Orr'lagg V'sal

NAME Orr'lagg V'sal
SPECIES Caitian/Bolian
BIRTHDATE May 24, 2334
HEIGHT 6' 5"
WEIGHT 292 #
HAIR Blue (covers 85% of his body)
EYES Blue-green
LANGUAGES Federation Standard (Terran "English"), Caitian, Bolian, Vulcan, basic frases in Klingon.
HOBBIES Reading (esp. "classic" Earth literature). Studying technical manuals & "alien" technology. Detective stories. Mysteries. Physics, Chemistry, and "laboratory sciences".

2352-2356: Oxford University [Earth] - studying literature, and history
2358-2362: Starfleet Academy [Earth] - studying science, egineering, and command

2362-2363: USS Yeager - Science Officer [Ensign]
2363-2365: USS Yeager - Engineer [Ensign]
2365-2366: USS Yeager - Engineer [Lieutenant, jg]
2366-2370: USS Enterprise-D - Science Officer [Lieutenant, jg]
2370-2370: USS Enterprise-D - Assistant Chief Science Officer [Lieutenant]
2370-2373: USS Overture - Chief Science Officer [Lieutenant]
2373-2375: USS Overture - Assistant Chief Engineer [Lieutenant]
2375-2378: USS Overture - Chief Engineer [Lieutenant]
2378-2381: USS Galahad - Chief Engineer [Lieutenant]
2381-2384: USS Galahad - Chief Engineer [Lieutenant Commander]
2384-pres.: USS Pioneer - Chief Engineer [Lieutenant Commander]

2364 - Starfleet Cross
2370 - Purple Heart
2372 - Officer's Legion of Merit
2373 - Bronze Star
2375 - Citation of Valor
2377 - Starfleet Corps of Engineers' Award of Excellence
2379 - Commendation of Loyalty
2380 - Purple Heart
2383 - Cochrane Medal of Excellence



Orr'lagg V'Sal's father was a Bolian. A respected scientist - a physicist, astrophysicist and archaeologist (although the latter was more of a hobby). His mother was, and still is, a respected Caitian warrior. A soldier among a race dominated by pascifists. But she proved herself time and again during the ongoing conflict between the Caitians and their neighbors, the agressive Regulans; while her son was growing up on the Bolian homeworld.


V'Sal was brought up as a scientist, and raised, for the most part, by his father while his mother was away on military campaigns. But, he saw his mother whenever he could; his parents' marriage was a good one, and even though his mother was often at the front lines of battle in the Caitain/Regulan war, she would make the time to come to Bolarus and see her son every oppertunity the life of a soldier would permit her.

It was throuh his father that V'Sal became interested in Starfleet, however. Because it was through his father's contacts in the scientific community that V'Sal was able to meet the venerable Spock. And it was Spock who inspired the young V'Sal to pursue a career as a Starfleet officer.

Originally intending to become a science-officer, V'Sal jokes to this day that he gave up that ambition because the blue uniforms clashed with his unusual shade of cerulean fur. But the truth of the matter is that after his first two weeks at Starfleet Academy, big Orr'laagg, who had grown up a lot more like his mother than his father, after all; became suddenly enamoured of the study of engineering.

And he excelled in this field as if he had been born to it, even though he had had precious little experience with mechanics and applied engineering science during his early education.

Graduating near the top of his class, Orr'lagg V'Sal soon found himself posted to the USS Yeager. But, in a strange twist of fate, he was assigned as a science officer. He had received enough training in the required applied sciences (physics, astrophyics, etc.) to serve in the position. The Yeager needed a science officer. And that is what her captain asked for.

V'Sal would spend a great deal of his time in Starfleet, over the next two decades, alternating between tours of duty in science and engineering. But it was engineering he loved, and it was duty as an engineering officer he had trained for. And this is where he excelled.

He served three years as an engineer aboard the Yeager before being transferred to the Enterprise-D to serve as a science officer under Captain Picard. V'Sal found himself drawn to Picard, and he developed a strong admiration for the man. His service record aboard the Enterprise was an excellent one. And he notonly reached the rank of full lieutenant, but the position of Assistant Chief of Sciences as well.

This lead to a posting aboard the USS Overture, as a science officer. And V'Sal would serve out his tour of duty during the Dominion War on the Overture. In 2373, at the height of the conflict, V'Sal transferred to the Engineering department aboard the Overture to take over duties as assistant chief of engineering. And within two years he was serving as Chief Engineer.

This was V'Sal's first posting as a department head. And he received several accolades from his commanding officers for his performance of his duty as the Overture saw a great deal of front line action with the Dominion War drawing to a close.

His next posting was aboard the USS Galahad, where he served for the six years. He continued serving with his friend, John Northcote, who had been tactical chief, XO, and finally commanding officer aboard the Overture. Northcote was now the Captain of the USS Galahad. And V'Sal enjoyed serving with the flippant, easygoing commander.

When Northcote left the Galahad to take command of what would become the Federation's flagship, V'Sal stayed behind. And he was soon serving with the Galahad's new CO, and developing a close friendship with this man as well.

In 2384, V'Sal was offered a transfer to take the position of Chief Engineer aboard a smaller vessel - the Saber class USS Pioneer. At first he was hesitant, especially about leaving his friends on the Galahad. But, it was the heart of an explorer and adventurer that finally won out.

The Pioneer was to be posted to a frontier post - Starbase Magellan - as an escort vessel. And V'Sal knew this meant all manner of opertunity to explore in a territory little charted by the Federation. A wild and lawless frontier that could easily be the next great breeding ground for Starfleet's Finest. Officers who could uphold the Spirit of the Fleet established by the Pikes, Kirks, and Picards of history.

Orr'lagg V'Sal wanted to be there when history was made.


Orr'lagg V'Sal is an unusual sort. The product of the marriage of two very unique and somewhat unusual people- and a union one does not see too often. He is at once both gregarious, almost to a fault, and cautious. Studious, and wise, and yet reckless and playful if the mood takes him.

He is a big man, who could easily pummel an enemy within an inch of their life. But he prefers not to solve problems with his fists. Instead, he likes to reason things out. He's a thinker. A brilliant mind in the muscular, animal-like body of a Caitian warrior.


And that, in it's self is a rarity. A warlike member of a normally passive species. But, Caitians do have warriors. Especially in the Zz'mbarran caste. And that is from whence V'Sal's genetic stock comes.

But, like his Bolian father, V'Sal is a thinker. And his talent as an engineer and a scientist is only surpassed by two or three other officers serving Starfleet today.

When he is not hard at work in his engineroom aboard the Pioneer, or studying technical manuals to keep himself up to date on the latest advances; then he can usuallu be found relaxing in his quarters, reading a book. A mystery, or perhaps an ancient novel of seafaring adventure.

His favorite in that genre being the Master And Commander series, from Earth, penned in the late 20th century.

V'Sal enjoys his holodeck time, as well; although he is just as likely to be caught running an experiement as a holonovel. V'Sal does take care, however. He would never run any dangerous experiements outside the confines of a holodeck environment. The safety and wellbeing of his crewmates aboard the Pioneer is always paramount in his mind.

With his deep, resonant voice flavored with a sort of sophisticated, and yet gentle accent similar to the type encountered in New England or some regions of Great Britain on Earth; V'Sal gives the air of being the wise "elder statesman" among the Pioneer's crew.

And several of te younger officers or less experienced enlisted men and women can often be caught asking him for advice. V'Sal tries to oblige, and often gives good advice, in his own outspoken and jovial manner. But, he does not try to set himsel up as a father figure for the crew, or put his own knowledge and experience before that of the captain.

This would be no way to endear one's self to one's commanding officer, after all.

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