John T. Northcote

BIRTHDATE: January 16, 2336
BIRTHPLACE: Iceland [Earth]
HEIGHT: 6' 0"
WEIGHT: 183#
HAIR: Grey/White (formerly blonde)
EYES: Blue
LANGUAGES: English, Klingon. Functional phrases in Andorian, and Bajoran, and a few Native American dialects.
HOBBIES: Yoga. Folk & Rock music. Indian culture. Native American culture. Reading (esp. old adventure novels). Hockey. Camping.

Father - Stephen James Northcote [Geologist and biochemist - Deceased]
Mother - Sarah Dennison Northcote [History and Language teacher - Deceased]
Brother - Kyle Stephen Northcote [Federation Merchant Service officer. Security Specialist]
Sister - Traci Jayne Northcote [Soldier. Civilian Mercenary. Explorer]
Grandfather - Levon "Wolf" Dennison [Owner/curator of the Kodiak Island Cultural Center, Alaska - Age; 102]
ex-Wife - Dr. Cheryl Ritchie [Civilian Astrophysicist who specializes in worm hole phenomena]
Son - Jake Northcote [born aboard the USS Challenger, 2365. Died - 2371]

2353-2357 University of Alaska, at Kodiak [Archaeology. History]
2359-2363 Federation Starfleet Academy [Science. Tactical. Command]

2363 Ensign, Tactical Officer- USS Enterprise-D
2363 - 2364 Lieutenant jg., Tactical Officer- USS Enterprise-D
2364 Lieutenant jg., Science Officer- USS Enterprise-D
2364 - 2366 Lieutenant jg., Science Officer- USS Challenger
2366 - 2367 Lieutenant, Science Officer- USS Challenger
2367 Lieutenant, Tactical Officer- USS Challenger
2367 - 2369 Lieutenant, Tactical Officer- USS Ticonderoga
2369 - 2370 Lieutenant Commander, Tactical Officer- USS Ticonderoga
2370 - 2371 Lieutenant Commander, Chief Tactical Officer- USS Overture
2371 Commander, Chief Tactical Officer- USS Overture
2371 - 2374 Commander, Executive Officer- USS Overture
2374 - 2375 Captain, Commanding Officer- USS Overture
2375 - 2378 Captain, Commanding Officer- USS Galahad
2378 - 2380 Captain, Commanding Officer- USS Legacy
2380 - pres. Captain, Commanding Officer- USS Legacy-A

2364 Combat Readiness Medal
2368 Federation Nebula Star
2370 Starfleet Commendation
2372 Starfleet Cross
2373 Federation Legion of Merit
2373 Dedicated Service Medal (10 years)
2374 Purple Heart
2375 Federation Golden Starburst
2375 Betazed Liberation Campaign
2376 Purple Heart
2378 Federation Star
2381 Rogue Cross
2383 Dedicated Service Medal (20 years)

2374 Insubordination [Filed by Vice-Admiral Dougherty. Rank reduction blocked by Admiral Weatherford due to circumstances arising from Dougherty's involvement with the So'na]

2378 Hesitation to Follow a Direct Order [Filed by a civilian ambassador. No rank reduction enforced due to extenuating circumstances. Permanent citation listed in record]

John T. Northcote was born at a geological research center run by his parents on the banks of lake ├×├│risvatn, in Iceland. The center had been, in the 22nd century, a MACO training facility.


When he was four years old, John's parents welcomed a second child, Kyle, who was also born at the Center.

After four more years, his father resigned from the center, and moved his family to Reykjavik; where he had taken a job as a biochemist with a civilian research lab that often coordinated with Starfleet.

Five years later, John's father was killed in a transport accident, when his gravsled was struck by a drunken hovercraft operator. A third child had been born, in Reykjavik, four years earlier. This time the Northcotes had a daughter they named Patricia, but whom her brothers always called "Traci".

After their father's death, John's mother moved, with her children, to live with her father; Levon "Wolf" Dennison; a devoted outdoorsman who owned and operated a Native American Cultural Museum in Kodiak, Alaska. John would spend the rest of his childhood here, getting his high-school education at Kodiak High School.

Like most boys growing up in Alaska, John was raised with a love of the outdoors, and winter-oriented sports. Chief among them was the rugged, fast-paced game of Ice Hockey. He enjoyed his teenage years with his grandfather, and little Traci loved growing up in the area.

Kyle, on the other hand, was more restless and left home when he was 16. He spent the remainder of his youth, as well as some of his young adult years living on Qo'noS among Klingon warriors.

John grew up playing hockey, and was voted Most Valuable Player on his high school team his senior year. This lead to a Hockey Scholarship from Kodiak University, on Kodiak Island.

Here John took up the study of his secondary passion, Archaeology. At the University he became close friends with one of his professors; a former Starfleet Officer teaching in his retirement. And upon graduating, John was determined to join Starfleet himself.

He failed his first application to the Academy, however; and as a result played professional Hockey for two years with the Toronto, and Chicago teams. In the meantime, he studied Starfleet protocols, and regulations, resubmitting his application in 2359. This time John was accepted.

A popular student with both his classmates and his instructors, John graduated in the top 20% of his class and was chosen by Captain Jean-Luc Picard to serve as a Tactical Officer aboard the newly comissioned Galaxy class USS Enterprise. One of his crewmates in Tactical was Lieutenant Worf, and he and the Klingon became good friends.

John served at Tactical, and then as a science officer during his tenure aboard the Enterprise. Afterward, he was transfered to the USS Challenger, as a Science Officer. In 2367, he moved to Tactical again, after serving at the position during a firefight with Nausicaan pirates.

John discovered he had a natural knack for military strategy and tactics that not only best qualified him to serve as a tactical officer, but would help him later, if he decided to go into command. He continued to serve as a tactician for the next four years of his Starfleet career.

During this time, John served aboard the USS Ticonderoga, and the Sovereign class USS Overture, under Captain Jason Mandrakis in the latter posting. Rising to the rank of full commander, and achieving the position of Tactical Chief aboard the Overture; John was Mandrakis's first choice for Executive Officer when the posting became available in 2371. Subsequently, when Mandrakis received a promotion to Admiral, he recommended John Northcote to succeed him as Commanding Officer of the Overture.

John commanded the Sovereign class ship for three years, into the heaviest period of fighting during the Federation/Dominion War. In 2375, the USS Galahad was commissioned. The second ship of the Avalon class to see active duty. John was recommended to command her, by Admiral Mandrakis. His period as commanding officer aboard the Galahad saw the ship severely damaged, during the campaign to retake Betazed; earning Northcote the Federation Golden Starburst, as well as the Betazoid Liberation Medal awarded to all officers who served in that particular campaign.


In 2376, the Galahad, having undergone entensive repairs; was reassigned to patrol duties near the Cardassian border. Later in the same year the ship was given a similar assignment in a dangerous sector near Breen space known as The Helcaraxe; named for an equally treacherous sea in a popular fantasy novel from Earth.

John spent the year of 2377 in command of the Galahad, patrolling The Helcaraxe, and dealing with everything from Andorian pirates to renegade Klingons smuggling weapons into an asteroid belt for what some rumored would be an eventual attempt to overthrow the current Klingon government.

In 2378, when Captain Timothy Scandal was promoted to the rank of Admiral, and assigned to serve as a senior officer at Starfleet Headquarters in New Orleans; command of his vessel, the USS Legacy, was offered to John Northcote. The Legacy was an Avalon class ship like the Galahad; scheduled for deep space exploration duties. John accepted the command immediately.

Early in 2379, the Legacy was assigned to track down and take into custody a renegade Starfleet captain, Luther Rasco; who had stolen a Steamrunner class vessel, renamed it The Protector, and set himself up as a sort of frontier lawman styled vigilante near The Helcaraxe. Captain Northcote's familiarity with the area netted him the assignment easily.

Between 2379 and early 2380 Northcote and his crew had several run-ins with this renegade, as well as facing other dangers and adventures. Until, finally, a confrontation in The Helcaraxe with The Protector resulted in the Legacy being damaged severely enough that she was forced to put into spacedock at Earth for an extensive repair and refit. The ship was, for all intents and purposes, decommissioned.

Two months later, just as Captain Northcote was finishing an extended leave of absence on Argellius, the Expedition class USS Legacy-A was comissioned. Northcote was first choice to command her. Some of the Legacy's command staff had gone on to new assignments, however, and Northcote chose their replacements from among the finest Starfleet had to offer, promoting several of the original Legacy's junior officers in the process.

The Legacy-A was launched, Stardate 57378.32. And among Northcote's command directives were, once again, orders to apprehend Luther Rasco. On Stardate 57698.65 the USS Legacy-A, already the flagship of the 4th Fleet, was named the flagship of Starfleet. Beyond the orders to bring Rasco in, the Legacy's standing orders include exploration, first contact assignments, and frontier defense and planetary support deployment.

Captain John Northcote is a relaxed, easygoing commanding officer. He is very supportive of those serving under his command, and has earned a reputation of being just as much of a friend to his officers, as a commander.

He makes it a point to earn the respect of his crew by earning their friendship, and never forcing his opinions on others, nor taking advantage of his position and authority. He listens to all offered suggestions, and ideas; and does his best to deliver fair command decisions within Starfleet's labyrinth of regulations.


Off duty, John is a sociable individual, and still enjoys sports as well as the company of good friends. His favorite hobby is fishing, and he still plays hockey on the holodeck. He has even assembled a small "team" of hockey enthusiasts aboard the Legacy that includes the Android operations manager, Omega.

Archaeology remains a passion of his as well, and he has developed, during his career, an equivically passionate interest in the many civilizations and cultures Starfleet has encountered. This makes him an excellent candidate for exploratory missions, and first contact assignments.

He prefers to be called John, not Jack; although some of his older or closer friends can get away with it. Another nickname that has attached itself to the captain is "J.T.", his initials.

John Northcote is part Native American. From his mother's side of the family, John can trace his history back to members of the original Cheyenne, and Arapaho tribes, as well as the Alutiiq natives of Kodiak Island.

He enjoys playing the guitar, and has practiced yoga since being introduced to it at the Academy. He is fascinated by Hindu culture, and Buddhist philosophy. And he practices the Indian martial art, Kalari Payattu.

Although he served most of his time in Starfleet as a tactician, in his heart he is still a scientist. He enjoys any chance to work on scientific projects; especially of an archaeological or historical nature.

John has built up a respectable reputation for himself, from his record both before and after he made Captain. As Commanding Officer of the Galahad, he was one of the the first Starfleet officers to set foot on Betazed, after it was liberated from the Cardassians. He visited Cardassia, and has met with the new government on Starfleet's behalf.

Northcote has also been involved in at least three succesful first contact assignments, and is among the Starfleet command officers who support Bajor's entry into the Federation. His involvement in the initial contact with the So'na was not as successful, however; as John succeeded in offending and provoking the So'na leader, Ad'har Ru'afo.

A career-oriented man, Northcote has never taken the time to try to really have a family. But, he is no stranger to romance. And he has been a father. He was briefly married to a scientist named Cheryl Ritchie, during his assignment aboard the Challenger; but the marriage ended in divorce.

John's son from this marriage, Jake, was killed aboard the USS Overture in 2371, during a battle with Tzenkethi raiders. John was serving as Chief Tactical Officer at the time.


John also dated a Klingon woman named K'Ehyral during his early days in Starfleet. And from this relationship he gained a strong respect for Klingon culture, and customs; as well as a taste for Klingon food, and a good grasp of their language.

John Northcote is a handsome man, with a face that at the same time shows his age and yet retains an air of youthfulness. He has a deep, soft voice. His hair, once sandy blond, has turned grey. John usually wears it at regulation length, but sometimes allows it to grow a bit longer, and often sports a trim goatee or even a short beard.

His quarters have the appearance of an apartment, on Earth, circa 1980. The furnishings are casual, and comfortable; all in a 20th century style. And both the main quarters and the bedroom display several items of Native American origin as decorations. There is a large Dream Catcher hanging over John's bed, and fishing gear and a pair of skiis can be spotted in either corner of the room.

John's mother, Sarah, died in 2373; while John was serving as Executive Officer, aboard the Overture. The ship's duties kept him from attending the memorial service.

John has kept in close contact with his siblings. Kyle moved from Qo'noS to Capella when he was in his late 20s. He seemed drawn to warrior-cultures. The younger Northcote brother had grown into a large, powerful man nearly a foot taller than his brother. And it was no wonder that when he finally found his way into space, it was as a security and weapons specialist in the Federation merchant service.

Kyle Northcote Traci Northcote

Traci grew up into a beautiful woman. She decided to follow a military path of sorts, working as a freelance soldier, mercenary, and explorer.

Although John has a positive outward demeanor he is still haunted by the death of his son. And his inability to stop Luther Rasco is very frustrating for the Captain. John is convinced Rasco's activities are being backed by the rogue element within Starfleet Intelligence known as Section 31.

While serving as Tactical chief and weapons officer aboard the Overture, John was temporarily blinded. The ship had engaged a Breen raider. During the fighting a console exploded in Northcote's face. The incident left him blinded for over two weeks.

John's middle name, and what the "T" actually stands for remains a mystery. But it has been rumored to stand for either Tyler, or Tyrus.

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