FULL NAME: Prototype Unit Alpha Omega 425
SPECIES: Soong/Muddian Android hybrid
GENDER: "Male"
BIRTHDATE: Activated February 12, 2365. Reactivated April 16, 2367 [with positronic net upgrade]
BIRTHPLACE: Science Station Chi Epsilon
HEIGHT: 6' 0"
WEIGHT: 235#
HAIR: None
EYES: Yellowish-green
LANGUAGES: Capable of speaking, and understanding most languages contained within the Starfleet database
HOBBIES: Earth classical music. Playing the accoustic guitar. Studying humanoid behavior, and the effects of emotional stimulus.

Dr. Erskine Cale, astrophysicist at the Chi Epsilon science station - "Father"

2365 - Original programming, duotronic database
2367 - Reprogramming, positronic databse update
2368-2371: Starfleet Academy [Earth]

2371-2373: USS Exeter, Operations Officer [Ensign]
2373-2374: USS Exeter, Operations Officer [Lieutenant, jg.]
2374-2377: USS Shefflield, Chief Personel Officer [Lieutenant, jg.]
2377-2378: USS Sheffield, Assistant Operations Manager [Lieutenant]
2378-2380: USS Shefflield, Operations Manager [Lieutenant]
2380-2380: USS Legacy-A, Operations Manager [Lieutenant]
2380-pres.: USS Legacy-A, Operations Manager [Lieutenant Commander]

2374- Act of Distinction
2376- Merit of Valour
2379- Starcross


The Android officer known as Omega has some rather auspicious origins, as the result of an experiment by a bored scientist on an out-of-the-way Federation outpost. Dr. Erskine Cale, an archaeologist and astrophysicist, built the android he called Alpha-Omega-425 from the remains of two other androids he he discovered on the planetoid where his outpost, science station Chi Epsilon was located.

Cale and four other scientists had been posted to Chi Epsilon by the Federation government for five years at the time Omega was constructed. And, though civilians, they had a task that they were bound by their devotion to their chosen lifestyles as scientists to accomplish. The study of a compressed, diluted strain of the infamous failed Genesis Wave on a totaly inert planetoid in small doses.

To alleviate the boredom that came with the long term assignment, the scientists would often travel either between the planetoids in the Chi Epsilon system via shuttlepod, or across the surface of the planetoid on which Chi Epsilon station was constructed in EVA suits.

It was on one such junket that Dr. Cale, and another scientist discovered a crashed shuttlepod that they knew, immediately, was not of Federation origin. Investigating further they found, inside, the remains of two remarkably humanlike androids. They took the remains back to the station, and worked to identify them somehow.

After several weeks of research, Cale discovered that the two androids were Muddian Androids; members of a race of over 200,000 androids built by an extragalactic civilization to serve as servants and worker drones. The android civilization, once governed by the nefarious space traveller, Harcourt Fenton Mudd, was in the habit of sending some of it's units out in small shuttlepods to explore and interact with sentient beings.

Cale's information came from a log report filed nearly a century before by Captain James T. Kirk, of the USS Enterprise. And with the log report was a detailed schematic of the Muddian Android, provided by Kirk's science officer, Lieutenant Commander Spock.

Using Spock's schematics, Cale took parts from both androids that were not too badly damaged in the crash of their shuttlepod, and constructed one unit with a functioning duotronic neural network. He named the unit Alpha-Omega, and programmed "him" with all the knowledge the Chi Epsilon database had to offer.


Omega, as the staff of the science station began to call him, became a valuable assistant to the scientists; as well as a valued companion as he tried to learn to understand human behavior, embracing such concepts as humor and music. Two years after Omega's initial activation, Cale left the Chi Epsilon station to attend a symposium on robotics, and artificial life as part of his Genesis Wave assignment. There he met Starfleet Commander Bruce Maddox, and the two discussed androids at length. Maddox had been studying the android known as Data, another Starfleet officer; and he and Admiral Haftel of the Daystrom institute were in the process of constructing a prototype for a functioning unit in the Soong-type design.

Intrigued, Cale obtained all the data he could on Dr. Noonian Soong's positronic brain theory and application, and when he returned to Chi Epsilon he went to work constructing a positronic brain, and neural network for Omega.

Completed after a month's work, Cale installed the new brain in Omega, and reprogrammed his now larger database and neural network with even more data. Omega was reactivated on April 16, 2367; Stardate 44288.3. Cale officialy designated the unit Alpha-Omega-425, and added "Prototype Unit" to the designation, perhaps as an afterthought, in the hope that his work coud be used to construct future androids.

Essentially, Omega was his old self again, but with access to a broader array of knowledge, and a little bit more personality. He moved in a more humanlike fashion and the staff of the station found him easier to relate to, and to work with.

And the positronic matrix showed no sign of malfunction, or of any danger of cascade failures.

Encouraged, Cale contacted Commander Maddox and told him what he'd done. Maddox immediately travelled to the science station to see the android. After observing Omega for several days, Maddox suggested he be enrolled in Starfleet Academy. Cale agreed and Maddox contacted Haftel, who arranged to have Omega admitted to the Academy. It took several months for the admiral to get the final paper work pushed through, and by the time word came to Omega that he had been accepted as a cadet, Cale had put him through a battery of tests and prelimiary training so that he could not only function better as an officer, but as a member of Federation scociety.

Having digested all of the data Cale and Maddox had supplied Omega with on the Federation, and Starfleet the android seemed almost excited at the prospect of life as a starship officer. There was, after all, still a lot of the exploratory curiosity of a Muddian android in him.

Omega's time at the Academy was generaly uneventful. The reputation of Data as a reliable and respected android officer preceeded Omega's arrival, and for the most part he was welcomed as a lucky addition to Starfleet, presuming he'd follow Data's example of loyalty and exemplary service. Omega received the same designation of sentience that Data had been awarded after a JAG Office hearing on Stardate 42523.7, and was now afforded all advanced artificial lifeforms in Federation society.

Omega was allowed to graduate after a three year course, due to his scores on annual evaluation tests, and the prelimiary data supplied in his programming by Dr. Cale. He was posted to the USS Exeter, and began his duties as an Operations Management officer. It was the height of the war between the Federation, and the Dominion at this time, and both the Exeter and Omega's next post, the USS Sheffield saw plenty of action in conflict with not only the Jem Had'har but the Dominion's Alpha quadrant allies, the Cardassians and The Breen.

Omega was awarded the Starfleet Act of Distinction Medal for his actions during the Dominion War. And by the time the war ended, Omega had been promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade and was serving as Chief Personel Officer aboard the Galaxy class Sheffield.

In the aftermath of the War the Sheffield was one of several ships dispatched to help in recovery efforts; first at Betazed, and then Cardassia Prime. It was during this time that Omega first met Captain John Northcote. In 2376, Omega was also awarded the Medal of Valour, for protecting a group of Cardassian orphans after their transport crashed on a planet claimed by The Breen. The android suffered severe damage, but was able to be repaired to optimum functionability by the Sheffield's engineering staff.

Major relief efforts ended in early 2378. Omega was now serving as assistant operations manager aboard the Sheffield, at the rank of full lieutenant. He was promoted to the position of Operations Manager when the Sheffield's Chief of Ops received a promotion, and a position as Executive Officer aboard the Ronin class USS Enigma. Omega served as Operations Chief aboard the Sheffield for another two years, before he was transfered aboard the newly comissioned USS Legacy-A, an Expedition class starship under the command of John Northcote.

Omega assumed the duties of Operations manager aboard the Legacy-A, and was promoted to Lieutenant Commander two months into his tour of duty aboard the new vessel.

Omega is what anyone familiar with the Soong type androids, and similar artificial lifeforms have come to expect from them. Quiet, studious, virtually without any emotion, and surprisingly knowledgeable on any given subject once they've had the time to download the relevant data from the Starfleet database.

Unlike Lieutenant Commander Data, who was destroyed in the line of duty in early 2379, Omega has not been fitted with an emotion simulating chip. Dr. Cale is working to develope one, however the only fully functional prototypes, installed in the original Soong-type androids, Lore and Data, are now both destroyed. Until Dr. Cale is able to replicate a functioning chip, Omega is left without emotion, and must attempt to simulate the proper responses on his own.

This gives him an intense curiosity about human emotions, and how people react to emotional stimulus, and how they deal with their emotions. To further study this, Omega has engaged in several counseling sessions with the Legacy-A's chief counselor; trying to learn about emotional reactions from her professional point of view.

Physicaly, Omega resembles a human male of average height and trim build. He is bald, with greyish-blue skin, and pale yellow-green eyes. He has a reasonably handsome face, and his attempts to emulate human facial expressions result in a scholarly countenance occasionaly decorated with a slightly crooked smile.

Omega's vocal processing unit is capable of imitating virtually any voice he has heard, but for his own voice he has chosen a youthful tone that matches his appearance.

He is strictly devoted to his duty, and with few acceptions follows Starfleet regulations to the letter. He always speaks respectively to his fellow officers, usualy calling them by their ranks, or by a combination of their rank and surname. There are very few people Omega refers to by their first name. One of these is his close friend Jamion deBarge, who serves as chief flight controller aboard the USS Cavalier. On occasion the Android will even refer to deBarge by his nickname, "Jamie".


Omega actually has several friends among the crew. People seem drawn to him, either out of curiosity, or because he tries to maintain a civil and friendly personality, or perhaps a combination of both.

The storage capacity in the central processing unit of Omega's positronic net is 975 quadrillion bits, with a total linear computational speed rated at 71 trillion operations per second. He is fully rated in Starship operations procedure, command protocols, shuttle and runabout operations, and standard engineering procedure. The ammount of general knowledge stored in his memory, gathered from the Starfleet database also makes him something of a "walking encyclopedia" and it's a good bet that Omega will know something about anything, though quite often it is minor trivia.

Omega can be very trivial at times, and tends to ramble when speaking.

He is also capable of speaking and understanding most known languages, provided that a translation matrix existed within the universal translator databse at the time Omega was reprogrammed, or has been added prior to Omega's last general update.

Omega updates his general databse, via a download link with the ship's computer, roughly once a month. His body is constructed of tripolymer composites, molybdenum-cobalt alloys, and bioplast sheeting. His major joints and upper spinal supports were made of a polyalloy designed to endure extremes of physical stress. He is several times stronger than a human man of his size, and is also noticeably stronger than a Klingon, or even a Vulcan.

In an effort to make Omega more capable of casual interaction in humanoid society, Dr. Cale designed him to be fully functional on a physical level. He is capable of "eating" and "drinking" without damaging his internal mechanisms, and his body can process the foodstuffs into an odorless gas that is later expelled from his system. He is also sexually functional, and though he is not capable of reproducing in this manner he is able to copulate.

There are very few members of the Legacy-A's crew who are aware of this, however. And only one of his crewmates has actually participated in a sexual act with Omega; Lt. Commander Baxala Sodi.

In early 2381, Omega was given a pet bird, by Lt. Commander Doug Painter, the Legacy's Tactical chief. Omega named the bird Cyrano. Cyrano is a Hawk-headed Parrot, from the Amazon River region on Earth. Most of the time Omega spends with his pet is taken up by the Android trying to expand the bird's vocabulary.

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