Penelope Elspeth Teeger

Species: Human (Izarian)
Height: 5' 7" - Weight: 120#
Birthdate: May 12, 2375
Birthplace: aboard the USS Repulse

Penelope Teeger's parents met at Starfleet Academy. Her mother, Elspeth Fargo, was a native of the 200-year old Federation colony of Izar. Her father, John Teeger, was a human man who grew up in Colorado, on the planet Earth.

Her parents were introduced, while both were attending Starfleet Academy, by a fellow cadet - Baxala Sodi. Sodi was a member of John Teeger's quad. And she and Teeger were close friends. Elspeth, a security cadet, was in the same Advanced Self-defence class with Sodi.

John and Elspeth "hit it off" almost immediately And they married as soon as John graduated from the Academy, despite the fact that Elspeth still had a year to go before her own graduation. John, who's father was than a rear-admiral with Starfleet, arranged for Elspeth to finish her training aboard the USS Repulse, where John had been assigned as a science officer.

Elspeth finished her initial training, and took her final cadet cruise aboard the Repulse, where she was eventually assigned as a security officer. It was not long after that Elspeth announced she was pregnant with a daughter. And Penelope was born seven moths later, in the sickbay aboard the USS Repulse.

Six months later, in what would be one of the last military actions of the Dominion War, Elspeth Teeger died during a planetside defence action, protecting Federation emergency rescue workers from an attack by Breen raiders.

For the next twelve years, John Teeger would have the responsibility of raising Penelope on his own, until his own death on Minatka III in early 2388. John Teeger served with distinction as a science officer until 2385, when he was promoted to the rank of full Commander, and given a command-level posting, organizing a Federation research station on Mintaka III.

As part of his duties, Teeger was overseeing the surveying of a new observation station when a sudden rock-slide resulted in his death, as well as the deaths of 3 Mintakans. Penelope was immediately taken into custody by Federation authorities, where she was briefly placed in foster-care. A few weeks later, Penelope's foster-family was contacted by Federation authorities to inform them that arrangements had been made for Penlope's care in the event that both of her parents died.

Penelope's mother, being Izarian, had arranged for Penelope to be given over into the legal custody of a surrogate parent in the event that both she and John Teeger died. Elspeth had assumed that if such an eventuality were to occur it would be during the Dominion War. And it was an Izarian custom, and indeed, a law still enforced on Izar, and ratified by the Federation charter; that an Izarian could virtually "bequeath" the custody of his or her children to be raised by a close friend, or relative of their choosing if the parent were to die.

This law had been on the books on Izar since shortly after the Federation colony was formed, there, c. 2185; due to the harsh nature of the planet and the high mortality-rate among the colonists. And when Elspeth suggested selecting a surrogate parent for Penelope, John Teeger readily agreed, suggesting Baxala Sodi to be that surrogate.

Just over a year before his own death, John Teeger employed the services of a Cardassian litigator - Farsil Tran, who's life he had saved on Cardassia during the war; to make certain that his and Elspeth's wishes were carried out if anything did, in fact, happen to him.

Once Tran received word Teeger had been killed, he acted immediately. He located Penelope's only living relative - Teeger's father, Admiral Cornelius Clark Teeger. The Admiral refused custody of Penelope on the grounds that he was too old to give a 12 year old girl the certainty she needed. In Teeger's own words; "I might not live to see next summer myself !".

Next, Tran acted according to Izarian law. He located Baxala Sodi, informed her she had been selected to take care of Penelope, and then he made arrangements for Penelope to be transferred into Sodi's custody from the Federation foster-care system. Penelope was then transported from Earth, to Starbase Magellan where, on Stardate 65244.92, Baxala Sodi took official custody of Penelope, becoming her legal "mother".

Penelope lives with Sodi, aboard the USS Legacy, by permission of Captain Northcote.

A very friendly, outgoing, and kind-hearted young girl, Penelope has adapted remarkably well to the sudden changes in her life. Not the least of which being the loss of her father, John Teeger. She easily accepted Baxala Sodi as her "new mother". Part of this is due to the fact that Penelope never knew her real mother, and having a mother figure in her life after so long helps her to cope with her other emotions.

She is a very emotional girl. She is forthright, and speaks her mind. And she is not afraid to say what is on her mind.


After living with Baxala for several years, Penelope feels as if Sodi has always been her mother. She always calls Baxala "mom", and genuinely loves being around her. Penelope loves Baxala, very much. She always has a lot of fun around her mom, and Baxala loves being with Penelope, and being a mother to the girl. Baxala has learned a lot about parenting, and about life in general while taking care of Penelope.

The daredevil pilot has turned into one of the best parents on the USS Legacy.

Penelope also enjoys spending time playing with Baxala's pet targ, Boris. She also keeps a pet fish. A black angel fish named Derek. Her mother suggested the name. Penelope had another fish, that she named Carl (a play on fact that the fish partially the color of coral). But, Carl died late in 2390.

Penelope is a very intelligent girl, excelling in her classes at the school run by Dr. Cole's wife aboard the Legacy. She shows great promise in her scientific studies, and could easily follow in her father's footsteps as a science officer if she chooses to join Starfleet when she grows up. She also studies art under Edward Thornbird, on the Legacy; and she loves to sit in on Birol Arya's class when the flagship is docked at Starbase Magellan.

Now in High School, Penelope is just trying to enjoy life as a teenager. She also has aspirations to become a nurse.

In 2389 (on Stardate 66857.8), Penelope was abused by the officer who took Commander Carson's place aboard the Legacy while Carson was on assignment, and attached to Starfleet Intelligence.

The temporary Strategic Operations Officer, Elizabeth Dalton, slapped Penelope, and yanked her hair after accusing the girl of "sassing back" to her. When Penelope's mother confronted the Commander, she put Sodi under arrest. After Captain Northcote found out what happened, from Penelope, he ordered Sodi released immediately.

The Captain also relived Dalton of duty, and confined her to her quarters for assaulting an underage civilian.

Called "Penny" by most people, Baxala has given her the nickname, "Penny-Tee". A play, not only on her name, Penny Teeger, but on the T-shirts she often wears. Short-sleeved, or sleeveless shirts decorated with unusual sayings, abstract art, or even cartoon drawings that, during the early 21st century, were known colloquially as "Penny-Ts".

Penny's best friends onboard the Legacy are Kenny Witter, the son of Marine Lieutenant Steven Witter, and Mili Ward, daughter of Ops Officer John Ward. Her very best friend is Addison Ashgaar, the daughter of Lt. Cdr. Gia Paganelli, the Tactical Chief aboard the USS Cavalier. Paganelli is a very close friend of Penny's mother, Baxala Sodi.

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