Commodore Michael Grant

NAME Michael Ulysses Grant
BIRTHDATE June 20, 2326
BIRTHPLACE Detroit, Michigan [Earth]
HEIGHT 6' 4"
WEIGHT 217 #
HAIR Brown (always wears a full mustache, often with a trimmed beard)
EYES Green
LANGUAGES Federation Standard (English). Klingon. Vulcan. Bajoran. Italian. Russian
HOBBIES Boxing. Ancient Earth firearms. Criminology and investigative techniques. Dogs. Horses. Equestrianism. Cooking (esp. Italian food). Terran "rock" and "jazz" music.

2344-2348: Federation Starfleet Academy, San Francisco (Earth)

2348-2351: Weapons Officer - USS Cheyenne (Ensign)
2351-2353: Weapons Officer - USS Cheyenne (Lieutenant, jg.)
2353-2354: Security Officer - USS Sutherland (Lieutenant, jg.)
2354-2358: Security Officer - USS Sutherland (Lieutenant)
2358-2360: Assistant Security Chief - USS Sutherland (Lieutenant)
2360-2361: Assistant Security Chief - USS Sutherland (Lt. Commander)
2361-2364: Chief of Security - USS Reliant (Lt. Commander)
2364-2368: Executive Officer - USS Reliant (Commander)
2368-2370: Executive Officer - USS Excelsior (Commander)
2370-2374: Commanding Officer - USS Lexington-D (Captain)
2374-2382: Commanding Officer - USS Lexington-E (Captain)
2382-2384: Commanding Officer - USS Lexington-E (Commodore)
2384-pres.: Commanding Officer - Starbase Magellan (Commodore)

2354 - Legion of Merit
2358 - 10 year Dedicated Service Medal
2360 - Star Cross
2368 - 20 year Dedicated Service Medal
2371 - Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry
2373 - Starfleet Medal of Honor
2375 - Dominion War Medal
2378 - 30 year Dedicated Service Medal
2382 - Starfleet Silver Palm


Michael Grant was born in Detroit, in the United States, on Earth. The son of a sculprtor with Scottish background and his Italian wife, Michael grew up surrounded by the cultures and customs of his parents' diverse backgrounds. He learned an appreciation of the arts from his father, and from an early age he developed a great respect for artists, poets, and musicians.

He had even thought of becoming a musician at a young age, but his talent wasn't as strong as his ambition.

From his mother he learned about science, and developed a love of history, and the scientist's passion for exploration and discovery.

And it was this part of Michael's youth that would shape his adult life, as it lead him to Starfleet Academy. Once there, however, Michael found his aptitudes more suited for the role of a security or tactical officer rather than a scientist. He had grown up in Detroit, after all, and he had spent a healthy amount of time in his teenage years on the streets of the American metropolis, playing stick ball, and trying to stay out of trouble.

So, while he loved books, and learning; he was also a "tough kid" at heart. And this dominated Michael's temperment, making him more suited for a forceful, military role in Starfleet.

To his own surprise, Michael took to his training as a security/tactical cadet right away. And he did well in his studies, while taking classes in general applied sciences and command procedures as well. He graduated with a high percentage, and was posted, in his first assignment, as a weapons officer aboard the USS Cheyenne.

This was the begining of what would be a long, and respected career as a Starfleet officer.


Michael served for 5 years in the weapons officer position, before being transferred to the USS Sutherland as a security officer. This would be the position Michael would serve in before joining the ranks of the starship command division. During his time aboard the Sutherland, Michael achieved promotion to the rank of full lieutenant commander, and he served in the position of assistant chief of security for three years.

Six month after his promotion to lieutenant commander, Michael was offered the position of Chief of Security aboard the USS Reliant. And he took the position without giving it a second thought. The Reliant was similar in size and crew compliment to the Sutherland, and Michael felt he was ready for a departmental command position.

After nearly 15 years in Starfleet, Michael was probably right.

He certainly lived up to the reputation he had earned aboard the Sutherland as a reliable and devoted officer who could be counted on in a life or death situation. And when the position of Executive Officer opened up on the Reliant, Michael's commanding officer didn't hesistate to offer it to him.

Michael served as Executive Officer of the Reliant for four years. Then, on the 20th anniversary of his graduation from the Academy, the Reliant was drydocked for refitting, and her senior officers and crew were scattered to the winds; transferred to different ships. Michael's new posting found him serving aboard the USS Excelsior as first officer.

His time aboard the Excelsior was a short stint of two years. But by this time he had proven himself, with over two decades of experience, four promotions, and two major decorations. And in the summer of 2370, Michael was offered the command of the Galaxy class USS Lexington-D.

It was during his command of the Lexington that Michael became something of a legend in Starfleet. His reputation rapidly approached that of James T. Kirk, or Jean-Luc Picard. One of his first acts, as the Lexington's commanding officer, was to deal with a former Stafleet diplomat who was leading a radical movement to remove all "aliens", or non-Humans from the ranks of Starfleet.

It became Michael's duty to bring the man in for trial after he destroyed three Klingon freighters using a hijacked Ferengi battlecruiser. Michael successfully brought the man in, and did so in co-operation with the Klingon government, leading to a strengthening of Federation/Klingon relations and earning himself the Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry.

The next three years of Michael's command of the Lexington were spent fighting in the front lines during the Dominion War. And the captain and crew of the Galaxy class starship served valiantly, until the Lexington was all but destroyed in a battle with a Cardassian dreadnaught. But, Michael was soon offered a second command- the Sovereign class USS Lexington-E. And after accepting the command he filled his senior staff with several officers who had served under him aboard the Lexington-D.

Michael would command the Lexington-E for the next ten years, seeing the end of the Dominion War, the failed attampts to turn the Federation into a martial law state, and the erruption of hostilities between the Romulans and the Remans that lead to the Romulan Civil War. In 2382, after 12 years as a Captain and starship commander, Michael received a promotion to the rank of Commodore.

He continued to command the Lexington for another two years.

In the summer of 2384, Starfleet Command asked Michael to give up his bridge command, however, and take command, instead, of a newly comissioned Federation starbase. Starbase Magellan was located in what was a very strategically important spot on the galactic map. The base was situated at the confluence of the Klingon and Romulan borders, and where both borders touched on the edge of Federation space.

There were other, smaller outposts already established in the area; but Starbase Magellan would be larger, with a sizeable crew compliment and at least one attached vessel. Michael's assignment would be not only to command Starbase Magellan, and act as a protector of the Federation borders during the Romulan/Reman hostilities, but to coordinate the regional commands in dealing with outlaws, the Reman's Dominion allies, and even the Acamarian Gatherers.

Michael accepted the command of Starbase Magellan on Stardate 61660.4. He actively assumed the command of the station two weeks later, and one of his first acts as Magellan's commanding officer was to transfer command of the station's first attached vessel- the USS Pioneer -to his first former first officer, Ruth Basquiat.

Michael Grant is one of those Starfleet commanders who inspires people serving under his command to follow him out of loyalty, and friendship. But, he wasn't always such a natural leader. During his early days at the Academy, Michael had a more rugged, tough demeanor; a product of spending a lot of his spare time as a teenager on the streets of some of Detroit's rougher neighborhoods.

But, this rough edge made Michael an excellent security officer, and has helped him deal with some of the more rigorous duties of command.


It still comes out from time to time, but on most days, Michael is an easygoing, level headed commander. He gets to know the people serving under him, and often makes close friendships with those officers he works with most frequently. A good example of this is Dr. David Meguro, who has served as Michael's chief medical officer for the past 14 years. Another of Michael's close friends is his chief of engineering, Commander Visarga, who has served in that position with Grant almost as consistently as Meguro has been his chief surgeon.

Michael's outward demeanor is friendly, and he is easy to get to know. Most officers newly posted under his command enjoy working with the Commodore, and new Academy graduates look forward to a chance to serve with Michael Grant, since so many of Starfleet's top officers have made their careers under Grant.

Still fascinated by science and discovery, Michael enjoys participating in away missions. And he can often be found hanging around the science labs if there is a mystery to be solved. He is a very hands-on commander, and does not take the proverbial "back seat" to a junior officer in dangerous situations despite regulations.

Although he has no formal reprimands on his record, Michael has run up against his superiors in the past- he is not one to interpret the regulations literally. Michael prefers to interpret any application of the regs on a case-by-case basis. And he stirred some controversy by stating, publicly, that he thought Kathryn Janeway's 7-year command of the USS Voyager in the Delta Quadrant was a failrue, and "an excellent example of what happens when you pin a Captain's pips on a rule book".

Michael Grant is a tall man, with dark hair that he keeps cut short. He often wears a beard- either trimed along the jaw line or as a goatee. And in his last years as commander of the Lexington he wore a mustache.

He has green eyes and still has a youthful smile, although his face shows his 60+ years unapologetically. His voice is soft, pitched a bit higher than some might expect, with a slight touch of roughness and he speaks with a drawl similar to a Terran Californian, despite being rasied in the midwest.

His command style is outgoing, action oriented and sometimes risky. But he is known for getting the job done, whatever that job might be. Off duty he enjoys music and history, in that order; and he is fascinated by the study of forensics and criminology. As a security officer, this was hoe he combined his mother's love of science with his own duties.

Michael was married for 14 years to a woman named Linda Shapiro, whom he had met aboard the USS Sutherland. Michael married Linda in 2353, and they were divorced a few weeks before he took command of the Lexington. Their marriage produced one son, Kevin, who is now a Lieutenant Commander in Starfleet, serving as Chief Flight Controller aboard the USS Foxbat.

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