Marcel Medina

Name: Marcel Medina
Nicknames: Professor M
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Birthdate: April 1, 2344 (40)
Birthplace: Kent, England (Earth)
Height: 6 ft 1in
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue

Languages: Federation Standard, Klingon, Romulan, Vulcan, Ferengi, (Some Cardasine), Trill. Earth Languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Polish, and Scandinavian.
Hobbies: Art, Music, Popular Earth Culture history, Reading, Holo novels, Austen Time period (Regency era), French History buff, Native American History. Skiing, Biking, Horse Riding, and Boche.

2359- 2362, Harvard University, History degree
2362-2365, Oxford University, Art degree
2365-2368, Cambridge University, Music degree
2369-2372, Vulcan Science Academy, Science degree
2373-2375, Betazed University, Psychology/ History
2376-2378, Andorian Art Academy, Art Degree

Teaching record:
2376-2379, University of Betazed (History professor)
2379-2381, Cambridge University, (Earth, Music professor)
2381-2384, Vulcan Science Academy, (Science Teacher)
2384 – Present , Star-base Magellan



Marcel doesn't believe in violence and he had no wish to join starfleet academy. Though they did try to recruit the man. He was unbelievably smart. He soaked up knowledge and kept it. He has 6 degree's under his belt.

At age 15 Marcel's parents knew he had a knack for knowledge. He always had his head in a book and could remember anything detail of any book at the drop of a hat. So they put him in school. He graduated early from High-school and attended his first university; Harvard university located on Earth, more specifically, Cambridge, Masterclasses. From there he'd attend Oxford, Cambridge, Vulcan Science Academy, Betazed University, and the Andorian Art Academy.

2376-2379 , Through out his career and learning starfleet academy kept pestering him and he'd always tell them no. He doesn't believe in violence and that there are other ways to solve a conflict. He had no interest in becoming an ambassador; he wanted to be a teacher and live in peace. He got asked back to the University of Betazed, to be a History professor. There he'd teach for four years. He loves everything about Betazed. He was popular with the students with the students on Betazed despite not being telepathic.

Through out much of his career he really had no time for romance. His one true love was learning and the academic world.
2379-2381, He received a call for a position at Cambridge university where he taught a music class. He has happy to home in England if for a short while.

2381-2384, Marcel still wonders why Vulcan called him to be a professor in one of their classes. But for whatever reason they had contacted him. He'd work for the Vulcan for 4 terms.

2384 Present time – Marcel got asked to be a professor on the Magellan. A new station located near a stable wormhole. He liked the prospects of being on a station.

Marcel is a tall distinguished English man. He has kind blue eyes and a soft, deep voice. He also likes to dress in a kind of particular fashion that sets him apart from the rest. It what makes him unique.

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