Patrick Belfour

Species: Human
Height: 6' 1" - Weight: 193 #
Age: 36
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois

Although a starfreighter does not customarily have a scientist aboard, the Gold Coast does. And Patrick Thomas Belfour is his name. An eccentric sort of man with the mind of a genius and yet the personality of a somewhat smart alec rascal, Patrick Belfour joined the crew of the Gold Coast just before the ship was stranded in the Delta Quadrant. Under the pretense of wanting to try a new warp core enhancement he had invented, he signed onto Jack Withers vessel as a passenger. But, Patrick was actually trying to escape the secret organization known as Section 31 who wanted him incarcerated until he revealed the true nature of his experiments in the badlands near the Bajoran wormhole.

Patrick's experiments did have to do with starship propulsion, but they involved travelling through time rather than across any distance.

Patrick's invention involved applying an enhancement to the warpcoils of a starship that created a gravity well that could be manipulated with tachyon particles to create a controllable temporal warp field. And Section 31 wanted to get their hands on it and use it as a weapon of mass destruction against their perceived enemies of the Federation. And Patrick's real intentions aboard the Gold Coast were simple, if self serving- he was trying to disappear within the fragment of civilian society.

Little did he know he'd spend the next three years in the Delta Quadrant.

Jack Withers didn't trust Belfour at first when he found out that he had been sold a bill of goods as to the reason the scientist had come aboard his ship. But he warmed to the roguish Belfour after he was instrumental in making repairs on the Gold Coast after she was stranded in the Delta Quadrant. Withers actually became fond of Belfour when he learned the man was on the run from Section 31, an organization both he and John Northcote had run afoul of in the past.

Belfour became an integral part of the Gold Coast crew during their tenure in the Delta Quadrant, and he even developed a romantic relationship with the freighter's weapons officer, Alita Duran. At first they clashed at almost every meeting due to Alita's high strung temperment, and Patrick's jocular nature, but after a year they bonded and soon found themselves falling in love. And though they usually keep their relationship to themselves, it didn't take long on a small freighter for the rest of the crew to know what was going on between them.

On a personal level Patrick is an easy going guy and it's easy to get to know him. He makes friends quickly and is quick to trust, as he considers himself a good judge of character. His best friend aboard the Gold Coast is Fez, the Ferengi cargomaster. Patrick has a healthy sense of humor and outwardly seems to blow everything off as a joke, but this is his defense mechanism against hardships, and when it's called for her can be very businesslike and studious. He has an eidetic memory, and a higher IQ than most of the instructors at Starfleet Academy. He carries a degree in quantum physics from Oxford University, and also studied at the Vulcan Science Institute before taking his first work in the field as an archeologist. Patrick has worked as an archeologist, physicist, and historian, but his real love is the theory of controlled time travel and temporal mechanics.

Although he believes his timewarp generator is perfected it has never been tested on the Gold Coast, as it requires the warp field generated by a Galaxy class ship, or stronger to create the time field. Patrick keeps his device in a sealed container that is only openable by him, using a genetic key.

When the FMS Gold Coast was given a commision in the Federation Merchant Marine corps, Patrick worked to stay aboard despite the fact that the Merchant service didn't feel there was any need for a scientist on a Merchant freighter assigned to transport troops and supplies into dangerous military situations. But, Patrick made his case for the possibility of discoveries made while the ship was in uncharted or unexplored territory; discoveries that might have a military value, but could benefit from a strong scientific analysis as well.

After some negotiating between Patrick, the Merchant service brass, and Captain Withers; Patrick was allowed to remain aboard the Gold Coast as a scientist. He was awarded a warrant officer's commisions.

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