Douglas Painter

FULL NAME: Douglas Ross Painter
NICKNAME: Doug, "Doug Painful"
BIRTHDATE: August 21, 2343
BIRTHPLACE: Chicago, Illinois [Earth]
HEIGHT: 6' 1"
WEIGHT: 192 #
HAIR: Brown (greying slightly)
EYES: Brown
LANGUAGES: Federation Standard. Spanish. Italian. Bajoran
HOBBIES: Gambling, and games of chance (especially Texas Hold'em poker, or blackjack). Boating. Fishing. Jazz music. 20th century Earth aircraft and automobiles. Dogs. Earth firearms, c. 1800-2000.

Jack Painter (Father. Layabout, still living in Chicago). Ellen Painter (Mother. Whereabouts unknown). Julie Painter (Sister. Civilian scientist who occasionaly works with Starfleet. Currently on Alpha Centauri)

2360-2364 - Federation Starfleet Academy, San Francisco [Earth]

2364-2367 - Starbase 26; Security Officer (Ensign)
2367-2368 - USS Mescalare; Security Officer (Ensign)
2368-2368 - USS Mescalare; Tactical Officer (Ensign)
2368-2371 - USS Mescalare; Tactical Officer (Lieutenant, jg.)
2371-2374 - USS Zhukov; Tactical Officer (Lieutenant, jg.)
2374-2376 - USS Zhukov; Assistant Chief Tactical Officer (Lieutenant)
2376-2378 - USS Zhukov; Chief Tactical Officer (Lieutenant)
2378-2379 - USS Swansea; Chief Tactical Officer (Lieutenant)
2379-2380 - USS Swansea; Chief Tactical Officer (Lieutenant Commander)
2380-pres. - USS Legacy-A; Chief Tactical Officer (Lieutenant Commander)

2368 - Citation of Valor
2370 - Dedicated Service Medal (10 years)
2374 - Purple Heart
2375 - Purple Heart
2375 - Decoration of Gallantry
2380 - Dedicated Service Medal (20 years)

2362 - Cited for running a gambling pool in his dormitory at Starfleet Academy
2371 - Cited for gambling with visiting Wadi dignitaries, and endangering Federation/Wadi relations
2375 - Cited for insubordination, by defying the Executive Officer of the USS Zhukov's orders, and leaving the ship without authorization to rescue the Commanding Officer. No rank reduction enforced due to extenuating circumstances.


The younger of two children born to Jack and Ellen Painter in the lower-rent districts of Chicago around Maxwell street; Doug Painter grew up on the streets, and was something of a delinqent as a boy.


His father was an incorrigible drunkard, and was often free with the back of his hand to Doug, his sister, and even his mother. Ellen Painter left her husband when Doug was nine. And by the time he was thirteen, Doug understood why.

Preferring to spend his time on the streets, running with a crowd of rough boys, playing stick-ball, or just hanging out to being at home with his father; Doug became a streetwise, smartaleck teenager. But, he still wanted to get more out of his life than being Jack Painter's son could offer him.

His older sister, Julie, who had always been the smart one in the family, excelled in her academic studies. She graduated high school with high enough marks to achieve a scholarship to study at the Delthera University on Alpha Centauri. But, Doug had never been that good in school. Then he met the older brother of one of his street-tough friends, who had just graduated from Starfleet Academy. It didn't take Doug long to latch on to the idea of following this route. He was going to become a Starfleet officer.

He knew he wouldn't make it as an engineer, or a science officer. So he decided to follow the same career path as his friend's brother, and enroll as a security cadet. He finished high school with a C+ gradepoint average, but managed to gain entry to the Academy on the strength of his oral exam scores.

As a security cadet, Doug also took tactical, command, and medical triage emergency training. The latter as a secondary major in his last two years at the Academy. He graduated in the upper 35% of his class, with only one minor incident of gambling in his dormitory on his record. He proved himself otherwise to be a good cadet, and showed the makings of a fine officer, as his quad commander stated in Doug's final evaluation prior to his graduation.

Doug was a bit dissapointed in his first posting; as a security officer at Starbase 26. He had hoped for a ship, but his final scores weren't high enough to gain him a shipboard assignment. He served as a security officer, at the rank of Ensign, for three years aboard the starbase before being transfered to the Cheyenne class USS Mescalare. By now Doug had a good service record going for him, and he was up for promotion.

During his first year aboard the Mescalare, Doug served at the position of bridge weapons officer on several occasions. On the suggestion of the Mescalare's Captain, Doug transfered to the tactical department, aboard the Mescalare in early 2368. He was promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade, soon after.

Holding that rank for the next six years, Doug served aboard the Mescalare until he was transfered to the Ambassador class USS Zhukov as a tactical officer in 2371. He served out the Dominion war and it's immediate aftermath aboard the Zhukov; gaining a reputation for being a daring, adventuresome, and oftimes reckless officer who thought nothing of putting himself at risk for the completion of a mission, or for the wellbeing of his crewmates. Having already been awarded the Citation of Valour aboard the Mescalare for leading a counter attack after the ship had been boarded by Nausicaan pirates; Doug earned a second major decoration and two purple hearts during the War.

In 2375, he was awarded the Starfleet Decoration of Gallantry for saving the life of the ship's Commanding Officer, Captain Marshall, the Captain's wife, and daughter, as well as the Zhukov's Chief Science Officer. In doing so, Doug received his second purple heart, and nearly got himself courtmartialed. To rescue the Captain and his family, Doug defied a direct order from the Zhukov's first officer, Commander Gantry; stole a shuttlecraft, and took it to the surface of a hostile planet under the control of The Breen.

A formal reprimand was placed in Doug's record, alongside a commendation from Captain Marshall. And Marshall awarded Doug the Decoration of Gallantry. The Dominion war ended soon after.

Doug was now something of a hero to the Zhukov crew. He stayed aboard the ship for another three years, before accepting a position aboard the USS Swansea, a Galaxy class vessel. During his last two years aboard the Zhukov, Doug had served as Chief Tactical Officer. It was a position he would continue to hold aboard the Swansea. Promoted to full lieutenant in 2374, Doug had become a respected senior officer who was regarded as one of the top officers in his field.


It was no wonder, then, that when Starfleet Command was assembling a team to ready the new Expedition class USS Legacy-A for active duty that Doug was chosen to oversee the preps for the tactical and weapons departments. He was also assigned the task of assembling a special Combat Unit, of Marine Personel, trained in security and tactical procedure who would perform hazard duty missions aboard the Legacy, under the command of the ship's Strategic Operations Officer.

When Captain John Northcote took command of the Legacy-A in 2380, he selected Doug to serve as the ship's Chief of Tactical. Now a lieutenant commander, Doug would be one of the senior line officers aboard the ship. He accepted the position, reporting for duty as Chief Tactical Officer, Stardate 57507.71.


Doug Painter is an easygoing guy, and easy to get to know. He's accessible to his crewmates, despite rank or division, and makes it a point to make friends. He has, since his Academy days had a reputation for being something of a ladies man and several of his friends are among the crew's female members.

Having never married, Doug has always played the field. It has gotten him into trouble on a few occasions. But, so far never hurt his career. His most obvious other vice is gambling. Doug loves to play cards- especially Texas Hold'em Poker, Blackjack, or draw poker in a pinch. And he has even managed to aquire two reprimands on his record for his gambling. One, which involved the enigmatic Gamma quadrant species known as the Wadi, occured when Doug beat a Wadi captain 7 hands out of ten in hold'em poker. The Wadi accused Doug of cheating- a severe crime according to Wadi law. Doug was not cheating and he proved it. But, he also proved the Wadi was a sore loser, which bruised the captain's ego. Basicly, Doug was reprimanded for winning too much.

As a command officer, Doug listens to his staff, and tries to work with them forgoing rank for a co-operative aproach to getting their job done. He doesn't bark orders, he issues requests. And he is loose when it comes to discipline. As long as the tactical staff performs their duties Doug doesn't object to a few regs being bent.

As well as being a gambler, Doug also has a reputaiton as a con-artist, stemming largely from an incident aboard the Zhukov, when Doug tricked a Ferengi arms dealer into turning his cargo of weapons over to Captain Marshall, and revealing the name of his steadiest customer, in return for a map to a latinum mine in the Giles asteroid belt that was actually a printout of an inverted medical chart readout.

Doug's gambling reputation has also served to earn him the nickname "Doug Painful", a play on his last name. Because of his skill in hold'em poker, it can be a painful experience to play with Doug, as you are likely to lose.

But Doug is a generally nice guy, whose temper seldom comes to the surface. And when it does he deals with it, quickly. Doug isn't the type to hold a grudge, unless it could be towards his father, whom he considders to be a bum; he wont have anything to do with Jack Painter.

When not on duty, or playing poker on the holodeck, Doug can be found in his quarters listening to old Earth Jazz from the 40s and 50s. He is especially fond of Dave Brubeck, and Oscar Peterson. He also enjoys fishing and will take any opertunity, on leave, to find a good fishing spot and spend an afternoon.

Although he doesn't have a pet at the moment, Doug has always been a lover of dogs. In his own words; "If a man can love a dog, he's a better person for it. Because the dog loves you back without question. Never expecting anything in return. He does it because it's in his nature."


Still a bit of a smartaleck, Doug does his best to stay within the chain of command. He has made several friends aboard the Legacy, including the Chief Helm Officer, with whom he had a brief affair. He has also developed a close friendship with the Captain, and is working on getting the Android Ops manager to call him by his first name.


Doug dated Lieutenant Báirbre Carruth, a Flight Control officer aboard the Legacy, for over a year. Introduced by Lieutenant Commander Sodi, the Helm chief; Doug and Báirbre hit it off easily, and had a passionate affair that lasted until Báirbre was reassigned to the USS Monticello as Chief Flight Controller. They broke off their relationship amicably and still remain close friends.

A few months after Báirbre left the Legacy, Doug began assisting the Chief Engineer, Kristine McBride, in studying for her bridge officer's exam. In return, McBride lended her expertise on Doug and Sodi's Alpha Flyer project. Kristine and Doug soon became close, and they began dating shortly after Kristine passed her exam and was promoted to full commander.

Doug's relationship with Kristine was even more passionate than his affair with Báirbre. He would often cook her dinner, and they also spent a lot of time on the holodeck together. The relationship lasted for some time, before they agreed to end it, amicably; as netiher of them really desired a long-term relationship.

Recently, Doug has been dating Captain Northcote's sister, Patricia.

Doug Painter is a tall, handsome man with ruggedly attractive features; dark hair, and dark eyes that register his emotions faithfully. He is in excellent phsyical condition, and the only sign that he is now at 40 years of age are the flecks of grey in his brown hair.

He has a deep voice, speaks calmly, and with a slight rasp in his voice. He smiles often, and usualy has a kind or encouraging word for the people he works with.

On Stardate 59286.6, Starfleet Research and Developement officially aproved the prototype shuttle that Doug had been working on along with Sodi, and Kristine. Dubbed the Alpha Flyer, the prototype will now go through a series of tests aboard the Legacy before it is aproved for fleetyard production.

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