Niro Th'een

NAME: Niro'shras ch'Th'een
SPECIES: Andorian
BIRTHDATE: May 8, 2347
HEIGHT: 5' 10"
WEIGHT: 171 #
HAIR: White
EYES: Dark blue
LANGUAGES: Andorian, Klingon, Federation standard (spoken with a cockney accent), some Vulcan
HOBBIES: Terran rock-n-roll music, and Klingon opera. Martial arts. Practicing with hand-to-hand weapons. Mystery and adventure novels.

Parents deceased. Th'een has 14 brothers and sisters, including an indentical twin brother (Lio Th'een - Chief Engineer, USS Japan).

2366-2370: Federation Starfleet Academy, Earth [Security, Tactical, and Command courses]

2370-2372: USS Grissom, Security Officer [Ensign]
2372-2375: USS Soveriegn, Security Officer [Ensign]
2375-2377: USS Soveriegn, Security Officer [Lieutenant, jg]
2377-2378: USS Sovereign, Asst. Chief of Security [Lieutenant, jg]
2378-2381: USS Pontiac, Chief of Security [Lieutenant]
2381-pres.: USS Cavalier, Chief of Security [Lieutenant]

2374 - Starfleet Cross [Courage Under Fire]
2380 - 10 Year Dedicated Service Medal
2382 - Grankite Order of Valour [Service Above and Beyond the Call of Duty]

Two citations on record for disorderly conduct


Born into a large and wealthy family on Andor, or Andoria as it is more commonly known to it's native inhabitants. Niro'sras Th'een, who has been known as "Niro" since he was a boy, is one of 15 children, that includes two sets of identical twins; one of these being Niro and his brother, Lio.

Niro grew up in one of many subeterranean Aenar cities on Andoria and as a result he has a close affinity with the telepathic, albinoid cousins of the Andorians. He also had some exposure to humans growing up, as his parents, who maintained a large and elegant household, kept a maid and butler on salary. Both the maid, and the butler were from the British region on Earth. And Niro and his brothers and sisters loved them almost as much as they did their parents.

Niro had a relatively normal childhood for an Andorian boy. And he grew into an active, athletic young man with a habit for getting himself into trouble due to his curious and adventuresome nature.

Twice, as a teenager, Niro and his brother managed to get off world by stowing away on Klingon freighters transporting military equipment to the Andorians. Each time, the Klingon captain would return the boys to their father. And each time, the boys were disciplined; but this only served to enhance the young Andorians' wanderlust.

When the boys were seventeen years of age, they submitted their applications to Starfleet Academy, but Niro had his rejected. At first Lio was tempted not to go to the Academy until his brother could join him, but Niro insisted, promising Lio he would follow him as soon as he could. It took Niro two years, and plenty of studying to make good on his promise. But, by the time Lio was in his junior year as an engineerng cadet, Niro Th'een reported to the San Francisco campus to begin his own studies, majoring in security and tactical procedures.

Niro did well at the Academy, and graduated in the upper third of his class wtih high marks in both security procedure and basic command training, making him an excellent candidate for a department head position at some future point in his career.

After graduation he returned to Adoria for a three month leave period, after which he received his first assignment. He was posted as a security officer aboard the USS Grissom, wher ehe served for the next two years.


His tour of duty aboard the Grissom was generally uneventful. But, Niro's career began to equal his expectations for adventure and excitement when he was transfered aboard the USS Sovereign. A six year tour of duty followed, during which Niro saw front line action in the Dominion War, received a promotion to Lieutenant, junior grade, and was awarded the Starfleet Cross for his courageous actions during a battle with the Breen.

After his distinguished career aboard the Soverieng, Niro was offered a promotion, to Chief of Security, serving aboard the USS Pontiac. During the last year on the Sovereign, Niro had worked as assistant security chief, and he learned the position well, often actig as head of security on away missions.

He accepted the position aboard the Pontiac gladly. By now his brother was already serving as chief of engineering aboard the USS Foxbat. Niro was anxious to add the position of department ehad to his own service record. And he earned the job he was given, earning the respect of his fellow officers in the process.

Aboard the Pontiac, Niro became known as one of the most diligent and reliable officers in the fleet. He insisted on leading the security contingent on away missions himself, and always took personal responsibility for the saftey of the Captain, or the away team commander on any mission he would participate in.

He also gained a reputation for being blunt, and a bit quick tempered when it came to dealing with threats. He was likely to resort to a physical solution to a problem quicker than some of the senior officersmight have preferred but he always got his job done.

During the three years he served aboard the Pontiac, not one crewmwmber lost their life on an away team if Th'een was a member of the same landing party.

In 2381, after eleven years of active service in Starfleet, Th'een was given transfer orders to take what would prove to be an even more prestigious position than his postings aboard either the Sovereign or the Pontiac. He was transfered to the long range explorer, USS Cavalier, to assume the duties of Chief of Security.

Already at the rank of full Lieutenant as of his posting to the Pontiac, Niro accepted the transfer to the Cavalier and immediately began restructuring the ship's security detachment to match the standards he had set aboard the Pontiac. Captain Redfearn welcomed Th'een's input, and enthusiasm for his work. But some of the other officer's felt the Andorian was a bit coarse and headstrong.

He won over his crewmates, however, when he saved the ship from destruction after a group of paramiliatary seperatists believed to be associated with a rogue element in Starlfeet Intelligence planted an explosive doevice on the Cavalier's warp core. The core had been sabotaged and Chief Engineer Sodi was unable to eject it, so Th'een removed the device; having it trnasported off the ship only seconds before it exploded.

Niro was awarded the Grankite Order of Valour by Captain Redfearn for his actions.

But, more important to him, he became a true member of the Cavalier crew… which funtioned more as a family than a mere groud of coworkers or military compatriots.


Niro Th'een is very much like any other Andorian in Starfleet. A bit of a loaner until you get to know him, and not overly trusting of strangers or especially heretofor not encountered alien speices. He is not the most diplomatic of men, and not the best choice to head up a first contact mission.

He is also something of a smart alec and has been accused of being a cynic; especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Himself a confirmed bachelor, Th'een did have a relationship with an Aenar girl when he was a teenager. And the romance continued well into his Academy years. But, her father refused her permission to marry a Starfleet officer- especially a security cadet -and the relationship ended just before Niro's first assignment, aboard the Grissom, began.

Since then Niro has had several women one might refer to as girlfriends, but he has never tried anything near a serious relationship.

Niro does make an effort to make friends, but some people find his forward style a bit of a put-off.

On the professional front he is an excellent officer, and almost notorious for his devotion to his duty. He will readily take on personal risks, allowing his own life to be put on the line rather than allow another senior officer, or even one of his own people to put themself in jeopardy.


During the Dominion War most of the action Th'een saw was against the Breen and as a result he has developed a prejudice against them. He sees the Breen as the greatest threat to peace in the Federation.


Niro is a handsome Adnorian man, in his late 30s. He has the white hair and blue-tinged skin of his people, and dark blue eyes; darker than most Andorians. This is a trate he shares with his brother, Lio, as they are identical twins. It is very difficult to tell the Th'een brothers apart without a close examination.

Niro speaks with a gentle, somewhat gravelly voice. And when he speaks Federation Standard, or English, he does so with a British style accent like one would hear in the SoHo region of London. A cockney accent. This is the result of Niro's upbringing, as his parents hired two humans to help with household duties in the raising of fifteen children. And these two humans- Earl and Bertha Abernathy -were Scottish by heritage, and themselves grew up in the southern districts of London, on Earth.

They spoke with thick cockney brogues, and this is how Niro learned to speak their language.

The accent is something he has never tried to lose, and he probably never will.

When off duty, Niro can often be found on the holodeck, reenacting his favorite adventure novels; most of them from Earth. But he enjoys actually reading the books more. And he has an impressive collection of old books in his quarters. Niro prefers to read a book, and not read it's text off of a PADD.

He also spends a great deal of time perfecting his hand-to-hand combat techniques, and he is quite proficient with most melee type weapons including the Klingon Bat'leth.

He enjoys music; especially the more progressive styles of rock-n-roll popular in England during the 1970s and 1980s. Bands like Pink Floyd, Uriah Heap, and Marillion are counted among his favorites. And he enjoys singing along to their songs in the privacy of his quarters.

He actually has a reasonably descent singing voice that has been compared to two British vocalists of the era - Roger Daltrey of the Who, and punk-rocker Billy Idol.

On one of his assignments the USS Pontiac Niro became good friends with a woman named, Hero Ryker. They've been friends since that assignment and often get together to listen to rock and roll music, and practice martial arts. They also have the same love of books.

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