Mabel Thatcher

Mabel Thatcher is the daughter of Edith Thatcher and Dr. Ishan Benke a Bajorin doctor who'd died of an
illness that didn't have any treatment at the time. Mabel is a gorgeous young woman with big blue eyes
just like her mother, and long red hair or sometimes blond depending on her mood. She's a cheerful lass
and hopes to join star fleet, she's not sure what but she's sure she'll figure out something.

Mabel loves to hang out at the Warbird's Roost, she's close with the bouncer Toorop and she loves hanging
out with Hayden the lovable but crazy Goth Betazoid musician. Mabel loves music too and can play the Piano
and Guitar which Hayden taught her to play. Her other friends include just about everyone on the Magellan she's
so likable and loveable.

She also loves the western Holodeck programs which she does with Commodore Grant whom she kind of sees
as a father figure since her own father had died. She'll always go to him to help her with answers she needs.

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