Omar El-Kadir

NAME: Omar Faisal El-Kadir
NICKNAME: Omy, Ome, El
BIRTHDATE: January 4, 2321
BIRTHPLACE: Cairo, Egypt [Earth]
HEIGHT: 6' 4"
WEIGHT: 228 #
HAIR: Black (grey-flecked and balding)
EYES: Dark brown
LANGUAGES: Federation standard. Arabic. Farsi. French. Klingon. Some African dialects
HOBBIES: Boxing and martial arts. Federation history. Ancient cultures (esp. ancient Egypt and the Aztecs & Mayans of South America). Cooking. Horses and horse racing.

Parents deceased. Omar's father was a retired Starfleet admiral, who died after returning to active duty during the Dominion War. One brother - Fakhir El-Kadir - is a civilian surgeon living on Alpha Centauri

2339-2343: Federation Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth (Command, Tactical, Security, and Flight Control procedures)

2343-2351: USS Yorktown, Tactical Officer (Ensign)
2351-2356: USS Yorktown, Tactical Officer (Lieutenant, jg)
2356-2363: USS Yorktown, Tactical Officer (Lieutenant)
2363-2374: USS Lexington, Tactical Officer (Lieutenant)
2374-2380: USS Voltaire, Chief Tactical Officer (Lieutenant Commander)
2380-2382: USS Cavalier-C, Chief Tactical Officer (Commander)
2382-2383: USS Cavalier-C, Strategic Operations Commander (Commander)
2383-2390: USS Cavalier-C, Strategic Operations Commander (Lt. Commander)
2390-pres.: USS Cavalier-C, Strategic Operations Commander (Commander)

2353 - Dedicated Service Medal (10 years)
2347 - Federation Star cross
2351 - Nebula Star
2356 - Cross of Distinction
2363 - Dedicated Service Medal (20 years)
2365 - Exploration Ribbon
2368 - Starfleet Ribbon
2370 - Combat Readiness Medal
2372 - Bronze Cluster
2373 - Purple Heart
2373 - Dedicated Service Medal (30 years)
2374 - Act of Distinction Medal
2376 - Legion of Honor
2378 - Star of Starfleet
2383 - Dedicated Service Medal (40 years)

2356 - Citied for Insubordination. Served 30 days in the brig for this infraction
2383 - Citied for Striking a fellow officer. Reduced in rank to Lieutenant Commander as a result

Omar El-Kadir was born in Egypt, in the early 2320s, while his father was away on assignment as a Starfleet officer. Starfleet has been in Omar's blood since the day he was born. And he had a lot to live up to as his father was a famous commander- a Starfleet captain who commanded three long range explorers and later a commodore and admiral who was among the most respected flag officers of his day.

From early in his life, Caspar El-Kadir taught his son the value of duty, and honor. In a way, the father trained the son for duty aboard a starship long before Omar ever saw the front door of Starfleet Academy.

As soon as he was old enough, Omar followed the path his father wanted for him, and put in his application for Starfleet Academy. It was Caspar El-Kadir's dream, for Omar to follow in his footsteps. But it was Omar's dream as well. And both father and son were overjoyed when Omar's application was accepted.

Omar's strengths, according to his aptitude tests, lay in security and tactical procedures. And so these were the areas he majored in at the Academy along with a series of classes on starship command procedure. Omar was determined not only to become a Starfleet officer, but to command a starship one day. And for all intents and purposes he showed every possible promise of doing so as he excelled in his studies, becoming one of the highest rated tactical cadets ever to graduate from the Academy.


During the graduation ceremonies for his class in 2343, Omar gave the valedictorian's speech for the tactical and security cadets. And as a reward for his consistent high marks in his studies he was given first choice of assignments. Omar chose a posting as a tactical officer aboard the USS Yorktown.

Ensign Omar El-Kadir served eight years at the Yorktown's weapons console. He didn't receive any advancement in rank during his tour of duty aboard the Yorktown, but he became known as a reliable and dedicated officer who was willing to go beyond the call in an emergency situation. Omar showed exceptional courage during away missions, and twice saved the lives of members of the Yorktown's senior staff.

At the end of his first tour aboard the Yorktown, Omar was finally promoted to Lieutenant junior grade. He would conitnue to serve another 12 years aboard the Ambassador class ship, gaining the rank of full lieutenant while serving as a tactical officer. He was also decorated five times during this period; including two citations for dedicated service: one after serving as a Starfleet officer for 10 years, the other marking 20 years of dedication to the Fleet.

This didn't stop Omar from getting into trouble at least once, however. In 2356, Omar was forced to serve a 30 day sentence for insubordination after verbally accosting the acting captain of the Yorktown. The ship had been diverted for a special assignment ordered by Starfleet Intel. Most of the senior staff had been temporarily replaced by officers from SI, and Omar clashed with more than one of them.

He served out his 30 day sentence in the Yorktown's brig after her regular captain and crew had returned aboard.

In 2363, after 20 years of service aboard the same ship, Omar received his first transfer orders. The Yorktown was being drydocked, and Omar was ordered to report for duty aboard the Galaxy class USS Lexington as a tactical officer. He still carried the rank of lieutenant.

Omar's tour aboard the Lexington lasted nine years; and he spent his time doing pretty much the same thing he had done aboard the Yorktown. He would work the weapons console and pull bridge duty during the beta or gamma shifts, becoming the duty officer of beta shift after his third year aboard the Lexington. He would lead away teams into potentially dangerous territory. And he would be decorated seven more times.

During Omar's time aboard the Lexington, the War between the Federation and the Dominion broke out. And Omar saw front line duty as a tactical officer. He was posted aboard the Lexington for the majority of the War and his extensive experience was instrumental in several victories won by the Lexington.

In the last year of the War, Omar was promoted to Lieutenant Commander. He was also transfered to the USS Voltaire, a Steamrunner class warship, to act as Chief Tactical Officer. The Steamrunner class had been built as a faster, larger, and more powerful version of the Defiant class. And one of the most important positions aboard such a vessel was, by nature, that of the senior tactical officer.

And after logging in over 30 years of service, Omar was more than qualified.

The Voltaire participated in several of the final battles of the Dominion War, and continued to play an important part in it's aftermath as Starfleet warships assisted in the reconstruction of planets devastated by the War. The Voltaire was one of those ships assigned to put down remnant strikes from Breen, and Cardassian insurgent cells who still tried to fight out the War after the Dominion surrenderred and the Cardassian military lost political control of Cardassia Prime.

Omar sevred a six-year tour on the Voltaire before recieving a promotion to full Commander. He was thereby reassigned to the post of Chief Tactical Officer aboard the USS Cavalier-C; a long range Kelvin class explorer.

By now rapidly approaching 60 years of age, Omar was glad for an easier asisgnment. And a position aboard a ship charged with long range exploring instead of front line police action was exactly what he needed. He reported for duty aboard the Cavalier in the summer of 2380, and at the rank of Commander actually outranked the ship's original XO for two months.

Omar has served aboard the Cavalier ever since, and her captain has come to rely on him for his experience as well as his knack for taking control in a tense situation. Something any command can do well with when away missions often lead crewmembers into unknown and potentially hostile situations.

So, Omar hasn't gotten as much of a rest as he figured he would serving aboard an explorer.

After two years of service aboard the Cavalier as chief of tactical, Omar was assigned the position of Strategic Operations Commander when the Cavalier was assigned a detachment of Marines due to the civil war situation between the Romulans and the Remans that was rapidly spilling over into Federation space, bringing the Federation into another lengthy military conflict.

Omar was replaced at tactical by Giana Paganelli; a feisty lieutenant whom he had handpicked to succeed him in the position.

In early 2383, Omar found himself in trouble again. And this time his actions cost him a grade in rank. Omar was demoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander after he punched a young lieutenant from the JAG office who had come aboard the Cavalier invesitgating claims of espionage and illegal arms trading levelled against the captain and first officer.

Omar broke the young man's nose.

He plead guilty to the charge of assaulting a fellow officer. But due to the circumstances of the incident his rank was only reduced one grade. The investigation turned out to be bogus, the charges falsified against Captain Redfearn and Commander Garcia by someone connected with the Section 31 group. But, if Omar had struck a superior officer, his crime and punishment might well have both been more serious.

67888.4: Omar gained his rank of full Commander back, when he protected Addison Sophia Ashghaar, nearly at the cost of his on life. Both of Addison's parents, Lt. Commander Gia Paganelli, and Losgalen Ashgaar (a former Starfleet officer) asked Captain Readfern to reinstate Omar's rank. The Captain was happy to honour the request. As a formality, Redfearn cleared the promotion with Starfleet Command. On Stardate 68008.8, Omar's rank was officially reinstated.

Omar El-Kadir is a soldier. His outward demeanor is what one might expect of an Army officer on Earth during the second world war. He is a good commander, but can also be strict and sometimes harsh with his enforcement of rules and regulations.

The regulation Omar is quickest to enforce is that no one is left behind under his command. If Omar leads a team into a hostile situation, rest assured he will readily sacrifice his own life to make certain everyone serving under him gets out of danger and returns to their ship alive.

This is one of the reasons he is one of the most highly decorated officers in Starfleet. Another is his unswerving loyalty to his post, and his command. Both times that Omar has been reprimanded it has been in the course of defending either the ship he was assigned to or the officers who commanded it.

Off duty Omar is a pretty easy man to get to know. He is seen as somewhat of an elder statesmen among younger crewmen, and doesn't hesitate to give advice or to try and impart some of his battlefield wisdom on the newest generation of Starfleet officers. He is friendly, and genuinly congenial to his fellow officers, and has several friends among the Cavalier's senior staff, including a close friendship with her captain.

Omar devides his spare time between studying military history and brushing up on his boxing skills on the holodeck. He is in excellent physical condition for a man in his sixties and could easily be in better shape than most men half his age.


Despite Omar's reputation as a tough field commander, tactical officers will jump at the chance to serve under him, because he has never lost a man under his command.

Omar is a big man. Standing well over six feet tall, and weighting over 200 pounds; Omar's body is a mass of muscle. He has the physique of what was known as a Body Builder back on Earth. He has the dark skin of an African, and most of his hair is gone. What is left is rapidly turning grey, and he keeps it shaven short, close to his head.

For most of his career, Omar has worn a trim mustache, and now he often sports a thick beard of black and grey whiskers that he keeps groomed in an almost Klingon style.

Omar is a strong admirer of Klingons and their warrior culture.

But he also sees some of their social practices as barbaric, sighting them as similar to what his own people did thousands of years ago, in ancient Egypt.

Omar is fascinated by the ancient cultures of Earth- the Egyptians, Aztecs, Mayans, and the Greeks.

He was married for a short period during his 20 years aboard the Yorktown; but his wife died in the line of duty in 2361. It is something Omar does not easily talk about. And he has never remarired sence, preferring to deovte his time to his duty.

He has no children.

Both of Omar's parents are deceased. His father had retired at the rank of Admiral before the Dominion War, but he returned to active duty after the Breen and the Cardassians entered the conflict and the Dominion massacared the remaining Maquis freedom fighters.

Caspar El-Kadir died when the ship he was commanding was destroyed by a Jem Ha'dar fighter performing a suicide run.

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