N'Vek Garcia

NAME: N'Vek Garcia
SPECIES: Romulan/Human
BIRTHDATE: October 4, 2332
BIRTHPLACE: Rateg, Romulus
HEIGHT: 6' 1"
WEIGHT: 187 #
HAIR: Black
EYES: Dark brown
LANGUAGES: Federation standard. Romulan. Cardassian. Spanish. Klingon. Xindi dialects
HOBBIES: Camping and fishing. Mountain clmbing. Kayaking. Horses. Spacecraft mechanics. Holonovels involving murder and suspense.

Father - Juan Ramon Garcia (Deceased. Starfleet officer. Worked closely with Starfleet Intelligence)
Mother - Sitana (Deceased. Romulan Tal Shiar agent who defected to the Federation)

2338-2348: Basic public schooling on Romulus
2348-2350: Completed public schooling in Canada, on Earth
2350-2354: Federation Starfleet Academy (Command prodcedure, and military tactical training)
2360-2361: Starfleet Intelligence training

2354: Starbase 21-Alpha, Security officer [Ensign]
2354-2359: USS Indiana, Tactical officer [Ensign]
2359-2360: USS Indiana, Tactical officer [Lieutenant, jg]
2360-2361: Starfleet Intelligence training center, Mars
2361-2365: Starfleet Intelligence field operative [Lieutenant, jg]
2365-2372: Starfleet Intelligence field operative [Lieutenant]
2372-2376: USS Potemkin, Chief Security Officer [Lieutenant]
2376-2380: USS Argones, Chief Tactical Officer [Lieutenant Commander]
2380-2381: USS Cavalier, Chief Tactical Officer [Lieutenant Commander]
2381-pres.: USS Cavalier, Executive Officer [Commander]

2358 Combat Readiness Medal
2361 Starfleet Cross
2364 Dedicated Service Medal (10 years)
2366 Purple Heart
2370 Federation Golden Starburst
2371 Purple Heart
2373 Federation Star
2374 Dedicated Service Medal (20 years)
2375 Citation of Valor
2375 Purple Heart
2378 Decoration of Gallantry
2380 Federation Star with Clusters
2384 Dedicated Service Medal (30 years)

Several unspecified citations, issued during Commander Garcia's tenure as a field agent for Starfleet Intelligence. Often reprimanded for use of force and once for becoming personally involved with an enemy agent. No rank reductions or forced leaves implemented as punishment, due to the clandestine nature of Garcia's work at the time and the need for secrecy in reporting the events of his missions and his actions on them.


N'Vek Garcia almost should never have happened. And he wouldn't have been born if it weren't for the whirlwind romance of his father, Juan, and a Romulan Tal Shiar agent named Sitana. Juan Garcia was working as an agent for Starfleet Intelligence, infiltrating a Romulan listening post in the neutral zone when circumstances caused him to cross paths with the beautiful Sitana.


She was one of the deadliest assassins in the ranks of the Tal Shiar.

And she andJuan fell in love, almost from the moment they met.

Sitana did not reveal Juan's identity to her superiors and even allowed him to complete his mission and return to Federation space. And in the course of their romancing, she became pregnant, with N'Vek.

N'Vek was born after his father had already returned to the Federation, and Sitana had no idea she would ever see Juan Garcia again. She named her baby after her grandfather, a prominent Romulan senator in his day, and she claimed he was half Vulcan to explain the baby's lack of complete Romulan feature.

Using her connections in the Tal Shiar she also falsified her baby's medical records to make it appear as if he were half Vulcan; the result of a Liaison between Sitana and a fiction Vulcan envoy called Stok.

Unbeknownst to Sitana at the time, however, Juan Garcia and his mission were under investigation by the Romulan government and they believed he had had inside help in completing his objective. As the investigation against his father continued, moving slowly forward, young N'Vek grew up on Romulus as a happy, healthy boy, raised as a Romulan, and believing his father was a Vulcan diplomat.

About the time N'Vek was begining to attend the Romulan equivalent of "high school", the Tal Shiar finally uncovered the identity of Juan Garcia's lover and collaborator. But, Sitana still had close friends and numerous contacts within the Tal Shiar, and she was warned enough in advance that she was able to leave Romulus and procede to Federation space.

She took N'Vek with her, over the boy's protests. She was not going to let her son become a victim of Tal Shiar torture and interrogation in their efforts to find his mother, so despite how much he loved his life as a young Romulan she had to force him to come with her for his own sake.

The revelation that N'Vek was not the son of a Vulcan ambassador, but a Human spy was devastating to him at first. But, in time he forgave his mother for not telling him the truth, when he became more aware of her situation back on Romulus at the time he was born.

N'Vek and Sitana made it to Earth, but they were unable to locate Juan Garcia. He was still working as an agent of Starfleet Intelligence. Sitana officialy defected to the Federation and settled in Canada under the assumed name of T'Vera. She allowed herself to be surgically altered to appear Vulcan, and once again claimed her son was half Vulcan… this time she named his father as Juan Garcia.

N'Vek finished his basic schooling in Canada, and when he was old enough he submitted his application to Starfleet Academy, anxious for a life that would take him away from Earth- a place he never really considered to be his home. He falsified his entrance exams, sticking to his mother's story that he was half-Vulcan. But, his charade was easily uncovered by Starfleet doctors conducting a routine medical exam prior to N'Vek's acceptance as a cadet.

When N'Vek was revealed to be half-Romulan, he was nearly denied admittance to Starfleet, until a man came forward to vouch for him. That man was Juan Garcia- his father. N'Vek was admitted to the Academy on the reccomendation of his father, who was, by now a Starfleet Captain, and head of his own Intelligence Unit. N'Vek went through the Academy as the first person of Romulan background to train as a cadet.

He impressed his instructors in every course he took. Upon his graduation, he was reccomended for immediate ship-board posting by three of his instructors, but because N'Vek had trained in the security and tactical departments, no ranking officer felt comfortable allowing him a position on a starship on his first assignment. The idea of a Romulan serving at a weapons console was something the entrenched Starfleet brass was not ready to accept.

N'Vek served his first 8 months of duty as a security officer aboard a Federation starbase, before being transfered to the USS Indiana as a tactical officer. He was never sure if his actions on board the star base, or some influence from his father had afforded him the shipboard posting, but he took it gladly. He wanted to travel, and to see other worlds and other places. And star base service simply wouldn't allow enough of that to suit the young officer.

His tour of duty aboard the Indiana lasted for six years, and five years into his tenure aboard the Cheyenne class ship, he received news his mother had been found dead at their family home in Canada. Her death was ruled a homocide. And N'Vek was certain she had been tracked down and murdered by agents of the Tal Shiar.

He wanted revenge, but he kept his temper and continued his duty aboard the Indiana. Nearly a year went by before N'Vek was contacted by agents of Starfleet Intelligence. His father was also dead. The official report was that he had died of a heart attack in his sleep. But, the SI operatives, both close friends of Juan Garcia, told a different story involving torture, poisoning, and Tal Shiar agents.

These agents offered N'Vek an opertunity for revenge for both of his parents- they wanted to recruit him to join Starfleet Intelligence. And N'Vek agreed, without hesitation. The next year of his life wa sspent at a special training center on Mars, preparing him for field work. And once he passed the required exams for a Starfleet Intelligence field agent, N'Vek received the assignment he had been training for.

The same job that his father had started out with as an agent, and the one he was doing when he met N'Vek's mother.

N'Vek was assigned to do field work as an agent infiltrating the Romulan interior.

For the next twelve years, N'Vek Garcia served as a Starfleet Intelligence agent; and most of the details of those years are shrouded in secrecy and hidden behind the official stamp of Internal Security. But, N'Vek has made it clear in recent years he worked on both sides of the neutral zone, using several aliases and often posing as a half-Vulcan. He has also reveled that he did avenge both of his parents.

In the early 2370s, with the Dominion war looming and the Federation threatened from both the Gamma quadrant, and the Dominion allies in the Alpha quadrant; Starfleet command was looking for the best tactical and security people they could find. N'Vek had always known how to handle a phaser, or a weapons console. And his connection in Starfleet Intelligence would make a valuable asset in war time.

Starfleet Command recended N'Vek's orders allowing him to operate as an SI agent, assigning him to a position as a hed of security aboard the USS Potemkin. This suited N'Vek, as he had done all he had joined SI to do. And he had been looking for an excuse to get out of the agency. The new directive from the brass came in handy, and afforded him a chance to advance in the ranks as a regular officer.

N'Vek served out the Dominion war as chief of security on the Potemkin, and was transfered following the official cesation of hostilities to serve as chief tactical officer aboard the USS Argones. The Argones was assigned to border patrol action in the wake of the war and she saw a lot of action putting down remnant strikes from the Breen after the liberation of Betazed. By now, N'Vek held the rank of Lieutenant Commander and was a respected officer despite his Romulan heritage and his somewhat mysterious past as an intelligence agent.

The assignment aboard the Argones turned out to be a four year tour of duty. And when the Akira class ship was finally drydocked, N'Vek was given 9 month's leave. He took it on Risa. And when his leave was over he was given orders to report for duty as the new chief tctical officer aboard the USS Cavalier.

Lieutenant Commander Garcia reported for duty aboard the Kelvin class ship, and served as her tactical chief for a little over a year, before he was offered one of the most important positions a starship officer can be offered. The Cavalier's commanding officer suggested N'Vek for the recently opened post of Executive Officer.


N'Vek took, and passed the bridge officer's exam, received his promotion to full commander, and officially took the position as the Cavalier's XO on stardate 58645.96.

And the half-Romulan former spy continues to serve as the second most important officer on one of Starfleet's most well known deep space explorers.


N'Vek Garcia is something of an enigma. His outward demeanor is very calm, and he is very soft spoken and quiet. In many ways he can seem to be very Vulcan, and this is either what made it so easy to appear to be half Vulcan for so much of his life, or it comes as a result of living that facade for so long.

But, inside, N'Vek is very much a Romulan. And he is capable of the intense emotional rage that all Romulans have, although N'Vek manages to keep it hidden inside himself. This rage only comes to the surface if N'Vek feels a friend or loved one is threatened, or if he is thrown, unprepared, into a violent situation.

And while this was a valuable asset to him as an agent of Stafleet Intelligence, N'Vek has been forced to bury his Romulan nature even deeper to maintain his position as a command level officer in the regular fleet.

Despite his Romulan temperment, N'Vek is a man who is easy to get to know, and once you've got him on your side he is a good friend. He can be very relaxed in his dealings with others, and he actually has a very casual command style, although he takes his duties very seriously and expects those serving under him to do likewise.

He has no stomach for cowardice, and is reluctant to trust a fellow officer who has shown a lack of courage in a tense or dangerous situation. But, N'Vek is not a bully. If he does not feel an officer is up to performing his or her duties, N'Vek will simply do them himself.

N'Vek is very self sufficient, and prefers to take on dangerous, high risk missions on his own. He is an expert in survival training and knows how to keep himself alive in the harshest of conditions. He is equally capable of blending in to a strange environment, mingling, and infiltrating any social group if necessary.

He is a good commander, and a strong military leader. A reliable, sturdy officer; N'Vek Garcia has been around Starfleet for longer than one might think to look at him. And in many ways, he has a lot more experience than some of the people he has served under.


Tall, and handsome; N'Vek's appearance combines the features of both his human and Romulan halves into a dashing, rugged, and somewhat sinister looking individual. He has the dark skin of his father, with black hair that he usually wears long, while his face is decorated with a trim goatee.

His ears and eyebrows show his Romulan heritage; the ears being pointed and the eyebrows upswept, and longer and thicker than a Vulcans. But, he does not have the small V-shaped ridge on the forehead that so many full blooded Romulans have. And this makes it easier for N'Vek to pass himself off as a Vulcan, or a person of Vulcan background.

He has a soft, deep, somewhat breathy speaking voice that becomes even deeper when raised. But he does not shout, or raise his voice often. And no one who has served with him can recal him ever raising it in anger. When angry, N'Vek is more likely to smile, and speak in a low, serious tone. And this can be somewhat unnerving.

He has several visible scars; mostly on his back and arms. And there are many more that have been removed by medical procedures.

Although he appears to be in his late 30s or early 40s, N'Vek is actually several years older. His Romulan heritage slowing his rate of aging to the rough equivalent of a person of half, or nearly full Vulcan background.

Something of a loaner, N'Vek has never married; but it is rumored that he fathered at least three children during the course of his SI duties. It is not uncommon for a spy, working in the field to develope close, intimate relationships with the people they work with. And more often than not this can lead to sexual relationships. And this is something N'Vek is no stranger to… it is how he happened to come to be in the first place !

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