Dr. Matthew Parks

NAME: Matthew Alan Parks
BIRTHDATE: July 21, 1983
BIRTHPLACE: New Castle, Australia
HEIGHT: 5' 10"
WEIGHT: 176#
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Blue
LANGUAGES: Federation standard (English), French, Spanish, Klingon, Betazoid, Vulcan, Bajoran, Cardassian, Deltan, Grizzela
HOBBIES: Studying alien languages. Archaeology. Computer encryption and decryption codes. Stellar cartography.

Father - David Parks: Evangelical minister. Born, 1954. Died, 1996.
Mother - Dana Parks: Housewife and homemaker. Born, 1956. Died, 1996
Brothers - Terry Parks. Born, 1980. Died, 1996; James Parks. Born, 1986. Died, 1996
Sister - Melinda Parks. Born, 1992. Died, 1996.

1989 - 1996: Public school, in New Castle, Sydney, and Adelaide, Australia (1-7 grades)
2363 - 2365: Federation Integration School, Andor.
2365 - 2369: Public High School; St. Louis, Missouri, Earth.
2369 - 2373: University of Sydney, Australia
2373 - 2377: Scientific Institute of Vulcan (Doctorate; astrophysics)

2377 - 2380: Civilian Scientist, Daystrom Institute
2380 - pres.: Civilian Scientist, USS Legacy-A (Provisional rank: Lieutenant)



Matthew Parks was born over 400 years ago, on the Australian continent on Earth. His father was a deeply religious man, and worked as a semi-itenerant minister. The family moved a lot when Matthew was a child and as a result, he had few friends and found it hard to make them.

The Parks were a very religious family, with the exception of Matthew. For reasons his parents could not understand beyond blaming popular forms of entertainment, Matt, as he was called, questioned their beliefs from a very early age. By the time he was 10 years old, Matt had rejected the religion of his parents and considered himself an atheist. His parents thought he was crazy. Or perhaps even posessed by Satan.

Needless to say, Matt did not have a good relationship with his parents. But he got along well with his brothers and sisters. This actually freightened Matt's parents, especially his father; as the minister feared Matthew would be a bad influence on his siblings and turn them against his teachings.

In 1994, two years after Matt's sister, Melinda was born; his father began behaving in a way that to Matt was even stranger than usual. He stopped traveling, and settled in the small community of Nowra, south of Sydney. He bought a house, and spent most of his time working in the cellar under the house, building something.

Two years later, David Parks revealed to his family what he was doing. Using technical information he had aquired from students at the University in Adelaide who were also in his congregation there, the miniser had constructed what was supposed to be a series of cryogenic stasis chambers. The elder Parks believed that The World would come to an end on October 6, 1996. He referred to the day as The Last Great Day. And he intended to save his family from the Wrath of God by freezing them in suspended animation.


Matt was now 13, and very independent. He tried to convince his father he was wrong; but to no avail. And as the "Last Great Day" neared, David Parks forced his family, including his four year old daughter, into the cryotubes in his cellar. He sealed himself in the last tube and set the controls to freeze his family for a century.

The next thing Matt Parks saw after his tube was sealed was the darkskinned face of a Vulcan Starfleet officer. The tube had kept Matt in stasis for over 350 years. And in that time the world had, indeed, not come to an end but thrived and flourished, becoming one of the founding worlds of the United Federation of Planets. The Vulcan officer was a lieutenant called Tuvok, assigned to help a civilian archaeological team unearth the Parks family's cryochambers. Readings indicating an unusal amount of radiation from the area where the Parks' last home had been, detected by a farmer, had lead the archeologists to the site. But, they needed the Starfleet Corps of Engineers to do the actual excavation, and initiate the proper radiation protocols.

What the archeologists found was a grizzly site. Only Matt's tube had worked. And it had worked all too well, preserving him in stasis for over three and a half centuries. But, his family had not been so lucky. His parents, his brothers, his sister; all were killed within hours of being sealed in their tubes when a rupture in a powerline caused a radiation leak in the primitive coolant system which poisoned the air in the tubes.

Matt Parks had lived over 350 years, and now was all alone in a strange time.

Tuvok took a liking to the boy, and saw to it he was taken to a counselor, and from there enrolled in the Integration School on Andor. No family could be found for Matt, so he became a ward of the state. At the Integration School, Matt showed an aptitude for science. He impressed his instructors as a 13 year old from the 20th century who could easily grasp concepts such as warp drive and transporter technology theories.

Matt used his studies to deal with his grief, and as a result he spent most of his time in the classroom. His grades were excellent, and after two years he was repatriated to Earth, in the care of a foster family in St. Louis. Here he finished his High School studies, before applying to the University of Sydney in his homeland of Australia.

Here, Matthew worked towards his doctorate in his field of speciality, astrophysics. At the same time he studied towards a degree in archaeological applied theory. Archaeology had become a personal passion of his in his latter years in High School.

Matt recieved his doctorate in 2377, and almost immediately put his education to good use working for the Federation at the venerable Daystrom Institute. He loved Starfleet, and credited Starfleet for saving his life, as it was the Corps of Engineers who dug him out of what he considered a tomb. But, Matt remained a civilian scientist, preferring to avoid any military attachments to his work.

Matt worked for the Daystrom Institute until he was asked to take a position as a civilian scientist aboard the newly comissioned USS Legacy-A, an Expedition class starship with an extensive science lab. The opportunity for exploration available aboard a starship was impossible for Matt to resist, and he reported aboard the Legacy immediately following the vessel's shakedown cruise.

He worked for close to a year as a specialist in xenoarcheology and astrophysics under the ship's original chief of sciences, the Trill Commander Jolan Drex. He developed a close working relationship with another Trill assigned to the department, Zelaya Gadi. And he made several friends among the crew including the Chief of Engineering, T'Prala Marquez; the Chief Tactical officer, Douglas Painter; and the Android ops officer, Omega.

In 2381, Jolan Drex was given his own command, and Commander Isaac Foley took over the Legacy's science labs. Matt has become equally comfortable working for Foley. And he and Isaac have developed a solid friendship.

The orphan from the twentieth century seems to have found a home… and a family.

Matt Parks is a quiet, studious man. He almost always seems to be contemplating something. A theory, or an observation. He still carries the grief over the loss of his family, and in his past he often blamed himself, because he let himself feel guilty for being the only survivor. But, those feelings have given way to a placing of blame.

But, Matt does not blame his father, or any other individual. He blames the religious beliefs that were so important to his parents; seeing those beliefs as ridiculous and unsubstantiatable. In Matthew's thinking, if his parents had not believed in a non-tangible, non-existant God, and forced themselves to follow obscure and often extreme doctrines to prove to themself, if no one else, the existance of their God, then David Parks would not have panicked and built his cryochambers.

He would not have been "suckered in" by something he had read that lead him to believe the world was doomed. And his family would have lived out the natural course of their lives together.


For this reason, Matt is very cynical about religion. He finds it silly, and often offensive. And his opinion of people who practice religion often borders on the prejudicial. Likewise, Matthew always tries to find the scientific explanation for everything. In his mind notihng is supernatural, and everything can be explained by science. In this way he is much more like a Vulcan han a human.

But, Matthew is an outwardly emotional man. He is strongly opinionated, and will let others know his opinions without hesitation, though he is usualy very calm and polite in how he goes about this.

He openly acknowledges his atheism, and is an unswerving pacifist.

He is generally friendly, and even outgoing at times.Matt has actually come to make friends easily as a member of 24th century society. Perhaps he fits in better than he did in his own time.

Matt Parks is a handsome young man, and though he has actually lived for over 350 years, he is physicaly in his early 40s. He has dark hair that he sometimes wears long, and he usually wears a trim beard.

He has a soft voice, and most women find him attractive and charming. He speaks with a subtle Australian accent, that sometimes sounds more English than the traditional Aussie brogue.

While working at the Daystrom Institute, Matthew became involved with a Vulcan woman called Surlea. She was a Starfleet security officer. Matt was going to ask her to marry him, but she was reassigned to serve aboard a ship that, only a week after her transfer came through, was reported missing in Breen space.

Matt has not given up on the possibility of seeing Surlea again, and for that reason will not enter into any other realtionship very easily.

When Matt transfered aboard the Legacy, Captain Northcote insisted he take basic Starfleet away mission training. Northcote knew Matt's position would involve a lot of interaction with the crew, and participation in away teams. And he didn't want his people having to watch out for a civilian scientist that couldn't take care of himself. So, he made sure Matt was capable of handling himself as a member of a landing party.

Once Matt passed his basic training courses, Northcote assigned him the provisional rank of full lieutenant. Matt wears the uniform of a Starfleet science officer while on duty, with the rank indicator on his collar.

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