Charles McGregor

Rank: Captain
Species: Human
Height: 6'1" Weight: 174#
Birthdate: October 14, 2238
Birthplace: Kirkcaldy, Scotland

Born in Scotland and raised at an Oceanographic study center in Hawaii. Charles Alexander McGregor grew up with a love of science and knowledge; and a thirst for exploration. It was no wonder that he chose a career in Starfleet after graduating from the University of Honolulu, with a degree in planetary geology. Early in his career, a young Charles McGregor served under Captain Christopher Pike. And McGregor and Pike became as close as a junior officer and his superior could become. McGregor considered both Pike, and his science officer, a half-Vulcan called Spock, to be good friends.

McGregor served aboard the Enterprise, under Pike. And then aboard the USS Lexington, and finally the USS Reliant, where he achieved the rank of full commander, and the position of Chief Science Officer. McGregor's first taste of command came as First Officer aboard the USS Republic. It was here that McGregor earned his reputation as a strong leader and a good diplomat. And by the time he was offered his first command it became a decision between commanding a starship and taking a position as an ambassador.

Charles chose command. And his first command was a brief 4 months aboard the USS Tamerlane, before he was transferred to the USS Brisbane to replace the previous commanding officer, killed in the line of duty. McGregor served as commanding officer of the Miranda class Brisbane for well over two years, and nearly three, before being offered his third command. Given the privilege to choose his own command staff, and his first choice of mission assignment; Charles agreed to take command of one of the few Excelsior class ships assigned to active duty after the refit of the failed transwarp drive systems.

McGregor took command of the USS Armidale, Stardate 8158.5.

Although only is his mid-40s, Charles McGregor exudes a wisdom beyond his years. He is an excellent leader, and his senior officers are unswerving loyal to him. He is also a good friend. And a just commander. Only three officers have even been punished under his command, and he is very reluctant to place a reprimand in anyone's service record. He is a passionate, and emotional man. Ad he prefers to lead by doing, taking part in landing party missions himself, rather than delegating duties to other people.

Still a sharp diplomat, McGregor has also kept his skills as a scientist honed, and his knowledge as up to date as possible; given the time constraints forced upon a Commanding Officer. McGregor enjoys the challenge of exploration - the thrill of discovering new life forms, new civilizations, new allies, and even new enemies. And he has made a few of the latter during his career. Especially among Klingon commanders McGregor faced in border-skirmishes during his command of the Brisbane,

Charles McGregor is a tall, handsome man. He has brown hair, usually worn a bit longer than common regulation length. And he often wears a trim beard. His eyes are a clear blue. And he has a deep, resonant voice. He also has a good singing voice, but the odds are not in favor of coaxing the captain into a public performance. His face shows his age in fine lines by his eyes. But, he is a strong, athletic man physically capable of the rigours of front-line command duty. Skilled in hand-to-hand combat, McGregor is also a good fencer, on a competitive level.

McGregor is a renowned command officer. A good man to have on the bridge of a Starship. Or in the forefront of a landing party. And, to those who know him best, he is a good friend.

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