Owen Parker

BIRTHDATE: March 24, 2345
BIRTHPLACE: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
HEIGHT: 6' 1"
WEIGHT: 186 #
HAIR: Blonde
EYES: Blue-green
LANGUAGES: Federation Standard, Spanish, Bajoran
HOBBIES: Horseback riding. Gambling and card-playing. Holophotography. Ancient terran automobiles, and auto racing. Cooking

John Parker - Agriculturalist and farmer (Father)
Carol Parker - Meteorologist and Homemaker (Mother)
Several siblings including an older brother who is a Starfleet Captain

2362 - 2364: Starfleet Marine Training Center; Andor
2364 - 2365: Starfleet Marine Corp Flight School; Mars

2365 - 2371: Fighter pilot, Starbase Gamma Epsilon (2nd Lieutenant)
2371 - 2374: Fighter pilot, USS New Jersey (2nd Lieutenant)
2374 - 2374: Fighter pilot, USS New Jersey (1st Lieutenant)
2374 - 2377: Wing Leader, USS Griffon (1st Lieutenant)
2377 - 2380: Patrol Commander, USS Swansea (1st Lieutenant)
2380: Patrol Commander, USS Swansea (2nd Lieutenant)
2380 - 2380: Wing Leader, USS Legacy (2nd Lieutenant)
2380 - 2382: Wing Leader, USS Legacy-A (2nd Lieutenant)
2382 - 2383: Wing Leader, USS Legacy-A (1st Lieutenant)
2383 - 2385: Patrol Commander, USS Legacy (Marine Captain)
2385 - 2386: Patrol Commander, USS Legacy (Major)
2386 - 2388: Marine Unit XO, USS Legacy (Major)
2388 - 2389: Marine Unit CO, USS Legacy (Lt. Colonel)
2389 - pres.: Marine Unit XO, USS Legacy (Lt. Colonel)

Semper Fidelis Cross - 2374
10 Year Service Medal - 2375
Combat Readiness Medal - 2379
Grankite Order of Honour - 2382

2380 - Cited for insubordination, aboard the USS Swansea. Rank reduction to 2nd Lieutenant enforced.


Owen Parker was born into a large family in Oklahoma in the spring of 2345. His father worked as an agriculturalist developing different farming methods for Federation colonists to use to impliment agriculture in environments that would normally be considdered hazardous and impossible to farm. Owen's mother, a meteorologist, worked along side his father in developing techniques for farming in what would normally be considered impossible weather conditions.

It was Carol Parker who developed a method of harvesting moisture from the atmosphere that would later be used to transform dried out descimated land in the southern provinces of Bajor into functional farm land during the Federation's occupation of the Terok Nor station.

Owen, as the Parker's fourth child was always known, grew up with a strong desire to see all the different planets his parents visited during the course of their work. His father and mother were both away from home, a lot, as they field tested their methods. And Owen was raised by his grandfather, Colton Parker.

Colton had been something of an adventurer in his youth; before settling down to raise a family on Earth. And Owen's wanderlust was furtherly inhanced by Colton's stories of travelling to planets like Qo'noS and even Cardassia, when he was a young man serving on a charter freighter.

Owen's older brother, Evan, left home at age 18 and joined Starfleet.

And Owen knew, then, that that was what he was going to do when the time came.

By the time Owen was old enough to submit an application to the Academy, he had become something of an accomplished pilot, as far as shooting around the Oklahoma plains in broken down old hovercars was concenred. Owen would buy old, junked up hovercraft and then refurbish them, adding more power to their engines than the factory specifications called for. He was soon involved in hovercar racing, and became one of the best known young amature hoverpilots on what was a loosely organized racing circuit throughout the American mid-west.

Owen's penchant for reviving old, worn out hovercraft earned him the nickname Rusty; as most of the vehicles he rebuilt started out in pretty rusty condition.

But as much as he loved flying, and racing, Owen was not about to give up his dream of joining Starfleet and travelling.

His skills as a mechanic and a pilot lead him in a slightly different direction than he might have originally intended, however. When Owen went to New Orleans to submit his application to the Academy and take his entrance exams, he was approached by a recruiter for the Starfleet Marine Corps who happened to know Owen's reputation on the racing circuit. The recruiter suggested Owen try his skills as a pilot in the Marine Fighter Corps. And Owen agreed.

His application was processed immediately, and Owen shipped out for basic Marine officer training at the Orientation Center on Andor.


After two years on Andor, Owen was transferred to the Marine flight school on Mars for specialized training in both the actualy piloting and the necessary maintenance of a wide variety of Federation starfighters. Owen was one of the top graduates in his class, having been rated to fly four different types of fightercraft, as well as earning a high rating in his mechanical courses.

Owen's first assignment was to Starbase Gamma Epsilon as a fighter pilot. And it was a position he would hold for the next six years, seeing little action beyond flying patrols, or flying escort for visiting dignitaries.

In 2371, Owen was transferred to the USS New Jersey; and here his career really took off. It was near the begining of the Dominion War, as the first hints of conflict from the Gamma Quadrant were already spilling over into Federation space. And it was at the heyday of the Maquis Conflict, when Owen was assigned aboard the Jupiter class ship. Owen flew 75 combat missions in his three years aboard the Jersey; earning himself a promotion, as well as the Marine Corps' coveted Semper Fidelis Cross for courage under fire.

In the last year of the War, Owen was transferred to the USS Griffon as a Wing Leader. And he served out the remainder of the Dominion conflict in this capacity, earning a reputation as a dogged and dangerous combat pilot. He served aboard the Griffon for three years before being transferred to the USS Swansea- a Galaxy class ship that had been retrofitted during the last months of the Dominion War to carry a small compliment of Starfighters. Owen was assigned as a Patrol Commander aboad the Swansea.

He served with distinction, until he refused the order of a civilian ambassador that would have caused his patrol to fly into an environmentally unstable atmosphere, risking the lives of Owen's pilots. Owen was something of a daredevil himself, but he never allowed people serving under his command to take unwarranted risks. The conflict with the ambassador earned Owen a demotion back to 2nd Lieutenant. But, he held his position as Patrol Commander on the strength of his service record during the War.

Shortly after the demotion, Owen accepted a transfer to the USS Legacy. He was posted to the position of Wing Leader due to his reduced rank, and the larger size of the Avalon class ship's fighter squadron. He was serving in the position when the Legacy was all but destroyed in a battle with a renegade Starfleet captain in a stolen vessel.

Owen was reassigned to the USS Legacy-A as a Wing Commander, as soon as the Expedition class ship was fully comissioned four months later. And he served as a member of the new flagship's fighter squadron for a further two years before receiving a promotion to 1st Lieutenant. During this time, Owen's close friend, Douglas Painter, became suspicious as to why Owen had not been offered a promotion sooner, given his service record.

Painter investigated further, and discovered that Owen had been put up for promotion twice by his commanding officer, Major Ronit Mair, but that both times Marine Corps Command had refused the rank advancements. A further investigation conducted by Painter, along with Owen, and Major Ronit revealed that the ambassador with whom Owen had had his original conflict had been blocking the promotions through a military contact.

The ambassador was stripped of his position, and his contact within the Marine Corps brought up on charges for violating the procedures of officer promotion.

In late 2383, Owen was promoted to the rank of Marine Captain (the equivalent of a full Lieutenant in the regular fleet), and he was soon given the position of a Patrol Commander aboard the Legacy-A. Over two years of service later, and Owen was due for another promotion. His service during the Baldockian incident was instrumental in earning him the promotion, and Owen was given the rank of Major.

In late 2386, after Lt. Colonel Larkin was killed in the line of duty on Adrua Nonus, Colonel Baxendale was put in the awkward position of choosing a new second-in-command for the Legacy's marine unit, while the ship was still on assignment. Willing to promote from within, Baxendale chose Owen.

He was one of three candidates, and seemed the best choice in the long term due to his grade of rank; and the fact that the only other equal grade officer, with command experience, had twice requested a transfer off the Legacy within the year. Owen, in contrast, seemed happy to stay aboard.

On Stardate 62670.69, Owen Parker was officially instated as the Executive Officer of the Marine Unit serving aboard the USS Legacy-A. Of course it had meant a transfer out of the flyer corps; but it was a sacrifice for the sake of his career. And a sacrifice Owen was willing to make.

Owen's sacrifice paid off, after two years of service. On Stardate 65619.41, Owen was promoted to the position of Marine Unit Commander aboard the Legacy. Colnel Baxendale - now a General - had been transferred to take command of the Marine garrison on Starbase Magellan. And on her reccomendation, Captain Northcote instated Owen as her replacement.

With the promotion of duty station, Owen was also promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He served as Commanding Officer of the Legacy's Marine Unit for nearly a year, before a change in the Flagship's Marine Unit configuration incorporated by Marine Command saw the assignment of Colonel Leland G. Austin aboard as Unit Commander.

Austin's reputation as a military commander being all but legendary, Owen gladly deferred to the more experienced officer, and returned to his position as Marine Unit XO aboard the Legacy.


Owen Parker is a friendly, and outgoing man. But he is also given to sullen moods and is sometimes quiet and perceived as a loaner. His more dynamic side comes out when he's in the cockpit, flying a mission. And his quiet side seems more dominant when he is engaging in his favorite off duty pastime- playing poker.

Owen's stone-faced style has even helped him defeat Doug Painter at the poker table twice. Something most people who've played against Painter would consider an impossible feat.

Owen is still in touch with his roots, and close to his family. But he has lost all trace of an Oklahoma drawl since being in Starfleet, and away from home so long. His mannerisms could even be described as dashing, or debonair; and yet he maintains a sort of rustic air about him as well. He is an accomplished mechanic and could easily pull a duty shift in Engineering if the oppertunity arose.

But, his first love is flying. Owen has dedicated himself to his career in the Marine Corps, and has never found the time for a family. He does have several nieces and nephews, whom he dotes on and spoils regularly; mostly with gifts from the exotic locales his travels take him to.

A phyiscally atractive man; tall, with rugged good looks and a short-cropped head of sandy blonde hair: Owen is something of a womanizer, and he has been known to get into more than his share of trouble visiting the less savory drinking establishments on planets like Risa and Argellius. He has even been suspected of involvement in a few small-time con-jobs since he met Doug Painter aboard the Swansea. But, these accusations have never been confirmed.


Owen is a very openminded man, and has no use for prejudiced people, or people who try to bully others into accepting a lower quality of life or force their own system of beliefs and supposed morality on others. He loves animals, and cannot tolerate the abuse of an animal, or a child.

A responsible and reliable man when it comes to the performance of his duty, Owen has been decorated four times and he has one of the most respectable combat service records of any pilot during the Dominion War. But, he doesn't hold to the War years as some kind of nostalgic "glory days". By and large, Owen would considder himself a pascifist, who would rather be sitting on a beach on Risa sipping a cocktail and contemplating the night's gambling adventures than blowing a Breen Starfighter into space dust.


Although he has never married or expressed any interest in having a family of his own, Owen is well known for his various affairs with his fellow officers. His most recent romance has been with a Marine sergeant aboard the Legacy- Sgt. Mjr. Jane Weston, a Ground Unit Officer.

He has also been involved with Ensign Aubrey Leighton, a security officer he knew when she was serving aboard the USS Cavalier. She and Owen briefly revived their relationship when he was transferred aboard the Legacy.

He also has what is best described as an on-and-off relationship with Doctor Rachael Amphlett, the chief medical officer aboard the USS Pioneer. Owen and Rachael were even engaged to be married at one point, before her posting to a frontier research station separated them for over a year. It was during this time that he met Jane Weston.

Despite being an animal lover, Owen has never tried to keep a pet, since his career could cause him to be transferred at any time, and to virtually any locale; Owen has never felt it was fair to drag an animal from one place to another or into so many different environments.

Off duty, Owen is a casual dresser. And his quarters reflect his more rustic upbringing with wooden furniture. A small collection of Native American artwork decorates the walls in his quarters. And he always sleeps on a waterbed.

Most people know him as Owen, but he also goes by the nickname Rusty. Owen even adopted this as his callsign, as a fighter pilot aboard the Legacy.

His older brother, Evan, is now a Captain in Starfleet: commanding the ship both Owen and Painter used to serve on; the USS Swansea.

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