most of Australia's native animals; and he knew what it meant to "chuck a ewey". Even in a hoversled.

When Peter was 16 years old, his father died; a victim of an accident in an antiquated repulsorlift personel transport that killed three Wildlife Service Officers. Peter, and his mother were devastated by the news. And his mother moved the family, which included Peter, his brother Eldon, and two sisters to Cairns; where Peter finished his basic education.


Once graduated from the Australian public school system, Peter didn't miss a beat in transmitting his application to Starfleet Academy. He was accepted, and enrolled as an Engineering cadet, intent upon furthering his love of tinkering and working with machinery; a hobby had picked up hanging around the Wildlife Service Stations with his father. He would always help the repair techs keep the equipment in order.

Peter did well at the Academy, and made several friends there, both among his peers and his instructors. After graduating, he was posted aboard the USS Enterprise-D as an engineer. And a Starfleet career set to be filled with adventure and excitement was soon underway.

Within a year of his posting, Peter earned the Distinguished Service Cross, as second in command of an away team stranded on an environmentally hostile planet. The team commander, First Officer William Riker, was seriously injured during the mission; and Peter took charge of the team, and kept them and Riker alive until a rescue shuttle from the Enterprise arrived three days later.

When the Enterprise was destroyed over Veridian III, Peter was transfered to serve aboard the Excalibur under Captain Calhoun. By now he was serving in Operations, and had been promoted to Lieutenant, JG. Serving on the bridge, Peter clashed with Calhoun on several occasions and was soon transfered to the USS Challenger.

He served four years aboard the Akira class ship, and achieved the position of Operations Chief, as well as the rank of full Lieutenant. Peter was decorated three more times aboard the Challenger, and it was here that he met and befriended science officer Ricardo Colmenares. The two remained close "mates" until Colmenares's death at the hands of a Sartaaran spy aboard the USS Legacy.

During the liberation of Betazed near the end of the Dominion War, Peter served briefly as a security officer aboard the Challenger. And this lead to his transfer to the USS Monitor, in 2375, as assistant chief of security. The following year he was promoted to Chief of Security.

Around this time Peter ran afoul of Admiral Colmenares, his friend's father; who was in the process of trying to have his son removed from Sarfleet due to the younger Colmenares's "involvement" with a Romulan woman. Peter confronted the Admiral, and the result was a reprimand for insubordination. No rank reduction was enforced, however, as Admiral Colmenares was in the middle of litigations in the JAG court over charges of prejudicial conduct brought by his son.

Other than a citation for drunken and disorderly conduct, in 2374, this is the only official reprimand on Peter's record.

In late 2375, Peter was awarded the Federation Valor Cross for his actions in preventing the assassination of a Romulan envoy. A promotion soon followed, as well as a posting aboard the USS Cavalier as a senior tactical officer. In just under a year, however, the Cavalier was destroyed in battle with the Dominion's Cardassian-designed battle cruiser.

Peter was serving as Chief Tactical Officer. A position he found himself very comfortable in, as it afforded him several away team opertunities, and satisfied his adventuresome spirit. He was transferred to assume this position aboard the Nova class USS Othello nine months after the Cavalier was destroyed.

In 2378, Peter took the Bridge Officer's Exam, and after passing it received his promotion to full Commander. It was shortly thereafter that he was thrust into the position of Executive Officer, aboard the Othello. The ship's commanding officer was killed during an EVA exercise, attempting to disarm a Cardassian mine field in the Giles Asteroid Belt. The first officer took command, and Peter was field-promoted to XO.

Six month's later, Peter accepted a transfer request from Captain John Northcote to assume the duties of Chief Tactical Officer aboard the USS Legacy; the Federation's Avalon Class flagship. He reported for duty, Stardate 55617.84.

During his tenure aboard the Legacy Peter had the oppertunity to serve with his friend, Ric Colmenares, again. And it was a sore blow to him, when the young scientist was killed by a spy who had infiltrated the Legacy's crew.

When the USS Legacy was all but destroyed by a Starfleet renegade in 2380, Peter took a position as an instructor at the Marine Corp training center. He spent nearly a year teaching Marine cadets the finer points of tactical analysis, but he found it a boring tour of duty.


In 2381, after the USS Legacy-A's Strategic Operations officer, Cornella York, was transferred Captain Northcote made a personal request for Peter to be transferred to the Expedition class vessel to assume York's position. It didn't take Peter long to say yes, and he was soon aboard the Legacy-A, and serving under John Northcote again.

Stardate 58259.92: When Commander T'Prala Marquez, the Legacy-A's Chief Engineer, stepped down as second officer to concentrate on her engineering duties Captain Northcote requested Peter fill the position.

Stardate 70324.00: Due to his frequently recurring turns of "double duty" as a Starfleet Intelligent operative, Peter felt he could not be relied upon to carry out the duties of Second Officer aboard the Flag Ship. He formally requested to be relived of duties as the Legacy's third in command, while maintaining his position as the head of the ship's StratOps team. Captain Northcote agreed reluctantly. The Captain later assigned the duties of Second Officer to Lt. Commander Sodi.


Peter Carson is the type of guy most people think of when they think of the rugged Australian. He speaks with a thick Aussie accent, in a slightly rough, quiet voice. His speech is peppered with the colorful slang of his homeland. And his demeanor is just as flamboyant as his dialogue.

Peter is unashamedly adventurous, with a flair for the dramatic. And yet even in times of crisis he can assume a glib calm. He keeps his spirits up, and always has a slightly crooked smile on his face, as if to cheer his comrades when freightened or troubled.

A handsome man; Peter has taken, in recent years, to wearing his hair a bit longer than regulation, and he keeps a stubbly beard on his face even more often than he lets his hair grow out. A dimpled chin, and silver-grey eyes complete the look of the scruffy rogue.

Well trained by Starfleet, and experienced in several different positions for service aboard a starship, Peter makes a valuable engineer, opertaions officer, security officer, or tactician. But it is the challenge of the tactical position in which he feels he has found his niche.

And Peter is a gifted tactician, both in the logistics of military strategy, and in handling a ship's weapons console. He is also a skilled leader, during infantry-type action, and away missions. He would make an excellent first officer, or even a Captain; and he does have some ambition to command. But these ambitions never take precedence over his duty, or his loyalty to his commanding officer.

As a matter of fact, if asked, Peter will flatly deny he has any desire to sit in the center seat.

His has been a life of adventure.

Service in Starfleet can sometimes force the swashbuckler in anyone to the surface. But Peter finds it easy to bring out that part of himself. He even enjoys recreating seafaring adventures on the holodeck, and can often be found, when off duty, sailing with Long John Silver, or Captain Blood.



Peter does has a soft side, and is even something of a romantic when given the chance. Thus his on-and-off relationship with a Privateer named Ariel Upton, with whom he has a young daughter, Dierdra.

Dierdra lives aboard the Legacy with her father, by mutual agreement between Peter and the girl's mother. Probably a wise choice. Because even if life aboard a Starship can be frought with dangers, it is nowhere near as risky as the life of a soldier of fortune.

But Peter remains close to Ariel. They are good friends. And he has even come to her assistance, on several occasions. Once or twice teetering dangerously close to a breach of the Prime Directive to save his lover.

Peter Carson is probably the closest thing to a pirate, or a buccaneer you can find in a Starfleet uniform. But, he carries it all with good cheer, and a positive outlook. A cocky Australian swagger keeping him just a few steps from insubordination. But, he's a good officer; he sees his duty, and does it. And he earns his senior officers' respect for the lengths he will go to to accomplish a mission.

A good man to have around, fair dinkum !

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