Commander Perfecta Ross

NAME Perfecta Anne Ross
NICKNAME Perfy, Miss Perfect (never used to her face)
BIRTHDATE March 28, 2353
BIRTHPLACE Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia [Earth]
HEIGHT 5' 6"
WEIGHT 132 #
HAIR Blonde (natural)
EYES Brown
LANGUAGES Federation standard. Klingon. Vulcan. Functional in Cardassian, Andorian, some Xindi dialects, and German
HOBBIES Outdoor activities, such as hiking, mountain climbing and trail biking. Snorkling and deep diving. Studying temporal theory and quantum physics. Swimming. Terran mystery and detective fiction.

2370-2374: Federation Starfleet Academy (Flight control/Command/Tactical studies)
2377-2379: Special training for service with the Department of Temporal Investigations

2374-2376: USS Carpathia, Flight Control Officer [Ensign]
2376-2376: USS Carpathia, Flight Control Officer [Lieutenant, jg.]
2376-2377: USS October, Tactical Officer [Lieutenant, jg.]
2377: Recruited into the Department of Temporal Investigations
2379: Returned to active duty as a DTI agent [Lieutenant]
2379-2382: DTI Field Agent [Lieutenant]
2382-2385: DTI Field Agent [Lieutenant Commander]
2385-pres.: DTI Field Unit Leader [Commander]

2377 - Bronze Cluster (Courage Under Fire)


Perfecta Ross was born in Australia as an only child. The daughter of an Italian chef, and her husband, a geologist. Her name, which means flawless, or perfect in Spanish was her mother's idea. And it has caused Perfecta a bit of grief in her adult life, generating several nicknames she does not try to live up to.

Her childhood, in Australia, was a happy one. She got on well with both of her parents, but was more interested in her father's work, and in science in general. Her original ambition, by the time she was 13, was to become a scientist and perhaps serve on a starship as a science officer. Her great grandfather had been a Starfleet officer, serving under Captain James Kirk during his famous five-year mission of deep space exploration.

Somewhere between 13 and 17, when she submitted her application to Starfleet Academy, Perfecta's interest in science had given way to flying hoversleds, and reading detective novels. But, she still wanted to explore space. It was now more of an issue of adventre rather than discovery. She did manage to get accepted into the Academy, however. And she began her studies as a flight control cadet, with minors in tactical procedure and starship command.

A good student; her highest marks came in her command courses, and she passed the Kobyashi Maru test twice. This also helped her tactical scores. But, she graduated from the Academy as a flight control officer, and recieved her first posting aboard the USS Carpathia in that capacity.


Perfecta saw active duty during the Dominion War aboard the Carpathia, a medical frigate that was involved in no fewer than 57 rescue and retrival missions during the final months of the war. She served most of her time as a bridge helm officer, working the overnight shift. And her piloting skills were twice instrumental in keeping the Carpathia out of a life threatening situation.

She was promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade, for her efforts aboard the Carpathia; and served aboard her for another 3 months after receiving the promotion before being transferred to the USS October. Perfecta was also transferred to the tactical department and served as a member of the October's tactical department.

Her Academy ratings as a tactical officer had earned her the right to replace one of the October's junior weapons officers who had died in the line of duty.

Perfecta served for a little over a year aboard the October, before a very unexpected turn in her life took place. While on shore leave on Risa, she was approached by a man claiming to be a Starfleet officer, from the future, who was serving aboard a Time Ship and acting as an agent not only of Starfleet, but an organization called the Temporal Integrity Commission. The 29th century's equivalent of the Department of Temporal Investigations.

This man, who called himself Captain Arion Praetorius, and claimed to be from Alpha Centauri, offered Perfecta a position as a Time Agent. Skeptical at first, Perfecta returned to the October and tried to investigate Praetorius' claims. It was the October's commanding officer who convinced Perfecta Praetorius was legitimate. Praetorius had approached the commander of the October about offering the position to Perfecta before he met with her on Risa.

Interested in at least knowing more about this captain from the future, Perfecta went to the meeting place he had given her- a desert planet in Cardassian space -and she met with Praetorius again. She was fascinated by not only what he had to tell her, but what he was able to show her. Praetorius took her aboard his Time Ship, and into the 29th century. During this short cruise he convinced Perfecta that her skills would be a valuable asset to the DTI, and their work with his agency.

He wanted her to act as a field agent for the Department, while maintaining her comission as a Starfleet officer, as part of a program allowing Starfleet to police it's own potential for violating the time continuum inacted shortly after the end of the Dominion War.

Perfecta took Praetorius up on his offer, and was subsequently transferred to a 24th century DTI training center in the Xindi Expanse. Here she trained for two years as a Time Agent, and even travelled to different time periods aboard a Time Ship used for training purposes. After her taining period was over Perfecta went to work as a Time Agent.

The work was somewhat secretive, almost like being a field opperative for Starfleet Intelligence. And in the six years she would serve as a Starfleet DTI agent Perfecta would find herself actually travelling in time via 29th century technology on several occasions. She picked up a knack for being able to interact with people in other times, and to fit in well in other periods- especially historical Earth. And her natural skill for linguistics helped her to "borrow" the dialects of the people she was interacting with.

Perfecta became one of the best DTI field agents recruited from the 24th century. And by 2384, she had been prmoted in rank to Lieutenant Commander. Perfecta reported directly to Captain Praetorius, and he felt she was ready for her own command. In early 2385, Praetorius assigned Perfecta to command a small DTI unit working out of the newly comissioned Starbase Magellan.

The unit would consist of at least three operative, including Perfecta- all drawn from the ranks of Starfleet, and originating, temporally, in the 24th century. The unit would also be equipped with a small vessel that had been retrofitted with 29th century technology allowing it to travel in time so Perfecta's team could traverse temporal boundaries in the event of an emergency.

And, Perfecta would be promoted to the rank of full Commander.

Although she was somewhat hesitant about accepting her first command, Perfecta did so. She ws uneasy, at first, but soon warmed to her position. She assembled her own unit. And as soon as she reported aboard Starbase Magellan she went to work, investigating any temporal incrusions made by Starfleet personnel… or anyone else who somehow had the ability to travel in time.

Perfecta Ross does not like jokes about her name. Because she is not perfect and has never striven to be. As a matter of fact most of her achievements in her decade long Starfleet career have been the result very hard work and usually arrived at by the proverbial skin of one's teeth. Despite good looks, and a reasonable amount of intelligence, nothing has ever come easily for Perfecta.


But, her hard working nature has earned her a reputation for being reliable, and for being the best at what she does. Still, she has taken quite a ribbing, since childhood, for being named "perfect". And it is not something someone wants to do now, unless they want to see a sample of Perfecta's temper.

And this is something that shows it's self very seldom. Perfecta is a very cool, and collected individual. She is usually quite diplomatic, and prefers to talk her way out of a situation rather than go in waving a phaser.

Perfecta can be somewhat strict. Not necessarily as a commanding officer, but in enforcing the Temporal Prime Directive. And she will not hesitate to use her authority in this matter, even when dealing with officers of higher rank. But she is also fair in enforcing this law, and always willing to listen to any testimony before she acts.

Her actions usually result in her team travelling to the time of a temporal encursion and trying to correct whatever was altered by any other time travllers. This means Perfecta is quite often not in her office on Magellan, or even in the 24th century.

Physically, Perfecta is a very attractive young woman. She is of average height, and has a good figure. Her blonde hair is usually worn pinned up, for convinience. But, she will let it down when she's off duty. She has brown eyes, and a soft, youthful speaking voice. Over the years she has lost most of her Australian accent. Mostly this is due to her studying of different languages and dialects.

But, sometimes, when she is excited or upset a trace of her childhood brogue will come out.

When she's on duty, Perfecta is all business. But, when she's not working she does know how to have fun. She is very athletic, and enjoys outdoor sports; preferring the real outdoors to a recreation on a holodeck. She also enjoys reading, and prefers mystery novels from Earth to pass her time.

Although she loves animals, Perfecta has never kept a pet since she enterred Starfleet. She felt it would be too traumatic for a small animal if she were transferred from post to post very frequently.

For similar reasons she has never allowed herself to become seriously romantic with anyone. Her first love, one could say, is her duty.

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